If you let one (truant student) run loose, what are you gonna’ do with the rest of ‘em? Let them go too?
—  Houston judge Lanny Moriarty • On his decision to sentence a 17-year-old honor student, who (since her parents divorced and both skipped town) has had to work both a full and a part time job just to support two siblings, to spend a day in jail, after she missed school recently. Diane Tran, who also takes dual-credit college-level courses, says that she’s often so tired that she finds it difficult to wake up for school. But that didn’t sway Moriarty, who chose to make an example of Tran. If you think this sucks, we direct you to this Change.org petition.
Honour student who works two jobs to support her siblings after her parents split up and left town is put in JAIL for missing school due to exhaustion
  • Diane Tran, 17, thrown in jail for one night because of repeated absences from school
  • Honours student has been working two jobs to keep family afloat since parents’ divorce
  • Has been taking advanced placement and college courses in addition to jobs and missed school due to exhaustion
  • Spent the night in jail for truancy
Petition for the decision to be overturned here

**EDIT** Update to the story here


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Great news, everyone! Diane Tran, the student whose jail sentence for truancy drew national attention, will get the charge pulled from her record after the judge in the case had a change of heart.

Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Lanny Moriarty, at the Montgomery County District Attorney’s request, signed an order that vacates the contempt of court conviction that sent Diane Tran to jail last week.

The decision clears the way for the issue to be expunged from her record.

The action was taken, in part, after Moriarty looked at the extenuating circumstances that had resulted in Tran missing school and because her court summons had failed to notify her of her right to an attorney or to have one appointed for her, officials said.

The story notes that Tran never brought up her difficult circumstances, which led to this story getting national attention, in court. Either way, we want to wish Tran luck as she continues her education. She works way harder than most folks.

Community Comes to Aid of Jailed Texas Honor Student - ABC News

A 17-year-old Texas honors student who was jailed for missing too much school because she had to work two jobs to support her siblings, refused to accept the more than $100,000 a website raised for her.

“We saw her trying to work and trying to go to school and trying to do all these things and then to have the judge put her in jail for missing school just seemed a little harsh,” said Paul Dietzel, who helped raise the money for Diane Tran. HelpDianeTran.com is a project of the Louisiana Children’s Education Alliance.

But Tran didn’t want the money: “There’s some other kid out there struggling more … than me,” she said.

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So for those who do not know Diane Tran, she’s a 17 year old vietnamese honor student from Texas who was sent to jail for missing too many days of school.

Diane Tran is honor student who has a full time job plus a part time job to provide the support for her siblings that her parents can’t provide because they’ve divorced and left the states. On top of all this she stays up all night studying for her AP and extra classes.

The judge for a long time did not want to show leniency her in case and I personally believe he picked one of the most worst cases to make an example out of someone.

Diane Tran, your struggle is heard and I just want to let you know that you’ve inspired this song, this one is for you. I don’t know if this song will ever make it to you but if you ever have a chance to come by this blog, you have nothing but love and support from me.

Stay up and continue to be a great big sister.



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Diane Tran has a lot on her plate for a 17-year-old. After Diane’s parents moved away, Diane stayed behind and started working two jobs to provide for her family – all while taking college-level classes at her high school. But when Diane recently missed school due to exhaustion, she was charged with a crime and sentenced to pay a $100 fine and spend a night in jail

Diane’s classmate, Devin, told reporters that between a full-time job, a part-time job, and making the honor roll, it’s no wonder Diane was tired. “She stays up until 7 in the morning doing her homework,” Devin says. 

Judge Lanny Moriarty didn’t have to sentence Diane to a night in jail, but he wanted to make an example of her.“If you let one of them run loose, what are you going to do with the rest of them?” Judge Moriarty told reporters. “A little stay in the jail for one night is not a death sentence.”

Samuel Oh thinks working hard to provide for your family should not be cause for criminal punishment – so Samuel started a petition on Change.org asking Judge Moriarty to revoke the charges against Diane. Click here to add your name.

“Somehow Diane is not just an extraordinary worker and student, she’s an extraordinary human being with a fighting spirit,” Samuel says. “The institutions that are supposed to provide resources to youth and ensure justice are punishing her instead.”

There is some good news: when a reporter recently asked Judge Moriarty if anything could be done to get him to revoke Diane’s charges, he replied, “Yeah, it probably could.”

Samuel believes that if thousands of people sign his petition, Judge Moriarty will take this opportunity to do the right thing and revoke Diane’s charges.

Click here to sign Samuel’s petition asking Judge Moriarty to revoke the charges against Diane Tran, an honors student who had to spend the night in jail for missing school.

The news clip mentioned that it is going to go on her records, which could potentially tarnish her future.  It would be great if you can take a few moments to sign this to show that this extremely hardworking girl should be getting applauded, not have criminal record stamped on her resumes for the rest of her life.

(I really want to know why her parents aren’t getting arrested and charged for neglect/child abuse of her and her siblings…)

Please: Diane Tran

I’m not into signing petitions… ever… but:

This is just a petition regaurding the incident of Diane Tran - student in Texas that has been charged for truancy and a fine of $100. If you have heard anything about this situation - you know she’s not your typical minor. She is a 17 year old who was abandoned by both of her parents after they divorced. She is supporting herself, as well as her siblings, since then. She’s been balancing full time and part time jobs while taking normal high school work load along with college credited courses. She barely gets any time for rest because she has to work constantly to support what’s left of her family. With the fatigue and sadness from the incident, she has taken some days off from school to rest up so she could carry on. She missed one too many and the court has pressed charges against her - not even regaurding the situation she is in.

So please sign: Petition for Diane Tran

A support group on Facebook: Help Diane Tran

Lets bring some justice and peace to this girl. Also to raise awareness of what some students (not only in texas) are going through. Best we can do right now is help one student at a time.

On Diane Tran.

So I’ve been following the news reports on Diane Tran. For those of you who don’t know, she’s a seventeen-year-old honors student from Texas who has been supporting her two siblings by working two jobs after her parents left while still taking on a full AP/college-level courseload. She’s been arrested in open court for truancy and has been sentenced to spending a night in jail as well as a $100 fine. Judge Lanny Moriarty has stated in several interviews that he intends to make an example of her.

Seeing his reasoning, as well as some of the comments left on the Huffington Post page, absolutely infuriate me. It’s idiocy. People have complained that she shouldn’t be prioritizing her jobs over her education and questioned why she’s supporting her–allegedly, since I haven’t heard confirmation one way or the other–older brother in addition to her younger sister when he can help support them as well.

It’s frankly ridiculous to me that people can even think something like this is the appropriate course of action. It doesn’t matter whether or not her brother is legally considered an adult–because he is not choosing to help support her family, she has taken it upon herself to do so because her parents–the people who should be taking care of and supporting her family–are absent. Even if seventeen is the legal age in Texas, her younger sister is still a minor. I fail to understand why the first priority of the state isn’t to find her parents and make them take responsibility for their actions.

Diane is an honors student–she obviously cares about her education, but academic rigor, as I’m sure we all know, is both physically and mentally exhausting. Some of us have missed school for a lot less. Both her school system and the state should be giving her the resources and support she clearly needs but instead, they choose to use her to “set an example.” What example are they setting, exactly? That the State of Texas takes pride in condemning bright, hard-working young people for their efforts to keep the lives of themselves and their families from falling apart?

I really encourage everyone to sign the change.org petition. The kind of action taken by Judge Moriarty and the state is regressive, intolerant, and sets a dangerous precedent for the potential of young people like Diane and those in similar positions.