So I took this image and played for the second time in my life with photoshop because I was bored, I needed a new wallpaper, I couldn’t find any good Ritchie!Sherlock wallpaper, I found this and said “Well I haven’t played with photoshop in awhile”

And then after hours and hours of tutorials I got the following amateourish wallpapers:




Feel free to use them for your own desktop. I don’t claim them as mine. I don’t even claim the methods in which I did them as mine either. So yeah, help yourselves.

Diana head canons

because it’s been a few weeks and I’m still crying over her. Zero Time Dilemma Spoilers ahead.

-say it with me: nurses are smart. nurses are smart! gotta train like night and day to handing every human body emergency under the sun, coordinate with several patients and doctors, and not kill anyone. Thank your nurses. She made the insta-heal treatment pods with Sigma. She is smart. smart.

-fuckin hates hates hates red roses. her ex would give them to her every valentines, every apology, her birthday, and they’re just so boring!!

-Diana lowkey hating the words ‘i love you’ because that’s how her ex manipulated her into back into an abusive relationship. Sigma knows this and tries to use alternate words and means of affection.

-gets chubbier after the Decision game, because she remembers starving. Sigma doesn’t say shit because he has that ‘must hoard food’ feeling too. They go out a lot, get all different kinds of food together and walk it off in the outdoors. Sigma enjoys cuddling with his squishy gf.

-that half a million from Dcom goes a long way for comfy clothes, food, bath bombs and the like. Ends up being the living embodiment of ‘TREAT YO SELF’ to her coworkers.

-Wants a cruise wedding, but Junpei and Akane gave her a ‘look’ and they just decided on a flight to somewhere beautiful. The honeymoon is on a cruise anyway.

-Snort laughs when she realized she is marrying a future doctor, just not a medical one like all the teachers said to do. Like her mother said she would.

-She hates the sound of gunshots. That’s not a secret. What is a secret, is that in the timelines where she killed Sigma to save Phi, she accessed the Morphogenetic Field, ‘remembering’ timelines where Sigma was alive and telling her about SHIFTing. She killed herself to try and switch places with her other self.

-eventually meets 1904!Phi and hugs her and cries. The old woman doesn’t understand but she pats her back.

-it took her a good few months to see a baby and not die a little on the inside. she had to give birth without anything, dude. Diana is hardcore.

-those blue and pink receiving blankets had to come from somewhere…did Diana and Sigma find them early on, sort of forget them and then WHAM. with the horror that they were supposed to have kids. they were planned to be trapped. for as long as it took to have kids. did Diana worry what would happen to herself and Sigma after? Did Sigma worry what life his kids would lead, with or without him?

-is bffs with Junpei because they both have mysterious esper spouses doing esper things all the time. She teaches him first aid. He teaches her how to fight. They teach each other terrible puns.

-Diana goes to the moon. For like, a week though, because Sigma put his foot down. the week coming back from it was terrible too, because Sigma is a mother hen keeping her from ‘stressing herself’.

-Goes to divorce help groups to give her story, provides snacks and self-care items to the people there. reminds them that there is hope, you are not broken, you can rebuild your life without your ex, you can find happiness after abuse.