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Dianna Agron, Maggie Gyllenhaal and more celebrate the launch of the e-zine SBJCT Journal.

“Everybody here is familiar with Dianna [Agron], and very familiar with Miu Miu and Vogue but is probably wondering, what is SBJCT journal and why doesn’t it have any vowels,” joked Erin Walsh, co-founder of SBJCT–an online zine which hosted its unofficial launch party at the design-friendly eatery De Maria. Guests unfamiliar with the fledgling site soon learned all about the e-glossy which is dedicated to extraordinary individuals and the subjects that inspire them. SBJCT’s other co-founder (and Vogue veteran) Phoebe de Croisset stepped in to add “we hope to effect change wherever change is due.”

Chanel Celebrates Female Directors at the Annual Tribeca Film Festival Luncheon

Actress and juror Dianna Agron expressed her joy at a schedule full of screenings. “I can’t remember the last time I had time to see two films in one week, let alone ten,” she said. “I think that is the beauty of New York—I love cities where you can really engage with the arts.” 

Dianna Agron Offers Up Her Advice for Women Who Want to Break Into Film
Now that is some serious girl power.

One reason to celebrate at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival? The event boasts 51 female directors across both features and short films—the highest number of women filmmakers in the event’s history.

And a slew of stars came out to honor the outstanding women filmmakers presenting work at the fest during the annual Women’s Filmmaker Luncheon today in New York City, where Diane Lane, Dianna Agron, Christina Ricci, Joy Bryant, Mariska Hargitay, Carol Kane, Alice Eve, Zoe Lister-Jones, Melanie Lynskey, and more fêted their fellow ladies at the Chanel-hosted event.

“In every aspect of filmmaking women have been the underdogs, so now its going to be a game changer once the tide switches over and we’re not considered a minority, wouldn’t that be something,” Lane told InStyle of what the future holds for women in film. “Everybody is so impressed with each other’s offerings. It’s such a precious and vulnerable time to offer up your creative endeavors and so I feel a sense of honor to honor them. And I think it’s very brave and audacious to take the risk of making a film.”

Agron echoed her sentiments, but suggested that there’s still more work to be done. “The second that there’s much more talk of what is lacking, the reaction is that its being nurtured and supported much more than it was before,” the actress shared. “I think this is due to the last couple of years and the conversations that have been happening surrounding that. I think its great and it needs to be nurtured more, and it will be.” As for her advice to someone who wants to break into the industry? Don’t give up. “With any new career you have to be persistent and tough and relentless. And this one more than ever you have to have thick skin,” she stated.

See Melissa Leo Pull No Punches as a Stern Nun in Novitiate
The Oscar winner stars with The Leftovers alum Margaret Qualley and Glee graduate Dianna Agron in this Sundance hit.
By Hillary Busis

There’s no Sound of Music-esque twinkle in the midcentury nuns at the center of Novitiate, a gripping period drama about faith, sexuality, and power. The film stars Margaret Qualley—late of HBO’s critically acclaimed The Leftovers—as Cathleen, a young and idealistic postulant, ready to devote herself fully to the God she so loves. But first, she must tangle with her convent’s authoritarian Reverend Mother (Melissa Leo)—whom you’ll see in action in the exclusive clip above, delivering some stern pronouncements to a fellow nun played by Glee alum Dianna Agron.

Agron’s character, Mary Grace, is sympathetic to the newest members of their shared community—who are, after all, teenage girls—but Reverend Mother stands firm after two of the new recruits are seen “seeking comfort in each other” and summarily thrown out. “How are those two girls expected to go their entire lives without physical affection when they can’t even make it a few months?” she says, quietly but firmly. And then the Mother begins to circle around Mary Grace, questioning her devotion to the convent—like a black-and-white-clad shark who has just spotted a wounded dolphin in the surf.

The film, written and directed by Margaret Betts, will hit theaters on October 27.


See Dianna Agron’s Winter Adventure in Gstaad

This past weekend, in the sunny and semi-snow-covered mountains of Gstaad, ASmallWorld hosted its tenth anniversary winter gala to benefit War Child, a nonprofit organization providing support for young people and their families affected by war. Bright young things in attendance included actress Alma Jodorowsky, Caitlin FitzGerald, model Pixie Geldof, artist Phoebe Collings-James, and designer Anthony Vaccarello, as well as War Child global ambassador Carey Mulligan, who gave an impassioned speech on the charity’s mission. Here, actress Dianna Agron shares her snapshots from the winter adventure.

Dianna Agron on Her Role in Bare: "A Sex Scene Is Never an Easy Thing to Do"

Dianna Agron is pushing herself into new territory in the dark fantasy, Bare, out Oct. 30. The drama, which first premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, stars the Glee alum as a naive small-town girl in Nevada named Sarah Barton, whose world bursts wide open when she meets the drifter Pepper (Paz de la Huerta). What follows is a journey through illicit drugs, seedy sex clubs, and troubling relationships.

“Nothing I’ve done since my time on Glee has been the same,” the 29-year-old actress told InStyle recently. “It’s important that I continue to challenge myself.” And that’s just what she did with this character. “I wanted to play a girl at a crossroads about to have a spiritual awakening. She is someone who is letting those around her make her choices for her, and isn’t taking charge of her own destiny. I wanted to show that life doesn’t just happen to you. At any given point, you have choices, and you have to decide what to do about them.”

Part of her character’s journey involves becoming romantically involved with Pepper. You will see them escaping for wild nights out together, cuddling, and kissing throughout the film. Their believable intimacy was due, in large part, to their contrasting energies. “Pepper is headstrong, brazen at all times, full of passion,” recalled Agron. “In order for me to play the submissive, I needed someone [like Paz] with that energy. And luckily that’s what we had together.”

Their romance culminates in a desert sex scene after the two characters take psychedelics and spend the day high, roaming the abyss. Agron said it was freezing when the scene was shot. And she was nude. “This was not my first sex scene on camera, but it was my first with a woman,” she said. “No matter who it is, a sex scene is never an easy thing to do. But there is a trust in your scene partner, and a dedication to giving the moment integrity. Before you know it, it’s over, and you’ve forgotten everything you’ve just done. Actors all say the same thing, but that’s because it’s true. Sex scenes are just awkward.”

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Amy Schumer Thinks She Might Look Like Dianna Agron “If She Were Stung by a Million Bees”

“Last time I was here, right form the show, I got courtside tickets to a Laker game. Schumer was randomly seated next to Glee’s Dianna Agron at the game."She played the cheerleader Quinn. That lets you know how hot she is,” she said of the TV star. “She’s like the most gorgeous girl ever. Her name was Quinn on that show. To pull of that name…if my name were Quinn on a show, they’d be like, ‘Oh, the jolly Irish groundskeeper that does a jig time and again?’"Photos of the two sitting courtside then appeared on the big screen."Is she not an angel? The whole night she’s posing because she knows people are taking pictures of her. I obviously don’t! I learned that my resting face is just a scowl. And I learned that have what I now call an 'at-risk chin.’ This is not a good section. If I don’t keep it at sea level it just doubles itself…I [have] no idea people are taking pictures. I’m pounding red wine. I thought it was great. I get red wine teeth right out the gate, you know? Just the first sniff of merlot. Just True Bloodmouth. I look like I’ve been feeding."Schumer then joked about the manner in which she eats popcorn.So, what did she learn from sitting next to Agron?"I look like her, actually. I look like her if she were stung by a million bees. It’s true! I look like her if she were like becoming The Hulk. She wanted to be friends and I’m like, 'We can’t. We’re not the same thing.’ She was telling me hot people problems, like, 'He won’t stop calling,’ and I’m like, 'I hate that.’”

Sundance: Patrick Wilson's 'Zipper' Selling to Alchemy (Exclusive)

Alchemy, the independent distributor formerly known as Millennium Entertainment, is nearing the finish line to pick up the North American rights to Zipper, in a deal being brokered by CAA.

The deal is in the low seven figures, between $1 million and $2 million according to sources, and includes a significant theatrical release for later this year as part of a multi-platform plan.

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Halloween is my favorite. I love to dress up and that whole experience of costumes. That’s why I love my job so much. I love the departure from the normal character — the more imaginative character. I grew up in a world where fantasy, dress-up, and all those things were so deeply rooted in my sense of love and admiration; so that’s a big thing for me.
—  Dianna Agron
Glee Goodbye: Counting down the 10 Best Glee Characters of All Time!

Six years have gone by in the halls of McKinley High. Countless moments of singing, countless moments of laughing and most importantly, countless moments of crying. The characters from Glee, despite their generic outlook, do hold a sense of creativity within them. So between Kurt Hummel, Santana Lopez and plenty more, we chose our top ten characters that have been appeared in the show – going all the way back to the first episode!

4.  Quinn Fabray (portrayed by Dianna Agron)
Cue the united sigh! Quinn Fabray was one of the show’s main characters during the freshman season and ever since then her screen time deteriorated and deteriorated. But what I do appreciate about Quinn’s character is the situations that she has gone through. From cheating exes and pressurising parents to a traumatic pregnancy and a car crash, you could say that Quinn went through it all. What I hold on to the most however is Agron’s portrayal. It was never uttered that Fabray was going through depression but from the sighs of lost hope and constant agony in her existence on screen it was made pretty evident. Quinn may have been compressed into “Puck’s girlfriend” by the end of her run but we shall never forget what Agron successful threaded into her character.