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What is the Glee cast doing now?

  • Amber Riley: Effie White on Dreamgirls
  • Kevin McHale: He co-created +one
  • Jenna Ushkowitz: Marie on Hello Again
  • Chris Colfer: The Land Of stories is being made into a movie
  • Lea Michele: Valentina on The Mayor 
  • Cory Monteith: I miss you
  • Dianna Agron: No idea, she got married recently
  • Naya Rivera: She’s a mom now
  • Heather Morris: She’s gonna be Lily St Regis on Annie 
  • Mark Salling: hopefully he is in jail 
  • Harry Shum Jr.: Shadowhunters
  • Jonathan Groff: He is in the gap ad campaign
  • Ashley Fink: No idea
  • Chord Overstreet: His new album is out
  • Darren Criss: he is gonna be Versace on American Horror Story
  • Damian McGinty: He rejoined Celtic Thunder
  • Vanessa Lengies:  Kordie on Lego Star Wars
  • Alex Newell: He is doing things with Broadway Dreams
  • Melissa Benoist: Kara Denvers on Supergirl
  • Jacob Artist: Currently shooting Misfortune
  • Blake Jenner: Currently shooting American Animals
  • Becca Tobin: part of the Lady Gang podcast
  • Noah Guthrie: He has an album out
  • Samantha Ware: Peggy on Hamilton 
  • Billy Lewis Jr: He is gonna be in Camp Watanachi
  • Laura Dreyfuss: Zoe Murphy on Dear Evan Hensen
  • Marshall Williams: Currently shooting Supergrid
  • Jane Lynch: Co-Host of Earth Live
  • Jayma Mays: Carol Ann Keane on Trial and Error
  • Matt Morrison: Co owner of sherpapa
Glee fam: love you guys

Today is a reminder that we are a family, no matter if the years pass by and glee is over. We love you Cory, forever. Thank you for touching our hearts the way you did it, and still. Be safe guys, always. Remember, you’re not alone in this world, no matter why, no matter what. You are so special, and nobody have the right to tell you otherwise. If you need someone to talk send me a message, more than happy to help. Love you my dear gleeks. And for the people that doesn’t like glee or never watched it, it goes the same. You’re special, one in a million, we all are. Please take care of yourselfs guys.

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Why is Ravenclaw’s mascot an eagle when it has raven in its name?

A lot of people like to use ravens or raven feathers to represent Ravenclaw (even in the movies). However, in the books the symbol is supposed to be an eagle. So where does the name “Ravenclaw” fit in the books?

Ravenclaw is actually used to describe the color of an eagle’s claws, as “raven” is an archaic synonym for glossy black or dark. Eagles are raven-clawed! The more you know!

(Although I gotta say, for the sake of the movies and aesthetic, it’s still nice to use ravens and raven feathers –not only because they’re gorgeous, but ravens do fit the intelligence trait of Ravenclaw house)

@ravenclawdefensenet creation event: Ravenclaw Females 

It’s easy to say that Luna Lovegood would’ve fit in well with the Hufflepuffs due to her kindness, belief in justice, and unmoving loyalty. What makes her a Ravenclaw is perhaps a little harder to see. She isn’t bookish or studious, like everyone thinks Ravenclaws ought to be. She isn’t always the most logical and she’s often very aloof and imaginative, and everyone who has ever known her thinks she’s either crazy or just a complete sweetheart. She hardly seems to fit the Ravenclaw “scholar” trope, and all that she has going for her in Ravenclaw is her imagination.  

But the thing is, Ravenclaw house values more than just a person’s ability to think through riddles or invent new spells. Ravenclaw demands a level of ethical discipline and wisdom as well. For as lofty as she may seem, Luna has demonstrated objectivity, even at her own expense. One of her strongest moments was when she told Harry that she believed him that Voldemort was returning, because despite what everyone else said, Luna refused to believe in the propaganda and the lies that many of her peers had fallen for, and instead sought only the truth. To everyone else, that was just another “Loony” Lovegood thing that’s too crazy to listen to, but she exercises thoughtfulness and critical thinking in everything she does because to her the most important thing isn’t exactly kindness or friendship, but the truth. She honors the truth before she worries about making friends or protecting her image. Even in the face of bullying, Luna is always able to reason through her problems and she provides wisdom to others because of her profound understanding of how the world operates: why do people bully her the way they do, how to react in the face of bullying, why people don’t listen to Harry, how to navigate personal issues, how to achieve social justice and understanding, etc.. 

Luna is remarkably wise beyond her years and she deserves to be fully regarded as a true Ravenclaw. She was placed there for a reason.  

Chapter 3

I must have passed out at some point, because when I wake up, I find myself on a plush couch. I prop up onto my elbows to take a look around the room. The room is fancy, someone who had money. I begin to move my feet to stand up when I see the snake that had been with Tom curled up on the floor next to the couch. 

“Missssstressss isssss awake. Masssster wantssss me to take you to him.” she hisses.

Carefully, I lower my feet to the floor. My eyes stay glued on the snake as I slowly stand up. She slithers out of the room and I follow giving myself a good distance from the creature.

We enter a room that appears to be a study. Tom sits behind the desk concentrating on whatever he was reading. 

I nervously clear my throat, letting him know I was here.

He slowly places the paper on the desk before turning his gaze to me. The intensity on his glare sent shivers done my spine. Something about how he was looking at me reminded me of a predator watching it’s prey. 

“Where are we? Why have you brought me here?” I ask quietly.

“Surely you know what your birthmark means.” he snorts, as if my question was stupid.

I frown, and shake my head no.

“Well, Miss Martin, I happen to have looked you up while you were asleep. You don’t exist. So why don’t you tell me who you really are before I begin answering your questions.” he replies in a clipped tone.

“Please, call me Dorothy.”  is all I’m able to come up with for a reply. 

“How is it I can’t read your mind? I’m a skilled Legilimens. I should be able to get into your mind.” he says, his eyes narrowing.

“I don’t know why you can’t read my mind Tom.”

“Where did you study magic?” he asks demandingly.

“Um, I didn’t.” I mutter.

“What? Did your parents home-school you?” he frowns.

“Um, no. But my sister went to Hogwarts.” 

“When? I used to go there so maybe I knew her.” he presses.

“No, you wouldn’t know my sister. She was in Hufflepuff. We’re half-bloods. Both of our parents are Muggle-born.” I answer.

“So why didn’t you attend?” 

“Um, I, uh, I’m a-a Squib.” I stutter nervously. 

I barely had time to blink before he was in front of me and pushing me up against the wall behind me. His eyes held a dangerous fire in them, his anger just begging to get out.

“What did you just say?” he growls. 

He holds my chin tightly with one hand. He towers over me. 

“I’m a Squib.” I repeat.

He backs away and begins pacing. I don’t move, not wanting him to hurt me. I could tell whoever he is, he’s dangerous. 

“Let me make sure I’ve got this right; you’re a half-blood but but your parents are Mudbloods, and you are a Squib?” Tom sneers.

I nod, refusing to look up at him, furiously blinking back tears.

I look back up as his body is directly in front of me again. His gaze is cold, his hatred shining clear. 

“That simply won’t do. I can’t have someone like you associated with me. It would ruin my image. My followers would abandon me.” he states.

“So you’re one of those wizards who care about blood purity?” I ask, slightly disappointed. 

He sneers at me. 

“You have no idea who I am?” he asks, slightly amused.

“What, you told me your name. Tom Riddle.” I answer confused.

“No, you stupid girl. The Wizarding community knows me by another name.” 

“What name?” I whisper in dread.

“Lord Voldemort.” 

“No.” I gasp. 

No, Tom couldn’t- he can’t be him. Voldemort was alive in my time, the ages don’t match up. 

“So you have heard of me?” he snorts with a smug grin.

I nod.

“Well, you better get used to it. You being my soulmate and everything means you will have to stick closely to my side.”

“What do you mean ‘soulmate’?”  I ask startled.

“It’s what the birthmark means Darling. We’re soulmates.” he chuckles darkly.