Dianna was even sweeter tonight, if that’s at all possible. She’s incredible. Genuine, kind, considerate, gracious, and humble.

A few girls were crying as they took pictures with her and she told them they looked beautiful and she made sure to get a picture with everyone even though there were two women waiting for her telling her she only had one minute so she was taking selfies and laughing when the video button would go off and she was giggly and happy and I didn’t think I could be any more in love with her but I guess I was mistaken.

So I saw McQueen!!!
It’s a really poignant play, I cried, as did everyone in the theatre. It really makes you think and you leave the theatre with another outlook on life and the little things in it. I don’t want to give spoilers so I’ll note a few Di things ;)
Yes, she stands there in her bra. I was so close to the stage, second row but could literally step into it if I hadn’t been restrained. But I wasn’t on the lamb tattoo side, on side with the two birds…? I think that’s what they are. Didn’t know about them, someone want to fill me in?
She says “down the rabbit hole,” which made me smile. Her old tumblr.
She also says “stay” and so immediately thought, QUICK!
Lots of hot swearing.
It’s true, she’s is that beautiful, when they came out for bows the men behind me said, “she is very pretty.” I wanted to turn around and say, “well, duh!”

Okay, and the after…
There were about 15 of us all hanging round and she came out but we were told she had 2 minutes because she had somewhere to be. But she was like “okay, so I’ll need to take selfies.” And she went round and was doing group ones, to be quick. And it got to me and my friend and I was in the middle and couldn’t get us all in (I also had it on square for Instagram) so Di was like, “oh, take it on this one,” and was playing on my phone, but I still couldn’t get us all in so she was like, “let me take it,” AND TOOK MY PHONE! And she snapped two pictures, like a pro. I was shaking. I literally felt like an idiot. But she really is that sweet. I talked to another actress in the play who was waiting for her to finish and she said that Dianna makes sure everyone gets a photo, even though she really needed to be elsewhere. And I talked to this woman about the production, and she was very nice. She plays Arabella, so she’s happy for a chat if you like. And Stephan is the nicest men ever. I saw him slip out quickly for a smoke break. But he came back in and went to have a drink with friends at the bar. My friend desperately wanted to meet him, so we went over to him after Di left and he had a really good chat with my friend about his show, Bluestone 42. And signed her ticket with a nice message. No one else went to talk to him, and he was a really genuinely lovely guy. And really amazing in the show, he really is very good.

Props to the girl who I spoke to after who is seeing the show four times! And I hope you friend has recovered ;)

So, that’s my McQueen round up. Oh! And Di’s singing? Perfection. She should have got more solos on Glee.

AND! She isn’t tiny, but she is small. On stage she looked it and up close she is smaller than you’d expect. But she was about my height and we were both in small heels. They mention in the play that she’s 5'6 and a half…I’d say nearer 5'6…

(I cut my friend out the picture for her own privacy and also…that is me…the brunette…just in case you were confused :P)


Get to know me meme: 1/5 favourite actresses » Dianna Agron

“What I fell in love with as a child was ‘My Fair Lady,’ ‘Funny Face,’ ‘American in Paris,’ and ‘Singin’ in the rain.’ Just perfect movies to me and I was dancing. I started ballet when I was three. And I fell in love with those movies and fell in love with Audrey Hepburn and Leslie Caron.”

Dianna and McQueen

After all the amazing and excited feedback the audience gave on McQueen The Play last week, with how thrilled and happy they were, it was shocking to know about some reviews from the press expressing the opposite thing that many people seemed to have.I won’t lie, I felt dawn, so sad, I felt impotent. But then Gary James McQueen said this:

It made me feel better, and then I remembered that ‘Queen’, the amazing group of rock, never had a good relationship with the press, the critics destroyed them, in fact Freddie Mercury was called a 'prat’.
Freddie Mercury

Critics are there to find the faults, the negative thinks, they act tough so when they’ll say “it’s not bad” people will feel accomplished.

I haven’t seen the play, there is an ocean on the way, that’s why I’m going to relay on people whom actually seen it, the reaction is the same: they loved it. I won’t say the audience reaction it’s more important than the critics, or viceversa, all people are entitled to have their own opinion, we can not expect for everyone to agree with us. At the end of the day there is no way to force the customer to buy something they don’t like, and here is the place where I’m happy because past audience of the play don’t share the reviews of the press at all and the new audience only have good things to say.

On the harsh comments on Dianna, I think we should consider some things first, she is a foreigner who got the job far away from home, is her first time on a stage ever. I think critics were more picky with her ‘cause she had more things to prove considering where she came from. Some say they didn’t like her but people would buy tickets because of Dianna, confusing? I have an idea for this but only time would confirm it.

There are also good reviews that praise the play, Stephen and of course Dianna, one of them states: “It is only when Dahlia’s true objective is revealed much later in the piece that Agron is able to demonstrate her impressive talents as a performer“.

I’ve seen people having the time of their lives about the bad reviews, being happy with some comments on Dianna, calling her “talentless“ wondering why she still has jobs?. To these people: I can’t tell you to stop, I won’t try to change your mind nor fight you, but I suggest you to spent your time with things or people you like, if you carry on following a person you dislike, your existence will be bitter ‘cause I tell you these events that seem to make you so happy won’t repeat as many times as you’ll like.

To all the Dianna fans, remember the person that inspires you, I know her, you know her, this hard day will be a simple memory, just like that hideous poll of 2012, we’ll look back and say “Remember that time when some people though Dianna wasn’t good enough? Look at her now, she proved them wrong again“.

I know deep in my heart that Dianna Elise Agron is destined for great things. I believe in her and her talent.

I am a proud Dianna stan.

“Failure is devastating. But it can motivate you to challenge yourself to be better.“

“I’m not here to be pampered, I’m here to tell stories“