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magicks in own url wriggly fingers and such

nolongerlunari  ❤

[ Sorry ;-; I took too long <3 Anyways, I wanted to go for an abstract, cute and relaxing piece for your Diana! I feel like your Diana would be really awesome to interact with. The AU is really interesting because your headcanons are really nice to read. I read the entire thing, yes, and I hope to see you continue these things because I really love your muse. It’s not the original Diana, no doubt. But I feel that it’s sorta unique. 

You talk about her character and what she likes to do, what she can do and her entire lifestyle. That is character development and I love to see those kinds of things because it makes your muse easier to relate to. 

I really love your Diana blog, I’m an art blog but please always feel free to send me anything. I am always happy to answer your asks as Vi.

Mun out! ]


2 Years of Improvement: 

So I was recently inspired to do one of those “then” vs “now” comparisons, and since someone cosplayed my Battle Bunny Diana design I made toward the very start of this blog, I decided, hey, why not redraw this? So here you can see Where I’ve made some subtle/major improvements over the last two years.

So to those of you who always ask how you get better at drawing, and you always hear “practice”, that’s why. It’s literally just practice. 

Hi-Resolution image can be seen on my Patreon!