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This has been more fun than a prison sentence has any right to be. 

A Hundred Dollars (Neal Caffrey x Reader)

            You hadn’t worked in the FBI for very long, but so far you were enjoying it. Your probationary period in the New York white-collar division was going very well. You’d even made friends with some of the agents, including Peter Burke, Diana Berrigan, Clinton Jones, and – possibly your favorite – the consultant, Neal Caffrey.

            Oh, but he wasn’t the kind of guy you were supposed to like. He had a smile like a spell and eyes that were as beautiful and blue as precious gems. Neal’s charming flirtation could make you blush furiously, and his witty comebacks and equally lighthearted banter could make you giggle like you hadn’t since your first crush. You’d been wary when you were assigned to be his undercover partner in a sting, but your worries were quickly assuaged. Despite his criminal history, at the first sign of trouble, he took you by the shoulders and pulled you into his chest, hiding in a cubby out of the fray when the guns started to go off.

            You knew you were friends, but you also knew that your fondness for Neal went a bit beyond friendship, and sometimes it made things awkward. When he brought you coffee, you tried to convince yourself that he didn’t intentionally let your hands brush. You were sure that no one else imagined kissing the pout off of his soft, pink lips when Peter gave him paperwork. What kind of friend could sit staring at their computer while they daydreamed about hugging him, feeling his hand on your back and being surrounded by his scent?

            A normal friend didn’t.

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Imagine Neal introducing you to his team.

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You looked around the FBI with interest and trepidation. Neal noticed, and he subtly slipped his hand into yours. Guiltily, you smiled at him and squeezed his fingers, walking a little closer.

“Relax,” he urged, giving you a convincing, comfortable smile. “They’ll love you, just like I do. Well…” his smile turned teasing. “Maybe not exactly like I do.”

“That would be awkward,” you agreed, blushing slightly. You realized that while he’d been distracting you, you’d reached the large office on the mezzanine. One man was behind the desk, sitting back in his chair and talking to two other agents, a man and a woman.

Neal cleared his throat. “Hey, guys!”

Had the doorway been larger, you probably would’ve tried to move behind Neal. He moved his hand to your back so that you weren’t as tempted. All three agents turned to look at you and Neal. The man behind the chair started to smile without saying anything, but his expression greatly reminded you of a mischievous, matchmaking friend.

The young man waved at you. The woman started to smirk at Neal. “So it’s true,” she said in playful surprise. “There is a girl willing to put up with you.”

“Not only that,” his other teammate said, turning to look back at the man behind the desk, “But she’s not a criminal, either.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Neal sarcastically invited their criticisms. “Go ahead, make fun of me in front of my girlfriend.”

“They weren’t waiting for your permission,” the boss said, still smiling. He sat forward and looked at you kindly. “Peter Burke. I’m Neal’s handler.”

“Diana Berrigan,” Diana told you, holding out a hand for you to take.

“Jones,” the man behind her said with a respectful nod.

“Y/N,” you replied, a little less intimidated.

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Sister Sinner: Chapter One

Request: Do you do cross-overs? I was thinking Neal Caffery’s younger sister works with the BAU, her brother, Mozzie, and Peter on a case, and ends up crushing on Derek Morgan.

A/N: As you can see… I might’ve gotten carried away with this. This is chapter 1/?; italics are flashbacks. Anon, please let me know what you think!

(Background information: La Cosa Nostra is the Italian mob. Richard Kuklinski, AKA “The Iceman,” was a contract killer for the Gambino family of the La Cosa Nostra. The Russian mob, or the mafiya, are considered by the American government to be the most prominent threat of organized crime, which is partly why Keller wouldn’t leave the country without the money from the auction in White Collar 1x12 “Bottlenecked.” The “former employer” Y/N refers to is Vincent Adler.)

Fandom: White Collar/Criminal Minds crossover

Characters/Pairings: Derek Morgan x Reader; Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Diana Berrigan, Clinton Jones, Eric Ruiz, Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Jennifer Jareau

Words: 2,400

Y/N - Your Name

            As a freelance CI, you got to spend much more time with Neal without having to sneak around. Although you weren’t exactly pleased with spending so much time with Peter at first, you’d warmed up to him over time and considered him a good friend. (You still preferred his wife.) Where the WCCD team was concerned – well, you were just glad that Diana and Cruz hadn’t been on Neal’s case way back when. They were kinda scary.

            The debriefing was pretty normal for a case of insurance fraud. You and Neal had found ways to communicate and distract each other from the boring overviews of things that were of really no interest whatsoever while the rest of the agents sat up straight and raised their hands to ask questions like good little students. Peter had made it against the rules to text during meetings, so you and Neal had started to write letters onto each other’s hands under the table. After that, he started making you sit on opposite sides.

            He had yet to pick up on that you were tapping out messages to each other in Morse code.

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