Take Me Home Pt 4
  • Featuring: Oda Nobunaga from Samurai Love Ballad: Party
  • Rating: T
  • Part: OneTwo | Three
  • Author’s Note: Thank you to everyone who have been reading this series! Hope you enjoy this part. :) 

It was a day after Suzume had fainted. He walked down the hallway, thoughts full of her instead of the battle strategies and plans. Full of her and their future child.

“You belong to me.”

“You don’t.”

Those two words were enough to make him want to go to Saito Dosan and inform him that he wasn’t going to be marrying his daughter. But, everything his father had done before this, and his plans for unifying Japan… they’d go to waste. Nobunaga was brought out of his thoughts at the sound of Suzume’s voice, coming from the gardens. He frowned. What was she doing out of her chambers? She was supposed to be resting. Upon hearing Toshiie’s voice, Nobunaga understood all too well why she was up and about.

“Marry me, Suzume.”

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