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Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy: An Oral History of the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
"Batman: The Animated Series" writer Paul Dini and voice actresses Arleen Sorkin and Diane Pershing take us back to "Harley and Ivy."

Voice of Poison Ivy, Diane Pershing: “Every time that Poison Ivy had appeared on the series before, she mainly interacted with other characters, like Batman and Commissioner Gordon, as the “sexy woman.” In this case, she was playing off another antagonist. I’m a feminist, so Paul’s script was right up my alley in the sense that I knew what I could bring to it. Ivy’s the alpha person in the relationship, and Harley is clingy, needy, and looking for approval. It was a classic combination. I remember at the time thinking that this relationship was important for Poison Ivy, because she didn’t have friends. So even when Harley screwed up, she would be like, “It’s OK.””

^This whole thing… and this whole article.. I just love it