basically no one cares but i do

so yesterday was thankgodyou'renotaturkey day and to be honest, i was dreading it as i always do with holidays because if you know me then you know how my family is and how i epitomize black sheep. and since my best friend wasn’t invited to her family’s thanksgiving i had the brilliant plan of taking her with me. i thought why not, my cousin brings her boyfriend with her to family get togethers so why can’t i bring my platonic girlfriend best friend with me? so, we did that. and it was great and the food was good and i had someone to look at and roll my eyes when rude people said asshole things in front of or about me and then we sang in the car and it was really fun and for once turkey massacre day wasn’t awful and i didn’t listen to music or text the entire time. 

but i’m 100000% sure my family thinks that sami is my girlfriend. i don’t care, though, ‘cause sami is awesome and has nice boobs and is probably my favorite person in the world. but it’s sad that you can’t be a gentleman just because you respect your best female friend and not because you are her secret boyfriend. goes to show how close minded my whole family is. oh well. 

also i introduced her to multiple people in front of the other people i’d already introduced her to saying, “this is my best friend sami,” and yet, everyone called her sam the whole time.

but you know what?

fuck it.

'cause i just looked over at her and rolled my eyes.

and i was content and she was content and there was pie.