We got a glimpse of Pink Diamond in “It could have ben great”

When the Crystal Gems were all going to the moon base and Lion crashed in, we saw the bottom of Pink Diamonds mural! 

Blue Diamond

White Diamond

Yellow Diamond

And the bottom of Pink Diamond

For this nail art, I did a mix’n’match nail art. On my index fingernail, I did somes stripes with mint nail polish and a darker green nail polish. On my middle fingernail, I did some flowers. On my ring fingernail, I did an accent nail using a gold nail polish and a gold glitter nail polish on the top of the gold nail polish. On my pinky fingernail, I did some dots. 

All these colors look good together. These colors are the kind of colors that I like to use. This mani turned out well, I think. I like the fact that for my index and my pinky fingernails, I used a bright nail polish (pink & mint) and his darker version. This nail art is inspired by WhispersoftheWind on Instagram.

Polishes I used :

Barry M : Dragon

Barry M : Christmas Gold

Maybelline : Mint for Life

Maybelline : Passing by Pink

Sinful Colors : Be Happy

Mavala : Gold Diamond

White Polish

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