diane weston

high school senior; seventeen.
lucy fry.
CLOSED FOR AUDITIONS. and, as diane weston once said: “Morning, sunshine! Remember, these are the best days of your life so far.”


Dana Watson is your typically average popular girl at Rosewood. She cheers, she’s wealthy and she’s well known. Always perky and always bubbly, she’s sure to turn any frown upside down. Though usually a good hard working student,  last year she was completely caught up with the track team captain and her grades dropped. It was frowned upon and her parents took immediate action to salvage her spot at the school. Headmaster Bueller told her she needed to make perfect grades by the semester finals if she wanted to graduate. But Dana knows that with all the cheering, drama and life in general, she’ll never be able to do that.

That’s when she came up with a plan for herself and her best friends. One that’ll work for all of them. They’re going to steal the test answers. And the perfect night to do it would be Freddie Bueller’s Barn party. Through crazy planning, an acute attention to detail and by luck, a barn fire, the girls get away with the answers and their futures set in stone. Until someone confronts her, claiming she saw them. Now Dana and her friends must make this girl popular and bend to her every will, or they can kiss Rosewood goodbye.


Dana stepped into the dorm bathroom and shut the door. Sitting on the toilet, she thought about all she had to do to get ready for tonight. Brush teeth, shower and give herself a mini pep talk. Pep talks came easy for her. It could’ve been because she was a naturally happy person or the fact that she was a cheerleader, but either way she did it. She reminded her self that she was beautiful, worthy and a good human being.  She brushed her wet hair to the side, looking at her face. She had bags under her eyes. And they weren’t even from school or cheer stress.

They were from partying, which was all she did the past summer. She’d gotten in so much trouble for neglecting things, but she just shook it off and continued on her way. Until it all finally caught up with her. So here she was, fresh out of her second shower, her black clothes sitting on the counter. She would put them on, steal the test scores and continue to be the flawless, sunny cheerleader her parents were always proud of. Everything would be fine. And these would continue to be the best days of her life.

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