diane with soap

All About Soap (Weeks 19 & 20)

Week 19

Monday May 9th

Robert is irate when Liv’s behaviour gets in the way of him seeing Aaron.

Tuesday May 10th

Diane gets a buyer for the pub…

Wednesday May 11th

Liv and Robert find some common ground on the day of evil Gordon’s sentencing.

Thursday May 12th 

7pm — The police have shock news for Aaron. 

8pm — Robert reveals the contents of Gordon’s letter. 

Friday May 13th

Liv decides to act on what she overheard between Robert and Aaron.

Week 20

Monday May 16th 

Aaron can’t shake the feeling that he should have told Gordon what he really thought of him.

( Neither Aaron or Robert are mentioned for the rest of the week. )

Inside Soap (Week 46)

Monday November 14th

Rebecca offers to help Diane by talking to Lawrence — will it work?

Tuesday November 15th

Scheming Rebecca goes in for a kiss with Robert…
…while the fella frets about what Diane actually knows!

Wednesday November 16th

Gun-toting Diane demands answers from Chrissie…
…and the White woman is forced to confess all!

Thursday November 17th

Lachlan is taken in for questioning by the cops!