diana camera


diana & steve || walk through the fire                                  


It’s #fursuitfriday I got up Diana F+ camera on July 13, 2017. I Should’ve document that in Project retro dayz blog. But the issue is I need to buy a 120 mm film to work on the project. Plus I need to take a lot of pics with those cameras in order to get the film developed. So I’ll work on all that next year in 2018. It’s because I got a buy a kit to develop the film. Plus I got to figure out a way to get 120 mm film scanned Into digital images. So I’m not sure if I should buy an expensive scanner to Scanned the negatives or pay some kind of photo company to scan the negatives and send them to me as digital files. Either way I’ll figure it out in the future but for now enjoy looking at these images of Al the wolf.


Film - Pentax MV


the fair at night

Holga 120 & Diana Mini w/ Lomo Redscale and Fuji Velvia


These spectacular long exposure shots are courtesy of Beth Maciorowski who is a self taught photographer who shoots primarily with film, often manipulating it and developing at home. She has a vast collection of cameras and expired film and feels most inspired by nature. You can find more of her work on her Flickr! or follow her on IG @bethmaciorowski Don’t these images just make you want to grab that tripod of yours and head out into the night to capture something just as splendid right at this very second??! It takes patience and preservation for long exposure photography, AND on film to boot, but you know the results will always astound.

Thanks once more Beth for your psychedelic pop-images, which acted as the kick in the tush I needed to jump start this blog. Yes, CGSF did take yet another leave of absence and no excuses will be made on behalf of our tardiness!! Shame on us!!! Boo! Despite us being AWOL, we still received tons of submissions from our amazing readers and we promise to return the endearment  from all of you for not giving up on us by sharing them in the following days. Keep up the amazing work girls and boys and always BELIEVE IN FILM!!

In other news, eleanorrigby236 has just recently moved to Berlin and hopes to start shooting on film again as she explores the city made for walking, one day at a time!