diamong ring

Ernie Sisto (NY Times), Rare views of solar eclipse, 30/06/1954, Flying as a pool photographer with the American Airlines - Hayden Planetarium Eclipse Expedition, United States. Vintage silver print (Press Photo)

Here are two phases of rarely seen phenomena that occur during a total eclipse as seen from 13,000 feet this morning above Rupert House, James Bay, Canada. At top are Bailey’s Beads, when the light of the sun peeps through periphery “diamond ring” effect at end of totality.

summer jams | (listen)

indie/alternative tunes for all your summer needs

i. electric love // børns ii. different colours // walk the moon iii. different // the academic iv. tongue tied // grouplove v. say it just say it // the mowglis  vi. smells like summer // early hours vii. san francisco // the mowglis viii. runaway love // diamond rings ix. gold rays // vinyl pinups x. don’t stop // foster the people xi. let’s dance to joy division // the wombats xii. new romantics // taylor swift xiii. tear in my heart // twenty one pilots xiv. bite down // bastille xv. shut up and dance // walk the moon xvi. she’s a genius // jet xvii. sleeping with a friend // neon trees xviii. uma thurman // fall out boy xix. chocolate // the 1975 xx. high tide rising // fox xxi. gravity // nico vega xxii. alone together // fall out boy xxiii. miracle mile // the cold war kids xxiv. undercover martyn // two door cinema club xxv. get away with it // animal kingdom xxvi. no scrubs // bastille xxvii. kathleen // catfish and the bottlemen xxviii. chelsea dagger // the fratellis xxix. ocean // coasts xxx. breezeblocks // alt j xxxi. heart out // the 1975 xxxii. jackie and wilson // hozier xxxiii. 1901 // phoenix xxxiv. midnight kiss // propellers xxxv. america // the griswolds xxxvi. she’s a riot // the jungle giant


In Twilight Princess, Ganondorf had a pretty awesome crown setup going.  I wanted to capture the look and feel of the whole piece and translate it to something a little more useful.  Sure, the crown’s cool and all, but getting your hair to go along with it?  Way more intensive.

So I came up with this.  5 rings, wrist cuff, and matching hand plate.  It might not be the Triforce of Power, but it’ll look just as good on your left hand.  More than fit for a god-king, or the puppetmaster of the Twilight Realm, I’m super, super pleased with how it turned out.