You and Me

It feels to be you and me were meant to be, but not just for a moment or a short period of time, we go through a lot of shit together and glad to see how far you and me have got, i think a lot about times before we use to just talk for hours until we fell asleep and told each other what we think. I want you more than a life time, for god sake i want to fucking marry you, i love you more than i love weed, shit has been ruff for me i just need to know that you are going to be the one that is going to help me up when i get down, keep me standing when I’m up high. keep my back straight and keep me in check when i need to be. but most of all i want you to be Ms.Diamond. I don’t want shit to change between us but if shit does change i want it for the best. and i don’t want to ever have to leave you and i don’t want you to ever leave me. with this being said I’m going to bed. smoking a bowl and gonna call hopefully you do want you and me forever.


I know its not many but i appreciate all of them, thank you for following me, I know you guys probably get that alot but thank you much appreciated, I will be posting more Bud pics and pix of the new room, hell yeah now lets try to hit a 100 by the end of this month. -Diamondz4Eva