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just read the saddest fucking twitter thread from a father who had a little girl with cancer. she ended up passing away but the point of his thread was to tell people how much their insurance helped his family deal with medical costs. you can read it here.

yesterday i read a thread from a mother who’s young son has already had multiple surgeries because of his poor health. if the senate “health care” bill passes, he could die. read it here.

the fact that we still don’t have a health care system in america that guarantees that you’ll be taken care of, no matter how much money is in your pocket, makes me sick. that the concept of your life being worth only as much as you’ve got in the bank is fucked up.

the fact that president obama tried to get it done, only to have gop governors refuse to expand medicaid and greedy insurance companies pull out of the markets, breaks my heart. especially since, despite some of its flaws, the affordable care act expanded access to millions more people than the previous health care system. yet all many ca talk about is how their premiums went up or how they have no insurance options, failing to realize that it’s mostly because of their governors refusing to expand medicaid and/or insurance companies pulling out because *they* don’t like the system that forced them to provide better care for the american people.

so now, the gop can take those stories of how obamacare “failed” these families (without all of the facts, of course) and use them as proof of the system’s failings. could we have a better system than the aca? of course. but it was a hell of a good start and could’ve been even better if every state had accepted it and implemented it the way it was meant to be implemented.

so the fact that people are now having to share their most personal and traumatic health stories with the entire country, either online or in person at town halls or elsewhere, in the hopes that their members of congress won’t literally vote for their deaths is absolutely disgusting. we were making so much progress, and now this.

we could’ve avoided all of this on november 8th, but that’s not the point at this point. the point is this: the fact that this is even a threat right now is insane. the point is that people who would inflict pain and death upon their constituents just to make a buck and/or keep their seats should not be in office.

i just hope y’all show up next year and vote the gop out of power. that’s the only way any of this changes.


The Godfather (1972)

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Cinematography by Gordon Willis

  • Serbia: woman in a white dress, belting out a power pop ballad
  • Austria: Dreamworks logo tries for a career as a boy band singer
  • Macedonia: Classic pop song and/or political statement about fetuses not counting as people (at least in a ESC setting)
  • Malta: woman in a white dress, belting out a power pop ballad
  • Romania: Yodel, rap, giant cannons - peak Eurovision
  • Netherlands: Coming soon to your mom’s iPod/the end credits of a Diane Keaton movie
  • Hungary: Hungarian hipster rapping with traditional folk dancer backup
  • Denmark: woman in a RED!!!! dress, belting out a power pop ballad
  • Ireland: A Ballad From Ireland - this year a Disney number performed by a smol child
  • San Marino: Your dorky parents embarrassing you by grinding on the dance floor
  • Croatia: An opera singer and a Broadway singer fighting for control over the same body. Possibly homophobic, despite definitely pride-friendly scene decor. Might be a Brony.
  • Norway: Macklemore enslaving Zer0 from Borderlands to bang on a drum to his generic pop beat
  • Switzerland: The Beauty and the Beast live action remake looks great
  • Belarus: woman in a white dress, belting out a power pop ballad singing a happy cute folksong with her awkward brother on one of those Florida boats
  • Bulgaria: Another smol child because like most things Biebermania hasn’t reached Europe until now
  • Lithuania: Kill Bill - the Musical
  • Estonia: Generic Soap Opera - the Musical. Saw Love Love Peace Peace and mistook it for instructions.
  • Israel: Happy beefcake taking a dance break at the gym, who also watched Love Love Peace Peace

The Godfather | 1972 | dir. Francis Ford Coppola

What do you think this is the Army, where you shoot ‘em a mile away? You’ve gotta get up close like this and BADA-BING! You blow their brains all over your nice Ivy League suit. “


Tribeca 2017′s 45th anniversary Godfather reunion, as captured by J. Cavallini for Street Dreams Magazine.

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(Source: tribecafilm.com)