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Reasons you should go see Wonder Woman
  • gal gadot is,,,,absolutely fantastic, as someone who loves diana to literal death and lives and breathes wonder woman comics, the character was done really well
  • the amazons are seriously really hot and fit like,,,,damn
  • listen, i have never cared for a Heterosexual in my life, but chris pine did a damn good job at playing steve trevor
  • and steve trevor is a super enjoyable character too
  • oh my god it’s literally so funny. so much good,well-written humor. 
  • also diana legit says “men are horrible for pleasuring” at one point hereby confirming that she belongs to the Gays sorry i don’t make the rules
  • really heartfelt message all in all? people might think it’s kind of cheesy, but it really is meaningful especially in a world where everything is just sad and dark and negative
  • the soundtrack will have you ready to start a bar fight in .0002 seconds
  • also this was a surprise but there’s a moroccan character and a native american character? that was super cool

tl;dr this movie will actually restore your faith in humanity

Despite deaths, divorces, and dramas, the crown rarely shows private grief publicly. Not since Diana’s tell-all interview with Martin Bashir have two members of the royal family—let alone one who is the heir to the British throne—been so emotional and raw with the public. However, Prince William and Prince Harry’s interview with the BBC has us wondering: Did we get some things wrong about Princess Diana’s death?

Xena/Wonder Woman Crossover Headcanons

(Some of these will be drawn in the future but not all so here you go)

  • Diana, a princess of themyscira, under hippolyta, recognises and respects gabrielle as a queen and kneels accordingly “my mother sends her regards, queen gabrielle" 
  • "diana why are you - oh right, i’m queen huh? xena why don’t you kneel - oh wait nm” (gab blushes, xena smirks, diana giggles) 
  • gab and xena leaving diana to babysit eve while they go on a date. when they come home, eve is sleeping in a weeping diana’s arms “she’s just so beautiful! you made this? you two should be very proud!” “we are" 
  • xena just lets diana sit as long as she wants til she needs to breastfeed and nobody cares about xena’s boobs being out. diana is fascinated and in awe (she’s never seen breastfeeding before) and starts to cry again 
  • just EVERYTHING about the little family amazes diana because she’s never seen a baby up close before like this 
  • when eve cries (hungry or needs changing) diana panics 
  • diana becomes eve’s guardian (lila was a choice but diana is better trained for the job and can take eve to themyscira)
  • eve LOVES diana’s crown and likes to play with it 
  • diana has endless stories about themyscira for everyone
  • when gab and xena stage their death, diana retrieves eve and takes her to themyscira as promised
  • ares gets his ass handed to him 
  • when the wives wake up as scheduled (because diana doesn’t fuck shit up), they know where to find their daughter
  • xena trains warriors and teaches embroidery and all the sort of thing 
  • antiope and xena are best friends and mentor each other
  • gabrielle helps out and sometimes returns to greece for queen responsibilities of her tribe, but mostly works as a bard on themyscira
  • everyone gushes over another baby on the island
  • sometimes a happy family is a warrior princess god killer, her amazon wife, their half divine miracle daughter, and her 10 000 aunties, one of whom is a demi god princess made of clay 
  • everybody lives happily ever after
The process of me watching ww (part one)
  • Me: this gon be a goood movie
  • Diana: I used to want to save the-
  • Little Diana: *is running around and pretending*
  • Me: aw how cute
  • Little Diana: *is falling*
  • Diana: *caught training*
  • Diana: *Shoots Antiope back*
  • Me: oh shit that looks like it hurts damn
  • Steve: *is crashing/drowning
  • Amazons: *fighting on the beach*
  • Steve: What the hell is this thing
  • Me: you can’t lie bitch say she’s beautiful
  • Me: it doesn’t look hot you wimp
  • Diana: what’s that?
  • Me: ISSA PENI-
  • Steve: its a watch.
  • Diana: *is breaking into the castle*
  • Me: carry on
  • Diana: *shows up in outfit*
  • Steve: Nice outfit
  • Diana: Who will I be if I stay
  • Me: *sobs*
  • Diana & Steve: *boat conversation*
  • Me: Harold she’s a lesbian (bi)
  • Steve: look it’s London
  • Diana: it’s hideous
  • Me: G O H O M E D I A N A
  • Steve: not for everyone
  • Etta: I really like her
  • Me: same girl same
  • Etta: Really? Specs and she’s suddenly not the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen?
  • Me: shEs sO HOT
  • Steve: *is almost shot*
  • Steve: We are going anyway!
  • Me: BAHAHAHAHAB no you aren’t stfu
  • Diana: *makes faces*
  • Me: *baahah again*

I’ve been thinking about Diana, Diana in the movie and Diana in the comics.

It struck me, one thing that distinguish Diana from her counterpart is, I think movie!Diana is the only (?) version of her who lived a whole century in the human world.

There is no template for this version of Wonder Woman.

Among the current stable of DC Cinematic heroes, I don’t think we have anyone apart from Diana’s long friendship with Napi (yes, I’m taking that as canon) who could understand her perspective.

It actually makes me think of Forever, a short-lived TV show in FOX exploring an immortal’s life through one human lifetime. It was this TV show that made me realize that while an immortal’s life is long, humans too are capable of living a long life barring any illness or accidents.

And I can imagine Etta Candy’s life living as far as the early 1990s (think Titanic) and Diana being there for Etta, and the day Etta died I’d like to think that she passed sleeping with a smile on her face because Diana found all the old records that were Etta’s favorites.

They made a day out of it and when Diana realized that Etta crossed to death, Diana would have lifted her head.

I would also like to think while there are moments of sadness through Diana’s 100 years, there was also joy.

She helped people when she can when it’s right to do– I’m thinking she established a Prime Directive for herself through the years, especially when she realized that she can’t always help or save people.

I just really love thinking of Diana in the years between post-World War I and present day.

some REAL CANON CONFIRMED cinematic universe diana prince facts, here with peach, the Number One Diana Prince Writer Ever Probably:

  • after comforting her post-clark’s death, diana and lois are Super Best Friends Forever All The Time. they meet up once a month for coffee. lois teaches her modern dancing forms. diana has a picture of them at pride together on her wall next to the picture of steve & co. Bffsies
  • she uses her lasso to grab things that she’s too lazy to get out of bed to reach. this has had a variety of consequences
  • she owns a GIANT labrador named Antigon, He of the Whispering Winds, who loves slobbering all over her and relentlessly trying to play with every single cat he sees. she defends him with her life
  • she has not dated a single person since steve trevor
  • she kept up with etta, sami, charlie, etc and their families for ages after the war and visits their graves at least once a year. sometimes their great-grandkids receive money in the mail when they’ve fallen on hardships from an unknown source. they’ve taken to calling her their guardian angel.
  • she loses two (2) wonder woman look alike contests
  • sometimes when bruce is bein a dick she’ll pat his head and go, “good plan, small boy, but let the adults here play.” he can’t argue. she’s, like, a hundred years older than he is. alfred does his best to catch in video every time.
  • that being said, she does have a batarang on her wall next to her other important pictures.
  • she is constantly volunteering for charity in her free time, and is known for being a strong proponent of rehabilitation over punishment in prison systems. she makes a habit of visiting prisoners and listening to their stories
  • the wonder woman symbol is actually a silly deviantart design. diana adores it, buys the copyright, and makes very sure to credit the artist in every possible way. that artist is swimming in money.
  • once in the 1980′s some aliens were considering invading earth until wonder woman looked up at their ship and they immediately decided to fuck off forever
  • she’s better than you and also better than me and im in love with her Thats Just Canon

“A Friendship Through Time” by Lauren Gerken

I’ve just written this whole story in my head of little Peggy getting rescued by the Wonder Woman, sparking a friendship that lasted a lifetime. Peggy gets Diana to help in the creation of the super soldier, though her blood and DNA doesn’t turn out to be the answer. After the devastation of the Atom Bomb, Diana loses faith in mankind, and though Peggy does her best to help, it isn’t until Peggy’s death that Diana comes out of hiding to bring back the age of heroes.

“Don’t let the world decide your value. Do that for yourself. You are stronger than you know, Peggy.” - Diana, 1929 

“Don’t let history make you bitter, Diana. There is always someone worth saving in this world.” - Peggy, 2016

Diana’s death was always so sad to me because it’s like: Couldn’t they have *just* let them take the pictures? I know she found the paparazzi a nuisance but it really wasn’t worth getting into a high speed car chase over.

I feel the same whenever I read about some celeb “racing away” from photographers in traffic.

No one ever died from getting their picture taken, guys. They die from reckless car accidents.

This is not a defense of the paparazzi, mind. They don’t seem like nice people.

But you do have to be pragmatic sometimes.

super-bob-sponge  asked:

Can you do M+C for Diana?

Headcanon List!

Headcanon Masterlist!

M - Making you breakfast

  • she had years to learn how to cook, she’s obviously pretty damn in the kitchen
  • so when it comes to breakfast, you can bet that it’s going to taste like made by gods (bad pun intended)
  • she’s going to make you breakfast everytime time she can
  • and if she didn’t spend the night with you, or had to run to save the world, she’s going to leave something for you anyway, along with a cute little note.
  • she’s going to learn how to cook your favorite food
  • and if you’re like me and the only meal you have is dinner, she’s going to make you eat that breakfast
  • because “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and she’s pretty protective of you, you’re her cute fragile human,  she doesn’t want you to be weak or tired just because you didn’t have breakfast
  • she has this little ritual on breakfast, where she’s going to put a little flower on the plate, every day a different one, it’s up to you to discover the meaning of each flower.
  • “this is a carnation, in represents love, pride and admiration…same things I feel for you”

C - Celebrating your/their birthday

  • Don’t try to tell Diana that′s it’s not a big deal, because for her IT IS A BIG DEAL
  • surprise party? Nah, she’s going to bombard you with gifts at 00:00 am
  • she will have all planned, a week with anticipation
  • she’s way too excited, more than you are
  • everything you  had laid your eyes on that month, she’s going to buy it for you
  • spoil you to death
  • “Diana please no more gifts!”
  • “but I have 20 more!”
  • she always treat you like a Queen, but today you’re like Queen of Queens
  • even if there’s a major threat to the world, Diana is going to spend the day with you, Superman and Wayne can take care of that by their own
  • you can absolutly expect brithday sex, yes, yes yes

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i took my sister to see wonder woman and she’s tickled to death that diana was emailing batman, reportedly because “batman’s so funny though, i call him the dork knight” 

First comment 'Charles made after Harry's birth' caused Diana to 'close off'
Diana revealed how she hid Harry's gender from her husband as she knew he wanted a girl
By Nicola Oakley

Diana revealed how she hid Harry’s gender from her husband as she knew he wanted a girl

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

With her story being brought back into the public consciousness, there is heightened interest in Diana’s life and struggles.

One extract from a biography written ‘in Diana’s own words’ is being circulated ahead of the anniversary - revealing a comment Prince Charles allegedly made immediately after the birth of his second son, Prince Harry on September 15, 1984.

Diana also revealed in this extract how she hid Harry’s gender from Charles as she knew he was desperate to have a girl.

According to the book - written by Andrew Morton and using direct quotes from Diana taken from interviews in 1991 - Charles and his wife had been in “total darkness” between the births of William and Harry and she had blotted it out as it was “such pain”.

“However, Harry appeared by a miracle,” she said.

Six years before her tragic death, Diana admitted that she and Charles had been “very, very close to each other” in the six weeks leading up to Harry’s birth.

“Then suddenly as Harry was born it just went bang, our marriage, the whole thing went down the drain,” she confessed.

Charles’ 'first comment’

Diana claims to reveal the first words out of her husband’s mouth, saying: “First comment was: 'Oh God, it’s a boy’, second comment: 'and he’s even got red hair.’

"Something inside me closed off,” she said.

Harry would have been around the age of seven at the time of Diana interviews. She said of the young prince: “Harry was a complete joy and is actually closer to his father than perhaps William at the moment.”

Hiding Harry’s gender

“I knew Harry was going to be a boy because I saw on the scan. Charles always wanted a girl,” Diana admitted.

“He wanted two children and he wanted a girl. I knew Harry was a boy and I didn’t tell him.

"Harry arrived, Harry had red hair, Harry was a boy.”

Charles’ 'comment to Diana’s mother’

Diana didn’t stop there. She claimed that Charles took his discontent over not having a boy to her own mother at Harry’s christening.

She said: “[Prince] Charles went to talk to my mother at Harry’s christening and said: 'We were so disappointed - we thought it would be a girl.’

Frances Kydd, who divorced from Diana’s father Viscount John Spencer in 1969, reportedly wasn’t best pleased with his comment.

"Mummy snapped his head off, saying: 'You should realise how lucky you are to have a child that’s normal.’

"Ever since that day the shutters have come down and that’s what he does when he gets somebody answering back at him.”