diane lockheart


30 days of awesome female characters (source), Day 6:

Your Favorite Female Character On A Female-Driven Show

Diane Lockhart, The Good Wife. How I love her so. Over 50, driven, powerful, witty, has a sex life that’s shown on-screen… Oh, yeah, and the things she says:

(concerning a case where they suddenly must plead ‘illegitimate use of discarded semen’) And so it devolves… from hopes, ideals, dreams, the glory of the law, to a turkey baster.

And from the same episode:

Unfortunately the court does not recognize the doctrine of Immaculate Conception.

Or maybe:

Will: I don’t understand marriage.

Diane: It’s a mysterious institution.

To a woman married to a very prominent man who was involved in a very famous prostitution scandal:

When I was starting out I got one great piece of advice: Men can be lazy, women can’t. And I think that goes double for you. Not only are you coming back to the workplace fairly late but you have some very prominent baggage. But, hey, if [Hilary Clinton] can do it, so can you.