Do I want to be LIKE her, or do I want to be WITH her; a list:

- Katie McGrath
- Melissa Benoist
- Gal Gadot
- Natasha Negovanlis
- Alycia Debnam-Carey
- Dianna Agron
- Emma Watson
- Zendaya
- Cara Delevingne
- Margot Robbie
- Kristen Stewart
- Anna Kendrick
- Kate McKinnon
- Hayley Kiyoko

you know what bothers me the most about faberry?

the fact that we’ll never know why quinn drew hearts around her caricature of rachel

or why she drew pornographic pictures of rachel on the bathroom walls

or why rachel doesn’t hate quinn after how horribly she treated her

or why rachel could understand if finn cheated on her with quinn, but not santana

or why quinn stood up to sue, risking her coveted spot on the cheerios, to get the page in the yearbook for glee that only rachel wanted

or why rachel knew exactly what type of corsage would match perfectly with quinn’s eyes

or why quinn gave up being prom queen, the one thing she’d spent her entire high school career obsessing over, to give the crown to rachel

or why rachel constantly called quinn “very pretty” and “the prettiest girl she’d ever met”

or why rachel knew quinn was a lot more than that

or why quinn didn’t get mad when rachel outed the truth about her pregnancy

or why rachel didn’t get mad when quinn slapped her

or why quinn bought train tickets to make sure that they stayed in touch

or why rachel said the one thing, one accomplishment, she will look back on from high school is that she found a way to be quinn’s friend

or why rachel said quinn is a lot better than she knows

or why rachel always, always believed in quinn

or why quinn always believed in rachel the same way

or why rachel couldn’t stop thinking about quinn after the accident

or why quinn agreed to go to rachel’s wedding even though she didn’t support the engagement

or why rachel so desperately sought quinn’s approval of her engagement

or why rachel asked, “do you not understand what you mean to me?”

or why quinn asked if rachel was singing to finn, and only finn

or why rachel asked finn what it was like to kiss quinn

or why my heart aches whenever i think about faberry and what could have been

but we’ll never know.