July 13: Diana Vishneva’s Birthday

Diana Vishneva is a true international superstar of ballet. Her passion for an commitment to dance extend far beyond her acclaimed performances with the Mariinsky Theatre and American Ballet Theatre, which have justly earned her legions of fans.Her signature projects, such as the award-winning Beauty in Motion, which received its world premiere at the Center in 2008, enable audiences to discover a new side to one of the world’s greatest dancers

Happy Birthday, Diana!


Right: Ryan Lee aka ryanishka at the barre when she was seventeen

Left: Prima Ballerina Diana Vishneva when she was at the Vaganova Ballet Academy at the age 17

OKAY SO I was going through the gifs I made and I thought the gif of Ryan was familiar then I found the gif of Diana and I WAS SCREAMING IN MY MIND BECAUSE THEY’RE BOTH SEVENTEEN IN THESE GIFS