dianna event

Hey guys! So to be honest I reached 100 followers a little while ago but because I was in the middle of packing and moving to college I had to push this off –until now! I’m accepting edit requests to celebrate my first milestone! So a few things:

  • I’m accepting edit requests from anyone who follows me AND reblogs this post. 
  • Send me an ask to tell me your 
    • URL (so I can tag you!) 
    • preferred name/nickname 
    • and your Hogwarts house 
  • Optional: You may also choose to include additional items, like your
    • Ilvermorny house
    • zodiac sign
    • race/ethnicity
    • favorite color
    • gender (fem./masc./none, etc.)
    • patronus 
    • or basically anything else that screams you! 
    • **I will try to include as many traits as I can but I can’t guarantee I can fit all of them –but I’ll try my hardest to tailor your edit to fit you of course!** 

I don’t know how fast I’ll finish all of them because school is starting but you can bet I’ll finish them as fast as I can so please sit tight! A HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported me this far. I love and appreciate all of you sweethearts!