A Special Message from the Haughton Family:

Very early in the morning on January 16, 1979 Michael and I brought Aaliyah Dana with the blessing of God into the world. It took 15 minutes for her to make her presence known. Michael said “I have a beautiful baby girl”. Thus the sweet name that followed her through life. We took her home soon after and she met the brother that would love her and that she would love for the next 22 years.


Mom, Dad, Ra


Happy Blessed 38th Birthday to Rashad Hasan Haughton born
August 6, 1977.  DID YOU KNOW: When it came time for Aaliyah to film the video for her single “4 Page Letter” Rashad would complete the video preparation within two hours while studying at Hofstra University. On the B-side of the 4PL single, Rashad recorded a song with his sister entitled “Death of a Playa”. Rashad’s first ever movie role {besides  re-dubbing several of Aaliyah’s lines in QOTD due to her death in 2001} was Proud in 2004. Proud is the true story of the only African-American crew to take a Navy warship into combat in World War II, in which Rashad played the role of Naval saxophonist Hank Fields. Rashad also saw the release of his first single, though it was not released in the US: “Fork In The Road” (with 1200 Techniques), which made it No. 55 on Australian Charts. Rashad would later write and direct a short file {11 minutes long} called  Chrysalis in 2006. 2011 Rashad movie wrote “Love Like Aliens” for the short film “Love Like Aliens” which he also directed. 2012 Rashad’s father Michael Haughton died. Today Rashad is set to produce “Red Ash” main theme song and survives by his mother Diane Haughton.