Anael || Jewish Archangel || Unknown || FC: Diana Agron || Taken

Cupid draw back your bow, and let your arrow go. Straight to my lover’s heart for me. Cupid please hear my cry, and let your arrow fly. Straight to my lover’s heart for me

Anael is the Jewish archangel of love. With the way the distribution of powers works in the SPN world, this makes her less powerful than any of the Christian archangels, not that she used to care. Anael calls the shots with the cupids, and has very few angels under her authority. She’s never been trained to fight like an angel, nor has she ever wanted to fight. She’s been much like her brother Gabriel, too chicken to deal with the way things were going in Heaven. Instead of leaving, she always turned her cheek to everything that disturbed her. For years she would run away from any issues she had, she even stationed herself on Earth for some time when she found out God stopped speaking to her. Her history in Heaven was one of a rebellious teenager, full of immature actions and events caused by her lost sense of authority. She always managed to make herself a pain in Raphael’s side, even sometimes angering Michael.

One day, she fell. Lived life on Earth for a bit, it became like another one of her detours. It’s a detour she tries very hard not to remember. She won’t talk about it as long as you don’t call the form she takes her ‘vessel’. She was found on Earth and returned when she was still 19. She’s been back a few months, weaker and even more ignored, but now she’s deciding its a good time to take a side and take her brothers down a notch.