Magical Paths Glossary

This glossary is to be used as a basic reference to the various magical pathways that you may hear about or study. 

This glossary is by no means complete and I welcome everyone to add!

Please recognise that this is a brief simplified glossary. Also the belief systems discussed are often diverse and autonomous where beliefs, opinions and practices may vary. If you have suggestions or edits for my work please feel free to write me a message.


a) Paganism is often used as an umbrella term to define various spiritual paths. Some of the pagan spiritualities are Witchcraft, Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, Heathenry, Shamanism amongst others. Though it must be recognised that many debate which faiths are pagan and which are not. Some people call themselves pagans (a.k.a eclectic pagans) and choose not to specify in a specific spirituality defined under the umbrella of paganism. 

The Pagan Federation recognises paganism including the following: 

1. Love for and kinship with nature. Reverence for the life force and its ever-renewing cycles of life and death.

2. A positive morality in which the individual is responsible for the discovery and development of their true nature in harmony with the outer world and community. This is often expressed as ‘Do what you will, as long as it harms none’.

3. Recognition of the divine, which transcends gender, acknowledging both the female and male aspects of deity.

(Source: ‘What is Paganism’, The Pagan Federation, 2000)

b) It is also used as a term to define faiths not included within the Abrahamic religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. 


Some people use the term neopaganism to mean modern day pagan, as a means of distinguishing between historical Pagans of ancient cultures and the adherents of modern religious movements. However many will use the term paganism as meaning both modern and ancient pagan movements.


Wicca is a Pagan belief system which was formed in the late 1940s and is based on the teachings of Gerald Gardner.

Wicca is considered a ‘mystery’ religion and by many it is considered to require initiation by a coven. 

Wicca is both a religion and a Craft. … As a religion - like any other religion - its purpose is to put the individual and the group in harmony with the divine creative principal of the Cosmos, and its manifestation at all levels. As a Craft, its purpose is to achieve practical ends by psychic means, for good, useful and healing purposes. In both aspects, the distinguishing characteristics of Wicca are its Nature- based attitude, its small group autonomy with no gulf between priesthood and 'congregation’, and its philosophy of creative polarity at all levels.

(Source: Janet and Stewart Farrar, Eight Sabbats For Witches 1981)

Some Wiccans also practice Witchcraft. For some Witchcraft and Wicca are seen as two distinct paths, for others the boundaries between the two are more blurred. Some mark Wicca as requiring coven initiation while Witchcraft does not. Though Wicca by most is classified as a religion, Witchcraft on the other hand is seen as a religion to some and a craft to others.. Witchcraft can also allow for more freedom and autonomy than Wicca as it relies upon the practioners own personal values and beliefs rather than on a set of structured principles. Wicca is also a post 1940’s creation while many feel Witchcraft predates that. Both Wiccan and Witchcraft beliefs vary depending upon their tradition if any. Wiccans can ether be eclectic Wiccans or can be further categorised into a Wiccan tradition, branch or culture such as Gardnerian Wicca, Alexandrian Wicca etc. 


Witchcraft is a Pagan belief system which is said to have its roots in Pagan pre-monotheistic folkways and beliefs which usually follows the agricultural seasonal cycles and reveres its connection with nature. Witches may practice alone as solitaries or in covens. 

Many Witches believe in a polytheistic deity structure and/or a divine creative force which may be split into the polarity of a God and a Goddess. Witches may also practice various practical and psychic crafts such as herb lore, spellcraft and healing.

For some Witchcraft and Wicca are seen as two distinct paths, for others the boundaries between the two are more blurred. 

- Some mark Wicca as requiring coven initiation while Witchcraft does not. 

- Though Wicca by most is classified as a religion, Witchcraft on the other hand is seen as a religion to some and a craft to others. 

- Both Wiccan and Witchcraft beliefs vary depending upon their tradition if any. Witches can ether be eclectic Witches or can be further categorised into a Witchcraft tradition, branch or culture such as Dianic Witchcraft, Hedge Witchcraft, Green Witchcraft, Celtic Witchcraft etc. 

- Some Witches will focus on a particular cultural pantheon whilst others are content to mix deities from various races. 

Hereditary Witchcraft

A branch of witchcraft past on by a family line. Most believe that one can only be a hereditary Witch if it is passed on through birth or marriage. Debate arises in relation to ‘adopting’ individuals into their tradition. Practices and beliefs vary from family to family. 

Traditional Witchcraft

a) A branch of witchcraft which is said to of existed before the modern Wiccan and Witchcraft movements of the 1950’s. Rituals tend to be more simple with little paraphernalia and a greater emphasis on worshipping a Horned God than in more modern Witchcraft traditions. 

Traditional Wicca 

Any branch coven which can trace its lineage back to Gerald Gardner himself. 

Ophidian Traditional Witchcraft

A branch of traditional witchcraft which venerates the element of water beyond others as a manifestation of the world serpent. This tradition draws upon a text known as the Oera Linda Book.

It is said that this branch was mainly family based until the 1940’s. In 1998 Tony Steele publicised the tradition. 


A branch of traditional witchcraft which originated from Germany and/or the Netherlands. This was later developed as settlers moved to amercica and incorporate native Indian beliefs and practices into their tradition hence forming PowWow and Pennsylvania Dutch Witchcraft. 

Gardnerian Wicca 

A branch of Wicca formed by Gerald Gardner which is said to be a major cause starting the 1950’s witchcraft and Wiccan religious movement. For most Gardnerian witchcraft requires initiation into a coven, for others this opinion is more blurred. It has a structured progression of degrees of teaching and a spiritual path. 

Alexandrian Wicca

A branch of post 1950’s Wicca formed by Alex Sanders. It is an offshoot from Gardnerian Wicca and carries a lot of similar elements. Many who follow this tradition practice in covens. However both the founder and some of its members support self-initiation. 

Seax Wicca

A branch of post 1950’s Wicca formed by Raymond Buckland. This tradition focuses its attention around Saxon mythology. This tradition though sometimes practiced as a coven also supports self-initiation. The path differs from Asatru as it applies Saxon mythology and beliefs around Witchcraft, whereas most Asatru followers do not class themselves as Witches. 

Strega Witchcraft

A branch of Italian Witchcraft which incorporates re-Christian European mystery teachings and the ancient Etruscan and Tuscan religions. 

Reconstructionist Religions

A further umbrella term within Paganism which for some means all other pagan belief systems other than Witchcraft and Wicca. Reconstructionist religions often stress cultural relevance and can include beliefs such as Ásatrú, Northern Tradition, Odinism, Shamanism, Celtic Reconstructionism, Druidry etc. 

Northern Tradition 

The Northern Tradition is a Pagan reconstructionist religion which is based on pre-Christian Northern European beliefs and mythology. Practioners can be male or female. 


Ásatrú is a branch of the Northern Tradition. The Ásatrú belief system focuses more upon the Aesir, though some will also invest in the Vanir deties as well. However some will argue that Northern Tradition and Ásatrú are the same. 


Odinism is a branch of the Northern Tradition. Odinism focuses more upon their patron god Odin. However some will argue that Northern Tradition and Odinism are the same. 


Druidry is a Celtic reconstructionist religion which focuses of the ancient framework of the Celtic Druids. Most Druids are polytheistic and follow an astronomical calendar which marks the yearly stages of the sun, the earth and the moon.

Though much of the knowledge and practices of the ancient Druids is lost most modern consider that the old knowledge is still accessible through insight and revelation. 

Often the Druids will classify themselves into three ranks:

 - the Bards (composer of verses; keeper of the lore)

- the Ovates (guardians and interpreters of the mysteries; diviners) 

- the Druids (advisors; authorities of worship, law and ceremony).

 Practioners can be male or female. 


There is much debate over whether Shamanism is a Pagan reconstructionsit religion or that of an independent one. Shamans practioners can be male or female.

None the less Shamans communicate regularly with the otherworld and use methods such as trance to achieve this. Most Shamanic traditions incorporate the use of power animals and spirit guides and are considered as healers or medicine men or women. 

Shamans can ether be eclectic Shamans or relate their beliefs to a cultural context such as that of the Celts, Native Americans, Russian, African, Australian, Norse etc. 

Psychic Questers

This belief system can include both Pagans and non-pagans alike as is often defined as a system on the fringe of Pagan belief. 

Many practice esoteric practices such as dowsing, ceremonial magick, spiritual mediumship, divination etc. Some seek historical artefacts or mystical knowledge. 

Hedge Witchcraft

a) A solitary witch 

b) A branch of Witchcraft which often holds a stronger reverence towards the environment. 

Hedgewitchery is shamanic witchcraft, the hedge represents the borders between worlds which the Hedgewitch crosses through spirit flight.

Rituals are often more simplistic and less ceremonial. 

Celtic Witchcraft

This is a branch of Wicca or Witchcraft which can be practised in coven or solitary settings and focuses on the use of Celtic deities and beliefs. 

The Draconian Path

This is a branch of Wicca which has been amalgamated with influences from the Celtic Welsh culture and the Druidic Wysardn Colleges. It was founded in 1986 by progenitor Lord Ash.

The Draconian path empathises balance especially with the polarity of light and dark and recognises the dragon the “face of the All-That-Is”. 

Dianic Wicca

This is a branch of Wicca which was created by Zsuzsanna Budapest and Morgan McFarlans and is the craft’s first feminist tradition. 

Dianic Wiccans occasionally honour only the Goddess and place strong empathises on women’s spirituality, women’s rights and sexual equality. However practices and beliefs depend upon the coven and its practitioners. 

Marion Weinstein states that many Dianics use very masculine gods in their practice (and even references Pan / Cernunnos as her own personal male patrons in her book) and that Dianics don’t only exclusively honour the goddess. 

This is the Goddess Hecate’s symbol. Hecate is used by some as a Maiden, Mother, Crone because of being a Triple Goddess.

Most people use Hecate in reference towards the moon however she is three-fold to others with Earth, Sea and Sky. She is also said to where people got the “old hag” look from for Witches, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

In Greek mythology Hecate was the only Titan who was allowed to keep her power and domain. Zeus shared with only her the power to be able to give humanity whatever they wished for, or withhold it. She was, like her cousin Artemis, a virgin Goddess. She wouldn’t give away her independence for marriage.

Because of Hecate’s association with the moon some Dianic’s use her instead of Diana. Some believe Diana is the same as Hecate; that they’re interchangeable.

some of my favourite Wiccan songs

Aradia -unknown
Lady of the Moon -unknown
Lugh -Kellianne
Warrior Goddess -Kellianne
Aphrodite and Pan -Kellianne
I Walk With the Goddess -Kellianne
Shares her Love -Kellianne
Beltane -Jenna Greene

these are just a few of my favourite Wiccan songs, feel free to add more, or send me some recommendations!

We understand the Goddess as an all-encompassing Flow/Origin of all life. We see males and females united in the Mother who can create the same as her (daughters) and the different from her (sons). She is the Tree of Life. Hence in her eyes all living creatures partake of her divine essence. She is the beginning and she is the end. Beyond Mother Nature there is more nature. She is everlasting and self created. Circle within the circle, her symbol is the spiral like our DNA, all is from her and all returns to her in the end. In other words, we agree with the new scientist who see the universe as a huge recycling entity, everything we see out there is also within us, we are made of the same stuff as the stars. We are the children of the stars, rare, complex and beautiful…the Goddess is all women – without exception. She is one mighty force, all-inclusive, all-mother.
—  Z Budapest

One comment that Dianics have to deal with, especially from within the pagan community, is “If you don’t honor the god in addition to the goddess, you are unbalanced.” This is my answer:

Humans created all formal religions - there is no religion that has been proven to have been handed down directly from the Divine. (If there were, we wouldn’t have the variety of religions, and factions within religions, that we have on this earth!)

The Great Spirit (Ultimate Deity, Big Cheese) is beyond anything that humans can know and understand. It is beyond gender, it is beyond race, it is beyond everything. In our attempt to grasp some measure of knowledge, we need to reduce the immenseness of the Great Spirit into some form that we can connect with. The first thing we do as part of this narrowing process is to give the Great Spirit gender. As a woman, it is most comfortable and natural for me to think of the Great Spirit as female.

If I were to try to know the Great Spirit as male, it would immediately classify me as “other.” I would not have a personal connection with the deity, I would be “not the same.” I would be denying the sacredness of my womanhood if deity were not also woman.

If I were forced to acknowledge god and goddess, I would still have to see myself as incomplete, missing something without a man to “balance” me.

As far as “balance” goes, who says that one gender is not “balanced” without the other? The only thing we need each other for is procreation - the rest is gravy! It’s tasty gravy, but gravy nonetheless.

Name one “masculine” trait that women do not also have.

Aggression? Ambition? Power? Nope. Women have these too.

Name one “feminine” trait that men do not also have.

The ability to nurture? Sensitivity? Creativity? Nope. These are also shared.

I believe that once you begin labeling things in an either/or fashion, you begin to EXclude instead of INclude. If you label things as light/dark, masculine/feminine, good/evil, active/passive, or black/white, you make sure that nothing and no one can be whole and complete. I luxuriate in shades of grey.

Look at the elements. Can you say that they are good or evil? Of course not; they have both constructive and destructive forces.

Rain can fall gently and make our gardens grow.
Rain can fall fiercely and flood North Dakota.

Wind can fill the sails of a boat and cool our brow in the hot sun.
Wind can form tornadoes and flatten an entire city.

Fire can be used to cook our food and provide warmth and light.
Fire can devastate and destroy people, places, and things.

Earth grows our food, gives us shelter, and supports our life on this planet.
Earth includes landslides, volcanoes, and earthquakes.

By seeing my deity as Goddess, I create a personal relationship with Her. If you can see your deity as the opposite gender and not have any problem with that, more power to you, but don’t tell me what I’m supposed to believe. Allow me the courtesy of respecting my choice of religion as I respect yours. Remember, I think you’re just as wrong as you think I am.

—  On the issue of “Balance” (Unsure what the author’s name is.)
Let the women who come to my feasts be round like me and fear not their own flesh. Let the soft flesh on their hips imitate my curves, let their laps be soft and receptive, let their hands be warm and silky, and let them stroke their children with their soothing touch. Yes, let my women be round, let their fat bloom on their bones like the fruit on the vine, and let them take up space, lots of space. In my honor let the women grow big and strong.
—  The words of the Full Moon by Zsuzsanna Budapest (from Grandmother Moon).
We, the Mothers of the New Time

Please share widely!


The women of the Amazon Priestess Tribe, a matriarchal society living in Northern California, USA, who are dedicated to the Goddess in all of Her forms, invite the women of the world to join us in a collective ritual enactment to synchronize our Divine Feminine consciousness under a shared protocol in order to bring forth a healthy and sustainable future.

We have observed the flailing desperation of the patriarchal current attempting to retain its imbalanced and unearned power on this planet by demeaning women and children who are the source of all life, and the only hope we have for the future of humanity. Patriarchy would cut off one of its own limbs rather than healing the whole being. Patriarchy seeks to end the world rather than fixing it. Patriarchy seeks to be right rather than to do what is right. We see examples of this in the news every day, and because these reports are so widespread, it would be easy to allow ourselves to fearfully expect that the patriarchy will prevail.

Please note, when we reference “patriarchy,” we are not speaking of men exclusively. Rather, we are speaking of a worldview that places conquest, greed, and dogma above collaboration, generosity, and evolution. While patriarchal thinking has long been embraced and promoted by males in positions of unearned power, patriarchy in 2012 is not the exclusive provenance of men. We see patriarchy as  the tendency toward positioning one’s self at the center of the discourse, and aggressively seeking thoughtless, unchecked, self-benefiting “progress” at the cost of sustainability. Patriarchy harms all beings, men and women alike, and it is our desire to uncoil its grip on the collective mind by helping our sisters and brothers to see that another way of thinking is possible.

Today, we encourage our sisters to put aside fear and remember Who We Are. Whether or not we have individually given birth or raised a child, we are all, collectively, the Mothers of consciousness. Just as a thoughtful Mother teaches her child the basic aspects of life, we can teach the world how to create a sustainable future instead of merely accepting what is currently being handed to us.


If you would join us in this effort, please 1) let us know by sending an e-mail with your first name or pseudonym, general geographic location, and any links to social media you wish to share to amazonpriestess@gmail.com, 2) share this message and its intent with other women you know in person or via social media, and 3) do the following ritual at your own altar each Full Moon between now and December, 2012.


The Ritual Working:

  • Procure a small stone or crystal that you will use in this work. Know that you will be releasing possession of this stone on Dec. 21, 2012.

  • Stand at your altar or in your sacred place, holding your crystal. Clear your mind and begin breathing deeply, inhaling through the nose and exhaling with a small sound, “Ma.”

  • Read and contemplate the following ideals we have envisioned for the world of the future, and add your own if you’d like. Please note- when contemplating this vision of the coming world, don’t waste any time lamenting that it is not here yet. Focus instead on the joy you are feeling as these things come to be in fullness.


Honor for elders: respect for their wisdom; regard for their needs in policy and care; inclusion of elders as an active, vital part of thesociety they’ve shaped.

Honor for children: regard for their creativity and imagination; cultivation of their individual and collective genius; teaching them respect and dignity by modeling these virtues in our own behavior.

Access to education and service opportunities for all, including re-skilling toward practical, sustainable lifestyles.

Healthcare that is free/affordable, accessible, and provided with genuine skill; commitment to the health of the whole being; availability of birth control and other critical women’s procedures regardless of personal, political, or religious concerns; compassionate healthcare for every stage of life.

Clean water and air; reversal of global warming; transition to renewable energy sources; creative adjustment of lifestyles as needed to facilitate these changes.

Healthy, natural, affordable and sustainable food; respect and support for those who tend the land and her creatures; awareness of the food chain and its implications as a regular part of education and daily life.

Awareness of our part in the ecosystem and our kinship with all living things; vast acreages of pristine wilderness; restoration of rain forests, glaciers, and oceans.

Equal and ethical representation in directly-elected government; a movement toward honorable leadership from the grassroots level.

Equal rights and freedom of expression for all, with awareness and respect for the complicated levels of identity, including but not limited to: race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual identity, religion or faith, ability.

Freedom from violence and intimidation as a means of exercising power.

Sisterhood and community, women allying with one another and offering one another respectful, mutual support.

An atmosphere of inspiration, excitement, and celebration, over mere survival.

Legal equality for all, with respect for diverse traditions and cultures in every country.

Re-claiming and honoring women’s roles and skills through history and today.

Deep respect for one’s own body, and accurate education that highlights women’s miraculous creative nature, including reverence for their holy blood.

Your own additional visions.

  • Holding this vision of the future in your mind, anoint the crystal with your body’s natural sacred fluids (you might choose one or more: blood, spit, woman honey, or milk). Take a moment to honor your body, and to honor the sacred fluids that issue forth from the body as the natural wisdom of creation.

  • Speak aloud the following affirmation or prayer:


I dance at the edge of the world

Like my ancestresses before me

I am a sacred vessel

My blood is indomitable

Cradling the now at my breast

Nurturing the future unfoldingThere is nothing to fear

I am a Mother of the New Time

  • Repeat this practice at every full moon for the rest of 2012. If you feel like it, post to your social media that you are doing this by referencing the project as Mother of the New Time or #motherofthenewtime and including a link to the web site http://www.motherofthenewtime.com. Invite other women to participate if you wish- have them e-mail us with their name or pseudonym, any social media links they wish to share with us, and general geographic location at amazonpriestess@gmail.com, so that we can keep a count of how many women are participating, and what geographic areas they represent.

  • On the Winter Solstice, 2012*, as one cycle of time ends#, bury this stone in the Earth, in a place sacred to you, and envision yourself digging it up and re-discovering it in a future life, in another body, at a time when it is needed. All time is cyclic and present, and when we engage the future, we shape the Now.


It is done.

Blessed be the Earth, blessed be the women and children, blessed be the future.

*Much has been made of the end of the Mayan calendar. Yet since the dawn of humankind, many calendars have come and gone. By creating magic for the future, we create the future.

Our Mother
  • Our Mother who art the Earth
  • Nourishing are thy ways
  • Thy web of life be woven
  • Thy ways be found within
  • As it is all around.
  • Thank you this day for our bread and sweat
  • And forgive us our misuse of you
  • As we forgive others their misuse of us
  • And lead us not into exploitation
  • But deliver us from lording it over you
  • And over each other and over fellow creatures.
  • For thine are the waters of life
  • The feeding, breeding, seeding ground
  • For now and for as close to forever
  • As we shall ever come.
  • Blessed be!
  • --Z. Budapest

So my kitty Aphrodite is cuddled up with me; it’s a gloomy day again.  The other cats are passed out around the apartment and Mythbusters are on in the background.  

Thursday’s Full Moon Lakshmi ritual was absolutely wonderful.  There were 9 of us there, and we made money water by including things which represented financial abundance.  There was everything in the water (well… is in the water as we each have a jar full of it) from coins from all over the world to full moon water to glitter and even jewelry!! My jar ended up with a beaded bracelet that has been passed from witch to witch in their money water jar for possibly over a decade.  

We talked a lot about how we have to be open to receiving, which hit some strings for several of us. And then we feasted!! :D

Yesterday I went back over to my high priestesses house for green witch/herbalism class.  We talked about the respiratory system and also talked a bit about chronic pain (as I have chronic pain) and she told me something which sort of blew my mind, which I will ruminate about another day.  For some reason last night I was epic tired as well; I ended up falling asleep around 715pm which is epic early for me.  So naturally I woke up at 430 am today.  Though I rolled around in bed until about 645.  I’m so stiff and sore now though LOL

Today I’m getting together with some Witch friends to make mojo bags :D  I’ve got a lot of other Witchy crafts that I’ve made prior to coming back to Tumblr.  I will post pics of them in a few days, along with the mojo bags ^^ 

So I’m gonna look up mojo bags a bit to get some more ideas of what to do.

And randomly…I am craving chips and salsa epic style…I had some last night.  Some this morning.  And I want more.  WTF????

Many blessings to you all!! (*points down*  San Francisco Bay facing East)