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"The Duchess of Albany" by Christine Schutt

Recommended by Noon

Issue No. 56

“THE GARDEN DIES WITH THE GARDENER” was what Owen had said, but when, years later, he died, she faced the garden with a will to keep it alive—as who would not? But the twins urged her to sell. They thought it would be wise to move out of the house (for too long too large) and into Wax Hill with its assisted-care conveniences and attached hospital: Wax Hill that short line to the furnace and the thoroughfare.

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About the Author

Christine Schutt is the author of two collections of stories and three novels, the last of which, Prosperous Friends, was published in 2012. She has been a finalist for both a National Book Award (for the novel Florida) and Pulitzer Prize (for the novel All Souls) as well as a recipient of fellowships from the New York Foundation of the Arts and Guggenheim Foundations. She has twice won an O.Henry Prize for short fiction. Schutt lives and teaches in New York.

About the Guest Editor

Founded in 2000 by Diane Williams—NOON (a literary annual)—is dedicated to supporting important literary art. It has been critically acclaimed both in the U.S. and abroad. Its stories have been reprinted frequently and have won many prizes over the years, including an O.Henry Prize for “The Duchess of Albany” presented here. Two of its stories were selected for the 2014 Pushcart Prize edition. The current NOON was reviewed in The Los Angeles Times this April by David Olin in an article entitled “The Discreet Charm of NOON.” He called it “…a compendium of unlikely pleasures: short prose and illustrations that challenge us to think about meaning and narrative….[I]t is elegantly designed and curated, a journal that wears its intentions on its sleeve. These are oblique stories, stories that exist in the interior, getting at the things we know but do not know we know.”

“The Duchess of Albany” is reprinted by permission of the Author. All rights reserved by the Author.

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