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10th February 1840 - Queen Victoria's Wedding Dress

As many people know, it is said that Victoria started the trend of wearing a white coloured dress on your wedding day. However, not many know  how complicated the journey was that had it come to be.

In the early of planning her wedding, Lord Melbourne suggested that she might wear her royal robes of state, as she mentions in her diary -

They talked about me wearing my robes, but I thought not.

She made it clear that her wedding was not like others of the time, where it was all for advancement and gain, with no thought of romantic preference. Her wedding was a personal affair; she was marrying for love.

In the end, Victoria would design her own dress, as well as her bridesmaids’ dresses. She had her dress made entirely of British materials, as was well publicised at the time. This was a political move, as she was showing to foreign powers just what her country had to offer and that she was still representing Britain.  The silk was woven in Spitalfields, East London and the lace was handmade in Devon.  Finally, the outfit was sewed together by Victoria’s own dressmaker, a Mrs Bettans, with the pattern being destroyed afterwards to prevent the dress being replicated.

The finished garment would include a bodice, the waist pointed over a full, pleated skirt with full puffed sleeves and a round neck, all made of Spitalfields white silk satin. The train was immense, measuring 18 feet and edged with orange blossom spays (orange blossom being a symbol of fertility). Orange blossom would feature a lot on her person, as her wreath above her veil (which was 12 feet long) was made of it and it trimmed her dress.  She also wore matching satin shoes (see two above), and a blue sapphire brooch at her breast which was a wedding gift from Albert. In her diary, on her wedding day of the tenth of February 1840, she described her whole outfit as thus -

I wore a white satin dress, with a deep flounce of Honiton lace, an imitation of an old design. My jewels were my Turkish diamond necklace & earrings & dear Albert’s beautiful sapphire brooch

Victoria did not wear her actual wedding dress for the whole day, as when she returned to Buckingham Palace after the service and wedding breakfast she withdrew to change into ‘a white silk gown trimmed with swansdown and a white bonnet with orange flowers’, an outfit very similar to her original ensemble.
Years later, Victoria would allow her favourite daughter Beatrice (who would be one of the queens few close companions in her widowhood) to wear her wedding veil at her own wedding in 1885 (see photograph below). She would be the only daughter of Victoria allowed this special privilege. In addition later still, Victoria would be buried wearing her lace veil, in 1901

Featured Image Emily Blunt as Victoria on her wedding day, The Young Victoria 2009
Sources -
Becoming Queen, Kate Williams
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Photograph #3 by Daily Mail

Justin’s New Girl

A/N: Can I get some feedback from this after you read it? Send requests too b. xx

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Word Count: 1, 904

Warnings: does swearing count> ;)

SummaryJustin has introduced his new girlfriend for the first time to his long-term closest female friend, Y/N, but his girlfriend does not have a keen interest in befriending her.


“Raindrop, drop top smokin’ on cookie in the hotbox” I sang in the mist of hoovering my living room over the wooden floorboards. I was too busy dancing with the hoover to the song bad and boujee that I didn’t even notice that my house doors locks were making the sound of keys being jiggled in that would have hinted that it was Justin entering the house, “I see your dancing again y/n” Justin chuckled walking over to the sofa and leaving the keys on the coffee table. “why don’t you do something better like go Livestream on insta” I walked over to where Justin was sitting and sat directly opposite of where he sat to talk to him better. Justin shrugged, “already did that in the morning but I do have something to tell you”

“What’s good?” I replied

“You know all the months I have been out of the Instagram social media limelight right? Well I met someone”

I stood up and walked closer to him, pulling him into a hug, and congratulated him “How long have you been with her and does anyone else know?” I gushed

“First of all I have been with her for like 3 months or so and you’re the only person that knows which leads me to tell you that I want you to meet her for yourself – I need to show her one of the most important people that I know”

“Ok sure but why didn’t you introduce her to your sisters and parents before me?”

“I need to make sure she is the right one before I tell everyone” he explained which I clearly understood.

I was truly happy for Justin having a girl with him but I couldn’t shake the feeling that these LA insta girls don’t seem how they really are but for Justin, I will give her a shot. Tomorrow at the Palm in Downtown LA.


After Justin told me that he had a girlfriend I just had to be the supportive best friend and check out her Instagram page that revealed her name was Asia Eliwood. This Asia must be about twenty years old judging by her nurtured skin. Asia was an Instagram model with over 900K followers that were interested in liking her beach pictures that exposed her toned abs on her beautifully tanned body. She was Justin’s Type. Today I was going for the casual look consisting of slick black straight hair, black two piece dress that followed my black heels and a pair of diamond-encrusted earrings.

The restaurant was surprisingly full for a hot Friday afternoon, the soft reclined chairs and oak wooden tables were used by many new customers. The waiter came returned with a menu, looking at the menu I decided to pick out a Caesar salad with prawns as a starter and for the main meal, a Pepperoni pizza with a glass of coke with sliced lemon.

Minutes later…

I fidgeted, adjusting the strap of my dress and reapplying another coat to my already red lips. With nothing else to do, I let myself soak in the ambient music for a few moments, wondering what the words to say when Justin and his girlfriend arrive then drinking water in the vanilla fragranced air. From the corner of my eye, I realized a slim figured female stood beside the table;  I glanced up at her face and stood up.

“Y/N right?” she said

“You must be Asia, nice to meet you” I began walking closer to her to pull her into a hug which she happily agreed. It was fair to say that she was even more beautiful as she was on her Instagram account and really knew her angles, her green eyes, and long wavy jet black hair complimented her faux feathered grey jacket over her tightly fitted turtleneck shirt with black jeans whereas Justin dressed in a black slim fit suit and tie for this casual occasion. Justin made his way to me and pulled me in a soft embrace as a sign of common friendliness between us then pulled out a seat for Asia before sitting down on the chair opposite to me.

“So y/n how long have you known Justin bear?” Asia asked

“nearly 4 years now, he is like a brother to me in all honesty so you better look after him good” I chuckled clearing the air without realising that this Asia rolled her eyes and showed off her dimpled fake smile that Justin loved, Justin remained in his seat and turned over to the window overlooking the summery spring lighting that was covered by groups of fans waving over for him to come over. “Asia, Y/N the fans want what they want but I will come back in a second” Justin stood up and pecked Asia on the temple before leaving the restaurant to entertain the fans clambering outside the restaurant.

“It’s so fucking annoying how these fangirls think that they actually have a chance with Justin bear” laughed Asia, sipping from her wine bottle looking back at Justin currently taking photos with fans and laughing along at whatever Joke a petite brown skinned girl with a high puff that framed her heart shaped face – her face said it all that she was serious and partly intimidated by the girls she was talking about. “Anyway Asia you look so good in that outfit you probably workout like 5 times a week right?”

“I have a personal trainer that helps so most of the credit goes to him and it helps that he is fine as fuck but in 2 months or so he can fix you up y/n”

“oh really?” I laugh joining in on her so-called joke

“I’m serious babe; you need all the help you can get” Asia flashed her million dollar smile and moved on to her salad and scrolled through her phone leaving me dumbstruck on did she actually say this as a joke? Or did the bitch mean that she was serious? She was on strike 2 after bitching about the fans that initially loved her because of her large following before they started dating which lead them to believe that she was a ‘genuine’ person that ‘does not want him for his money’ or the ‘fame’ along with it. I started gathering up my things removed myself from the awkward situation then pushed a $20 note for my half of the bill and walked out of the restaurant in time as Justin walked back in.

Justin’s face showed concern as he looked own ant my bawled fists  - a trait I have when angry or pissed off that he noticed during our  4 years of friendship, “Y/N why aren’t you inside with Asia, she really likes you”

“Justin as your best friend It is in my best interest to tell you that Asia Eliwood is not only a bitch but also an anti-belieber one too.”

“sure and that’s why she took photos with the fans 2 days ago” Justin sarcastically replied

“Don’t play that game with me Justin, ask your dumbass girlfriend what she thinks about the fangirls which believe they have a chance with you and get back to me” I managed not to snap and moved away from the fans recording the altercation and walked back to all white Mercedes to go home.


*A week later

It has been days since Justin and I have stopped talking because of his stiff and stuffy girlfriend and her insecurities between mine and Justin’s friendship so when Justin surprisingly facetimed me to tell me that he doesn’t want to lose this friendship and wanted to come over, shocked was the last word to say at the least. Finishing the last burrito in my minimalist stone marble countertops, the small ringing sounds of the doorbell played I open the door allowing Justin in and closing the door, however, the blockage of soft moisturized blue acrylic nails that belonged to ‘all so famous Asia Bitchywood’

Justin is the closest friend I have so because of that I had to let Asia I, even if she was from the pit of hell. In attempt to break off the ice I smiled at Justin which Asia followed with a sly snarl and a raised eyebrow for the classic bitch please move – She messed with the wrong one

“Sorry darling is there an issue?” I chuckled inching closer to her face and not caring that Justin was in the same room as both of us

Asia smirked knowing that with Justin here she could be the innocent looking one, “I don’t have one y/n”

“I’m sorry, have we met? Because I’m pretty sure I would’ve remembered a bitch like you.” It was too much for me not to say something to that stuck up bitch even if Justin and I are losing the friendship bond AGAIN because of her! Faced with no other option Justin grabbed my arm and pulled me into the kitchen from the hallway. It was the only time since last week that I analyzed his facial expression when he put 2 and 2 together that maybe I and Asia do not appreciate each other’s company

Justin’s face was laced with confusion and heartbreak as he whispered, “I don’t know why you’re acting like this y/n but I really like this girl and she is trying to be your friend! Why can’t you just try as much as she does?”

Raising my eyebrows I faced away from him and began walking paces away from him “I don’t like her because your so perfect girlfriend told me to stop being friends with you” It was clear that Justin was not only baffled by what I just told him but from his shaking fingers that accompanied with his head he couldn’t believe this. “You have a fucking problem” Justin sighed and rubbed his temple

“Me have a problem? It was never an issue with us when she talked about my weight and your fans that treat me better that you” I shouted and walked towards the fridge to pull out a can of coke for me, Justin and the ungrateful hoe standing in the middle of the hallway alone.

“But she never said it y/n” argued Justin

“Let’s get this over and done with because Khalil is coming over for a chill session Justin”

Justin let out an exasperated sigh and called over Asia into the kitchen to the island for all of us to be faced with each other once again, “Asia you and y/n need to figure out your beef for me ok baby?”

Asia nodded and puckered her lips for Justin to kiss making me feel like the 3rd wheel in my own house but if this bitch wants to play  like that ok “Justin maybe to patch all my so called lies up why don’t we double date me, you, Avasia and Khalil?” I asked

“Asia y/n ayyy-shhh-aaa” smirked Asia crossing her arms with a sour expression

Justin smiled at the thought of proving to you that not only is Asia worthwhile but she isn’t a hater too, “Done deal y/n I’ll text you the date on the group chat I’m out”

Waving goodbye to Justin and Asia as they left the house I closed the door and focused on Khalil to talk things over. This was going to be fun.

It’s 2010 bitch!!!

written also with @spacetaemin, @5hineesback, @choitaemins and @sabakunocasali  (and probably many others)

“Minho shoot the ball” yelled super jock Kim Jonghyun as he ran down the footballl field. Minho, baseball in hand, hit the soccer ball so hard it become a touchdown. Everyone in the audience cheered but especially Taemin, long haired bb child innocent my son,,,doesn’t know a damn thing about anything. Evry1 thinks hes a girl but rly hes just feminine and cute and clueless!

Sitting next to Taemin was his best-friend-but-also-pseudo-mother, Kim Kibum, better known as “Key Umma.”

“I did it I got a homerun!!!” Choi Minho, the coolest jock in school, yelled as he ran on the track. He locked eyes w/ his super beautiful girlfriend, Yuri. She was so hot and he wsa really heterosexual and straight. Nothing would ever change that!!!!

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Mercy Bonus Pt 1 Kol M; D. Salvatore; Reader

Song: Like I Would (Troyboi Remix) - Zayn

“Are you ready?” Damon asked behind me as I clasped the last diamond and ruby earring in my ear.

“Yeah,” I breathe. “How do I look?” I turn around, the ruby red dress flaring out around me. It was a simple dress, no glitter or jewels adorning it, but red silk. It was beautiful itself, it didn’t need anything extra for it to shine, that’s what I loved about the dress. It had a trail, but not too long, it made me feel powerful, and confident.

“You look gorgeous, come on.” Damon held out his hand, I smiled and took it. I grabbed my sliver clutch on the way out of my room, praying that this was going to be a good night.

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El Diablo X Reader

“Blow it!” Chato yelled as he was pinned down, his flames fading

“Blow it.” Deadshot told Rick, the blood drained from my face, suddenly feeling cold

Recklessly running towards Chato, my boots beating against the ground

“No!” Multiple voices chorused, Rick wore a torn look on his face

“Now GQ, now.” He muttered into his walkie talkie

“Everybody down!”

Chato briefly looked at me before turning and muttering something in Spanish to Incubus

Feet like drums setting a beat to the depressing yet heroic scene, how ironic

Villains playing the role of heroes

“(Y/N)! What are you doing?!” Flag shouted as I ran ignoring the squad’s screams

Everything else happened so fast, I can barely remember it

(h/l) clung onto my face before lunging myself towards Chato who was currently pinned down

My humanoid body shifted into my diamond one, I grasped Chato’s shoulder as he as well was turned into diamond

Slamming Incubus’s body next to Chato, effortlessly thrusting my hand through his chest pinning him down, a scream of frustration left his lips as he clawed at my arm

Grasping his shoulder just as, the explosion took place

My eyes clamped shut, as I felt our bodies thrown into the air a numbing feeling washed over me

Everything slowed down, the flames warming my core, a mother’s warmth on a winter night

My grip loosened slightly as a force threw us in various directions

Multiple debris slammed into my head, it immediately shattering due to my diamond form

Suddenly feeling drained as I saw my diamond form fade

A pained cry left my lips, just as my right leg cracked under pressure, hot pain spread like a wildfire across my body

My vision became blurred before landing forcefully onto the ground

Darkness soon welcomed me with open arms, my eyes fluttering closed

Eyes slowly fluttered open, despite the arguing that was going on up above

Crystals flew above my head, as if they were diamonds in the sky

Stars shinning on a winter night

Voices soon filled my ears, before a warm hands lifted my limp body

Opening my (e/c) orbs, I come face to face with Chato’s deep brown ones

Looking around to see the Squad, wearing tired expressions

“You scared me, Guapo~” You whispered, a small smirk on your face

A relieved breath left his lips before he walked out of the crater

“You also scared me, Chiquita”

“I’m craving tacos de birria right now, nos vamos?”

Daddy - Bucky x Reader


Hey. I loved your HATE story! Could you do bucky/reader where he has a daddy kink, and one day her parents come over to the tower to have dinner with them and the avengers, and she says “daddy pass me the salt” or smth, both bucky and her father reaches for it and its awkward as hell or smth. They try to manage it off and once her parents leave, the avengers tease both of them like hell! include pietro, sam, tchalla and basically everyone pls! THANK YOUU! **anonymous**

Note: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -Aly( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Warning: hawkward™ af situations, language, mentions of sexual stuff

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

“Bucky do you have that shirt on yet?” You holler, peeking out of the bathroom with a strand of hair clamped in a curling iron.

Bucky shuffles out of the walk-in closet holding a black tshirt and navy sweater. “Which one was it?”

You sigh, ducking back into the bathroom saying, “The navy blue with the thick bumps on the shoulder.” Bucky makes a sound of understanding and you focus your attention on placing your curled hair in it’s place and using generous amounts of hairspray. You’re working on applying the perfect lipstick to match Bucky’s sweater when said man comes in. He’s got his sweater on with a pair of dark wash jeans and some black boots. “Give me a second and I’ll do your hair,” you mumble, swiping one last coat of the liquid lipstick on. You stand back, double checking that your wings are even and that your eyeshadow is perfectly blended and that your lipstick has clean edges, before grabbing a comb.

“Why are we all so dressed up? I mean, your parents have seen you naked,” Bucky say against your chest as you comb his hair back into a nest bun.

“Babe, I was five when they gave me my first cocktail dress and diamond earrings. My parents have always been the rich snooty type.” When you’re satisfied that Bucky looks good, you tell him to stand. “Good, okay, let’s go make sure everyone else is presentable.” You pull on your formal black cocktail dress, some stockings, and black pumps before checking the time. “Shit,” you hiss, pulling Bucky out of the room and to the dining area. The whole team stands there, looking as formal and snotty as can be, and you smile.

“I hope the food is to your liking,” T'Challa says, “Clint and I may not be the best chefs but-”

“-Tony is a dipshit and let the cooks off early,” Clint interrupts and you sigh in dread before putting on a smile.

“I don’t doubt that it tastes wonderful, thank you. Okay everyone, no cussing, no sighing, no laughing loudly, no talking about weapons or fighting, and never ever bring up Netflix or sweatpants or anything that has to do with wearing less than Ralph Lauren, okay?” Everyone nods and you send Bucky to stand by Steve before turning to the elevator and pressing the button to go down.

“Miss, your parents are waiting for you at the bottom,” FRIDAY informs and you squeeze the bridge of you nose and sigh one last time.

“Thank you,” you say as you wait for the elevator doors to open. They reveal the faces of your parents, standing tall and proud. You smile, stepping forward and air kissing your mother’s cheeks and hugging your father. “Hi ma, hi dad,” you say. Despite how uptight your parents are, they’re your parents and you love them.

“Hello dear,” your father greets, his teeth shining through his perfectly manicured mustache.

“Dinner is waiting, if you’ll step in.” When the three of you get to the rest of the team, greetings are exchanged and everything is going swell. Once every body is settled at the dining table and the dishes are spread open for a help yourself serve style, things get hawkward.

Bucky and your father sit right next to each other, and you hope that they get along, but instead your parents chat with Tony and you about money and stocks, you’re kind of just spectating and throwing in a few comments while staring at Bucky and Sam and Steve whom seem to be having a good time.

You pick at the chicken, deciding it needs some salt. It’s sitting right between Bucky and your father, so you say, “Can you pass me the salt, daddy?” Bucky turns from laughing at Sam (with a lust filled smolder at the use of his kink) at the same time your father turns away from Tony and it’s then that you know you fucked up. Both your father and Bucky reach for the salt, both pausing when they see the other man’s hand. The room goes dead silent as everyone stares. “Shit.”

“Oh, uh, excuse me, sir…I-I thought she said… um, Bucky,” Bucky pulls his hand back and coughs awkwardly. “Sorry, I’ll uh…” You clear your throat, rubbing your arm.

“Uh, it’s getting late,” you say upon seeing the scandalous look on your mother’s face. It’s the look of utter disappointment. Your father just stares at you, eyes wide. You stand, “Well, it was good having you two over, visit again soon,” you rush them into the elevator. As soon as the door is closed you turn around to face the amused Avengers and blushing Bucky.

“Sooo… Daddy kink, huh?” Pietro says, earning chuckles as you sit in your seat.

“Good luck getting out of this one, big boy,” you say, glancing at Bucky before opting to stare at your plate in embarrassment.

“Uh, no no no… I thought she said Bucky and…- Yeah, whatever. I like when (your name) calls me daddy,” Bucky sighs, rubbing a hand down his face and you snort to yourself.

“Well good luck getting me to do so tonight,” you mutter, sending him a glare through your lashes.

“Oh, Daddy!” Tony says, standing up to lean close to Bucky, “Spank me harder! Oh yes, yes!” His voice is falsetto, trying to imitate you.

“Oh, daddy is going to, baby,” Sam joins in, standing up to grab Tony’s shoulders. His voice is deeper than usual, imitating Bucky. You roll you eyes, leaning back in your seat and rubbing your neck.

“Jesus Christ, guys,” you say as the other join in. T'Challa begins cracking some knock knock jokes with the daddy kink theme, Pietro zooms around Bucky repeating daddy over and over again, Sam and Tony continue their gay reenactment of how they imagine you and Bucky to have sex, Nat and Wanda smirk at you mouthing things, Clint is bent over the table and slapping his own ass, Vision is watching in wonder at how so many people can be idiots at once, and even Steve is hovering over your shoulder asking about the daddy kink. He’s morbidly curious.

“Oh, for fucksake!” Bucky stands up. “I happen to know that Nat is a dominatrix, Steve is a sub, Wanda uses her powers, T'Challa does some kinky positions, Pietro uses his speed, Clint likes it semipublic, Tony passes out before he climaxes, and Sam has a bird theme.” Everyone freezes as Bucky blurts out the list of things they like.

“How do you know?” Nat asks suspiciously.

“I’m an assassin and spy… also you guys have loud conversations with each other about it. Or are just sloppy and loud in general.”

“I gOTTA JET!” Tony dashes from the room, the others scattering before leaving. You grin once you and Bucky are alone.

“Let’s go, daddy,” you say, grabbing Bucky’s hand to lead him to your room.


Jealous - James X Reader


Requested by @duchessdaisybat

Hi, I’m requesting a James March imagine where Y/N is a ghost too and she worked with Miss Evers as a maid before she accidentally fell down the stairs and died. She and James have always had a thing for each other, but she hates that he’s so obsessed with Elizabeth that he doesn’t even treat her the way he used to and she starts spending more time with Donovan and James doesn’t like it. And you can take it from there: pretty please write this.


I still remember the day I died like it was yesterday. I don’t remember dying, I don’t remember the pain of the broken bones I suffered from my fall down the hotel stairs. I don’t even remember the period in which I went from being human to a ghost. But regardless of how I got here I along with many others now call the Hotel Cortez a permanent residence.

This hotel has been my home for close to one hundred years now since my fall in 1928 and I have loved every second of it. I used to work alongside the owners main maid but after my fall I decided to enjoy my time in the hotel and he let me step down from my job even though Hazel, his main worker, still serves him to this day despite the fact that they died around the same time I did.

James was a kind man often described as manipulative and malevolent by others but he never did wrong by me so I trusted him implicitly. After all he is my former employer and we do have to spend eternity together whether we like it or not so it’s for the best that we get along and don’t hold our dark tendencies against each other. To be honest I almost loved watching James kill. It gave me a different kind of thrill to see him take the life of another man.

“Hello Y/N, how are you on this fine day?” James asked waltzing up behind you as you were talking to Liz at the bar.

“Well I’m very good James.” I smirk turning to face him, “and yourself?”

“Better now that I’ve found you my dear.” He smiles and turns to Liz to order a drink. James and I have always been rather close and most people in the hotel assumed that it would lead to something more which it had on many occasions but his ex-wife Elizabeth was always an issue that pushed us apart. She didn’t directly forbid our relationship progressing but James had an obsession with her still and I couldn’t get past the fact that no matter how long he didn’t have her in his arms he was still fixated on her.

“So my dear what would you say about having dinner with me in my room on Thursday?” James asked suddenly snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Of course.” I blush, “I would love to.”

James smirks before walking off and I’m left once again with Liz.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” she says, “He’s still obsessed with the countess I just don’t want him to hurt you again.”

“Don’t worry about it Liz it’s just dinner, his infatuation with Elizabeth can’t possibly interfere with that could it.” I reply but I don’t even completely believe the statement myself.


Thursday came quicker than I anticipated and I eagerly got ready for the dinner James had invited me to. I put on the most elegant blue dress I own along with my favourite pair of black heals and diamond earrings. I left my room and walked down the hall until I got to James’ room which was only a few doors down from mine. I knocked on the door and waited for over a minute until it was yanked open and Ms Evers appeared on the other side.

“Hazel, may I come in?” I say stepping towards her but she moves to block my path.

“I’m afraid Mr. March is rather busy Y/N.” she says in a voice I recognize from when she’s trying to hide something from me.

“James is expecting me for dinner Hazel may I please come in?” I say more insistently and she’s about to object when James’ voice rings throughout the room.

“Whoever it is Hazel tell them to go away, come back and serve Elizabeth and I this instant.” He bellows and I look at Hazel in shock before shoving her out of the way and running into the room to see James and the countess sitting at the dinner table originally set up for James and I.

“If this is your sick idea of a game James it isn’t very funny.” I say through gritted teeth as he stares at me in horror.

“Y/N I’m so sorry dear Elizabeth wanted to move up our monthly dinner because she is getting remarried to Will Drake.” James says in his defense but I just laugh.

“She’s getting married and you still value your date with her more than you do your date with me.” I practically scream.

“Can’t we just reschedule dearest?” James starts but I cut him off.

“No, no more rescheduling, no more games. If you don’t wanna be in a relationship with me then just stop playing games okay? I’m done with your shit James.” I say and turn to leave slamming the door behind me.

I walk slowly down the hallway half expecting James to chase me down, but he doesn’t. When I get to the elevator I break down into tears before punching the button of the first floor. It hurt more that he didn’t come running after me than it did that he blew me off for an engaged woman that doesn’t even love him.

I walk sobbing and wiping my tears to the bar and I’m met by Liz who immediately walks around the bar and engulfs me in a tight hug.

“He blew me off for Elizabeth.” I sob as she just strokes my hair until I start to calm down and then she sits me down on a bar stool and returns to the other side of the bar so she can lean over it to talk to me. Liz has become the most comforting and important person in my life since she first came to the Cortez. We could tell each other anything and it became my greatest joy to talk to her so she was the only person that could make me see straight in this situation.

We talked forever until I stopped crying and I had a few drinks and that’s when someone else walked stumbling into the bar and sat directly beside me. He ordered a scotch and that’s when I recognized his voice and turned slightly to see Donovan looking just as sad as me.

“Why so gloomy?” I say sniffling slightly. He turns my way and sighs before speaking.

“I just found out Elizabeth is marrying Will Drake,” he says sighing again, “What have you been crying about?”

“James blew me off for Elizabeth because she is getting married.” I say tears returning to my eyes, “I guess we both mixed with the same wrong crowd.

“I guess so.” He chuckles sarcastically before downing his scotch in one go as I take sips of my drink.

Before long we are both engulfed in partially drunken conversation about anything and everything in our messed up relationships and it honestly felt so good to open up to someone who understood the pain I was feeling.

“It’s been a hundred years of the same thing with James and when I told him I wasn’t putting up with it anymore he just sat there.” I say as I let a tear slip down my cheek. Donovan reaches out a hand to wipe it away and I look up so I’m properly looking into his eyes.

“The countess changed my life and then she just threw me away like I meant nothing to her.” He says looking directly into my eyes for the first time. “I would never hurt you the way that James did because I know how that feels, to never end up with the person you love.”

Slowly he leans closer and stops just as our noses are touching, “I would never hurt you like that.” He says again and that’s when I close the gap between us. Our lips move in perfect sync as he brings a hand to my waist pulling me closer as we both fight for the passion we’ve been wanting for so long, finally finding it in each other.

Before I register what’s happening we’ve left the bar and Donovan slams me against the wall of the elevator as he pushes the floor of my room before resuming kissing me. His hands find their way to my waist and he lifts my legs around his waist and proceeds to carry me down the hallway once we reach my floor. Just as he fumbles the key to unlock the door I hear a door open down the hallway and spot James and Elizabeth walk out of his room and stare at us in shock. I give James a wink before the door opens and Donovan walks us inside.

As soon as we walk in Donovan slams the door and throws me on the bed and that’s when I stop him.

“You know neither of us actually want this.” I say and he nods agreeing and sitting beside me on the bed.

“I miss her so bad.” He says and I wrap my hand in his.

“It’s gonna be okay, “I say soothingly, “But their decisions can’t make us become reckless okay? We need to be here for each other.”

“I think we’ll be good friends.” He smiles with tears welling up in his eyes as I lay down on the bed expecting him to leave but he doesn’t. Instead he crawls up beside me and strokes my hair, “I think we could both do with some company right now.” He says and we both fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.


The next morning I wake up with Donovan’s arm wrapped securely around me and know that I made the right decision the night before. He slowly wakes up and smiles down at me as soon as he opens his eyes.

“I think I drank too much last night.” I groan reaching blindly for the glass of water I always order from Liz every night but realize that in my drunken haze I forgot to ask for it.

“We should go get breakfast, it might help with the hangover.” Donovan smiles and I get changed out of the constricting dress I somehow slept in all night into some jean shorts and a t shirt and we walk hand in hand down to the bar where Liz greets us.

“Boy have I heard about you two.” She says sauntering over to us, “James and Elizabeth came down here ranting about the fiasco you two pulled on them last night.”

“They saw us walk into a room id hardly call it a fiasco.” Donovan says downing a glass of water like it’s the last drink he’ll ever have.

“Well from what they’re saying it sounds like you two had a fun night.” She smirks and I sigh. If Liz heard about it I can only imagine how many people we are going to have to explain ourselves to.

“Nothing happened Liz, I swear.” I say and she looks directly into my eyes, nodding when she knows I’m telling the truth, “I believe you but I’m not sure she’ll be so forgiving.” She says not even looking up and gesturing in the direction of someone behind us.

We turn to see Elizabeth standing not too far behind us waving gesturing for Donovan to come over.

“Good luck.” I say and he smiles and gives me a quick hug before walking off in her direction and they both walk a little bit away from the bar.

“Since when did you two become friends?” Liz asks and I shake my head.

“I don’t even know, it just happened.” I say and she smiles, “It was good to have someone who understood me to talk to.”

“Since when do I not understand you?” I hear a familiar voice behind me as I see Liz’s smile drop and she turns around pretending to be busy but not before giving me an encouraging smile.

“I said I’m done talking James.” I say bluntly without even turning around.

“Who said I’m done talking, Y/N?” he says moving to stand directly behind me, “You don’t just pull stunts like you did last night.”

“Oh, you of all people want to talk about morals?” I scoff, “remind me of who you were with when you promised me a date?”

“It was a mistake, she was getting remarried you know about our monthly dinners.” He says but I just laugh at him.

“Save it James. I’m done waiting for you.” I snap and go to walk away but he grips my arm tightly and yanks me back towards him.

“Get your hands off her!” Donovan yells across the room as he stomps towards us.

“Who are you to say that? She belongs to me or did you forget that last night?” James says talking to me just as much as he was Donovan.

“I’m okay I promise.” I say to him and he nods warily before walking away.

James literally yanks me toward the elevator and I see Liz go to object but I give her a grim smile that tells her that I’ll be fine and she backs off as James shoves me inside the lift.

“James I…” I start but he cuts me off.

“We’ll talk when we get to my room.” He answers bluntly and I decide it’s not the right time to test him so I keep silent the entire way to his room. As soon as we step inside he slams the door and forces me to sit down on a chair at the dining table.

“Do you want to tell me what you were doing with Donovan last night?” he asks angrily.

“Nothing happened James I swear. We were drunk and we fell asleep that’s all that happened I promise.” I say begging for his forgiveness.

“It didn’t look like nothing from what I saw.” He says coldly and I realize how much I must have hurt him.

“I couldn’t go through with it. I thought about you and I just couldn’t do it.” I say grabbing his hand to really get his attention, “You have to believe me I didn’t do anything.”

“I believe you.” He says suddenly and I snap my head upwards to face him in shock.

“Really?” I ask with tears welling up in my eyes and he nods his head.

“I trust you. I love you.” He says so quietly I’m not even completely sure that I’ve heard it.

“I love you too James I never thought I’d hear you say it back.” I say quietly and he kneels down so our faces are at the same height as his eyes grow darker than I’ve ever seen them.

“You’re mine Y/N do you understand that. Don’t you ever forget that again. I can’t even begin to explain how enraged I felt to see you with another man.” He grits his teeth angrily and grips my hands tightly.

“That’s called jealousy James.” I laugh and he grows even angrier.

“I am not the type of person to become intimidated by another man.” He demands but I just laugh at him.

“Really? Because what you’re describing sounds a lot like jealousy.” I laugh again wrapping my arms around his neck and he smirks pressing his lips to mine and I smile into the kiss.

“How could I be jealous when the girl I love has always been mine?” He smirks pressing his lips to mine once more. “I’m… not… jealous.”

“I’m not sure I believe you Mr. March.” I whisper and he looks up at me smirking, “Maybe you should prove it to me.”

James reconnects his lips to mine as I happily lean into him. This is the first day of a relationship I’ve waited over one hundred years for and I couldn’t be happier to finally spend forever with the man I love.


This is by far the longest post I’ve written but it is one of my favourite things that I’ve written. Thank you so much to the person who requested this it was so much fun to write and I hope you guys enjoy reading it.


Imagine being Bella’s older sister, and you and Carlisle fall in love - Part 2.

Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Carlisle x Reader (OC name, feel free to change it in your mind)
Warning: CURSING! Fluffy awkwardness! Overprotective Charlie!

Less than six months later, I am pulling up the Cullen’s driveway once more, running a bit late as I climb out, racing up the front stairs, where Rosalie throws the door open, pulling me inside as the scent of orange blossoms, lilacs, freesia, and roses envelope me as we hurry up the stairs. “She’s here!” Rosalie calls as Alice looks up from doing Bella’s makeup.

“Finally! You’re late!” Alice scolds, though she’s definitely playing as she shoots me a wink. “Go take a shower. Rosalie will get you towels and a robe.” I nod, hurrying into the bathroom. I strip off my tank top and sweatpants from the flight, climbing in the steaming hot shower,where I wash my body, then shampoo and condition my hair, before climbing out in record time. I dry off, before slipping on my bra and underwear, wrapping the robe around me, tying the sash as I walk out, Rosalie is in a stunning purple dress, her hair is pinned and curled down one side of her head, and she has a light layer of makeup on, she gestures to the chair beside Bella’s, where I sit as she sets to work, doing my hair is an intricate pattern, before she does a beautiful job on my makeup, before I stand off to the side, observing my sister.

“Did you find our daughters?” I hear my mother’s voice, surprising me.

“Are those… graduation caps?” I hear dad ask, causing me to giggle into my hand.

“Huh! What a fun idea!” Mom says. “Bella? Emma?”

“In here, mom!” Bella and I call in unison, she steps inside the room, her eyes instantly welling at the sight of Bella.

“Oh, honey you look beautiful!” Renee turns to the door. “Charlie? Charlie come look!” She turns as Alice provides a hanky, dad enters the room, looking dapper in his suit.

“Wow.” Dad looks at me, and smirks.

“I know. I look hot.” Everyone laughs.

“We got you a little something, for this day. Charlie?” Mom holds out her hand, causing dad to hurry, and lay a velvet box in it, which mom opens before Bella as I press off the wall, looking at the gift. It’s a hair comb, with blue sapphires along the ends of each tooth. “This was your great grandma Swan’s, your dad and I got the sapphires added. We just thought it could be your something blue.”

“And something old, besides your mother.” Dad says, earning a smack from both mom and I. Alice steps up, slipping the comb into Bella’s hair, perfectly.

“We have something from great grandma Swan, for you too.” Mom says. “You get it on your wedding day.” I nod, causing mom to laugh, hugging me. “It’s great to see you.”

“You too, mom.” I murmur.

“So, who wants to see the dress?” Alice chirps, Charlie steps out as Rosalie and Alice help Bella with the dress, over her head, before doing the lines of pearls buttons up her back. “Okay, so you have something old, something blue,” Alice beams. “your dress is something new, so here.” She flicks something at Bella, who automatically catches it, turning red at the garter in her hands. “There’s your something borrowed. That’s mine, I want it back.”

“And here,” I reach into my jeans on the bed, pulling out an very old penny. “here’s a penny for your shoe.” Bella stares at it, before Alice tucks it into the heel, which she slips onto Bella’s feet.

“Renee, will you get the bouquets. Rosalie, help Emma into her dress.” Rosalie grabs a dress bag from the closet, walking over to me as mom rushes out, and I watch in amusement as Bella toughters as Alice hooks the garter around Bella’s thigh. Rosalie slips the dress over my head, after removing my robe, just as Alice pops back up, the dress is the same purple as Alice and Rosalie’s, it’s a dress that ties up around the neck, laces that cross up the back, the top is smooth, tight until my waist where is billows out a bit, and has a sweetheart neckline. Alice steps up, clipping a golden locket around my neck, before I slip on my purple heels, and Rosalie slides a diamond pin into place in my hair. It’s after the wedding, during the reception, that I slip away from the hustle and bustle, my feet sore from the dancing, I make my way around the front of the house, where I lean against the banister of the porch, sighing.

A hand appears out of nowhere, a champagne flute in it, the bubbling copper liquid looks oddly tempting as I take the glass, looking up to find none other than Carlisle standing beside me, a gentle smile on his face, his hair is slicked back, styled in a way oddly fitting for his face, his tux is crisp, without a single wrinkle within it, his tie is the only thing that is the slightest bit off for him, causing me to smile, shaking my head as I set the glass on the banister, stepping up to grasp his tie. “You and Charlie both, is it a man thing? Even vampires.” I taunt as I straighten his tie, slipping the triangle up to tighten it as Carlisle looks slightly embarrassed.

“Was it like that throughout the entire wedding? How embarrassing.” He says as I drop one hand, using the other to smooth the silk white material down, before I turn to the banister, going to step back with my hand dropping, only for my head to whip around as he grasps my hand in his, he looks enamored as he reaches out, capturing a dark brown ringlet between two fingers, he twists it before tucking it behind my ear, finger lingering on the diamond pin in my hair, and I can feel heat burning my cheeks as he lets go of my hand, allowing me to return to my place against the banister, where I sip on my champagne. It’s a bad habit, not really something that I should encourage, but being in tokyo, where we have saki with every meal, I decide that it’s not going to kill me to have few sips of champagne. “Needed another escape?”

“Dad seems to think, if he keeps me occupied with dancing, that none of Bella’s friends will care to cut in, or ask for a dance.” I explain. “Or, he’s hoping to keep me occupied until Jacob’s friends show, and play matchmaker with them. It would not be the first time.” I explain, he is now leaning against the banister, though I do not miss the chunk of wood the suddenly splinters under his hand, crumbling away from the banister. Deciding against bringing it up, I turn to look in his honeycomb eyes, my sky blue eyes are sweeping over each of his features, studying them quickly. “What about you?” I suddenly ask, dropping my gaze to clear my throat, taking another deep sip from the crystal glass in my hand. “Needed an escape, as well?”
“Hardly, even though it is a party, weddings are more of a symbol of a beautiful union between two people, and I do enjoy them. Though,” He seems to pause, glancing back at all the couples and pairs dancing. “Alice does seem to have gone all out, this time. I wonder why.”

“You do not think she’d do so for anyone else’s wedding?” I ask, suddenly curious.

“I’m not sure.” He hums.

“Not even your own, give the chance?” I ask, causing him to frown, brow furrowing as he looks at me.

“The chance has not come, nor will it, I believe.” He states.

“You have yet to find your mate.” It’s not a question, much to my surprise.

“No, I have.” He glances out at the woods, his furrow seeming to deepen, I cannot help but reach out a hand, resting it on his elbow, causing his head to snap over to me.

“Carlisle, you are my friend. What is troubling you?” I ask softly.

“It is… a complication.” He answers, vaguely, causing me to frown as I withdraw my hand, he reaches out to it, grasping it in his. “My mate,” He says the word with a surprising amount of sadness. “I have not told her that she is such, I fear she will not reciprocate. It’s merely that.”

“Oh, my friend.” I frown, setting my glass of champagne on the banister, wrapping him in a hug, causing him to freeze under my touch, the both of us are rather surprised by my move, but he wraps his arms around my waist.

“I know you’ve been dancing all night, but would you mind dancing with me?” He suddenly asks.

“Can we stay over here?”I ask him, he nods, causing me to beam as I kick my heels off, becoming considerably smaller without the two extra inches, making his 6’ 2” sizes that much bigger compared to my 5’ 4” size, so the top of my head ends just under his chin, my arms rest around his neck, while his arms are around my middle, causing me to blush as I look up at him. “Sorry, I’m so tiny.” This causes him to chuckle, a low throaty sound in his chest, which then changes into a full blown, head thrown back, roaring laugh, causing me to flush enough to where my ears are burning.

“You are the perfect size.” He says, once he’s calmed down, causing me to give him a wide grin.

“Good.” I breath out, the music that flows from the backyard changes from a swift pulsating beat, to a slower, almost heartbreakingly beautiful song, causing him to nod firmly, he turns us in a circle, starting the dance in a much less awkward circle, than the one that Charlie had us moving in, Carlisle seems to know how much of a lack of balance my family is known for. My head rests on his chest as I hum softly along with music, it’s oddly relaxing to be in his arms, but I keep a reminder in the corner of my mind, that I am not his mate, that his love is given to someone, I have to keep telling myself, not to fall for him, no matter how much it hurts.

“Are you serious?!” Someone yells. “Both of you?!” I spin around to find Jacob standing at the foot of the stairs, a scowl on his face as I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, a feeling of embarrassment makes itself known to me, in my chest. “Emma, they’re not even human!” Jacob hisses.

“I… They are more human, Jacob Black, than you at this point!” I hiss, slipping my heels on, and stalking over to him. “It’s not as those I’m his mate, I’m his friend! He’s upset, I am trying to make him feel better, that’s what friends do! That’s something you did at one point, instead of making your best friend cry.” He flinches, visibly, at my words, before I huff the same stray lock of hair from my face, turning back to the house, where I stalk up the stairs, snatching up the crystal glass on the balcony, I toss my head back, drinking the smooth champagne in one go, causing Carlisle to freeze. “I need more champagne.” I growl, starting back toward the party. I know this was a mistake, drinking, but at this point, I don’t, honestly, care.


            He Actually Snapped At Me / 5K For My Time

My titties were sitting up just as high as my 4b natural curly ponytail. I looked fuckable and I knew it. Ocassional car honks drove by tried catching my attention, but wasn’t phasing me. I knew who I was waiting for. I held tightly on to my overly stuffed overnight bags that carryed the esstiaenls that helped me look this good. I knew when that Saudi Arabian man pulled up I was going to look even better than our first encounter. Be perfect all the time! This isn’t my boyfriend, this is my job!

I wasn’t expecting him to pull up in a Bentley. I’m your stereotypical woman who could care less about understanding cars, so the model and year didn’t register. If its shiny, looks new and rare thats enough. That fancy dinner we had before & $500 unexpected compensation was nothing compared to right now. His whole presences erased all doubts I had about the thought of him scamming me out of the 5k he proposed for a 3day treat with me.

The passenger side window rolled down and his hand taunted me into enter. I gave one look back at the row/townhouse I shared with my twin in hopes that Latoya was looking back at me. Her goodbye was nowhere to be seen. Nevermind her, time to get to work. I entered the Bentley arching my back letting my breast take the lead and smiling from ear to ear. I was ready to stroke his ego for the 2 hour drive to New York.

Ahmed’s eyes studied my body as soon as I sat beside him. He was liking this outfit for sure. His eyes told me so.  All I could think was: Mission Accomplished

I fucked up already! I thought this was going to be an easy 2 hours. Smile, laugh at his jokes, make him feel good and be willing to listen to him talk about work. That’s what these older men want right? To be reminded of their youth. I thought snapping a few photos along the ride of him was going to put him back into the world of todays generation. Plus, I wanted some photos of him for my blog. Soon as my phones flash went off he quickly covered his face and became very stern with me. Reminding me how privacy is key in this arrangement. Photos of him & any documentation of this arrangement online would result in him putting a complete stop to everything. Strictly, Ahmed then demanded me to delete the photo. I secretly didn’t, I just moved the photo to a new folder. Sugar arrangements are private & looked down upon and I would hate to ruin his career. However, Its not like he’s going to ever see my blog anyway!

It was awakward for a few mintues after that discussion. I just seen first signs of how demanding and dominant he was. Things lightened up a bit when he told me to open up the glove box department underneathe the dashboard. I wanted to be all hype as soon as I saw that blue Tiffany gift bag which contained Diamond Earrings and my money compensation. I just gave him a smile and said “Thanks Daddy”. His mood changed from worse to better when I said that D-Word (daddy). He liked that shit. Being incontrol. 

If I all I have to do is say the D-word and flaunt some titties to stroke his ego and get paid I’m going to be singing that shit for the rest of this car ride. Shameless!

The Other Side

Title:  The Other Side

Athlete: Brendan Gallagher

Word Count: 2,201

Requested: Yes

Request: Can you do a Brendan Gallagher Imagine?

Authors Note:  I went a little different than my normal stories on this, not quite sure how it turned out.  Hope you enjoy reading.

Your name: submit What is this?

Half-heartedly wiping the tears streaking down your cheeks you headed back to the closet.  You had brought this on yourself but it hurt more than you expected it to.  Maybe it was from watching the smile disappear from his face while you spoke or it could have been you turning your back on his pleas, but you hadn’t expected the pain in your chest to appear. 

There was so much more you needed to pack than you had expected.  You truly had made a home here with Brendan, but something just didn’t feel right anymore.  Sniffling you wiped your nose on your sleeve while trying to reach the top shelf holding more of your clothing.

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anonymous asked:

@sugar daddy au RIP ME oh my god but like also could you do the reverse? (at your own time!!!!!) i like seeing your take on the more "cliche" tropes bc somehow they come out differently and i am living. saranghae~

anonymous asked: more sugar daddy au T^T (I combined these two)

Oh god, this is going to be so cliché and I feel bad, I really hope that I didn’t butcher this :(  Jikook sugar daddy au~ 

+ Jungkook has been wealthy from the get-go, and having a hefty trust fund to back him up only made his net worth skyrocket

+ Park Jimin had been Jungkook’s great friend since middle school, but the in the past years, he’s had to watch the older boy suffer being with another man that didn’t treat him right

+ It infuriates Jungkook because he believes that Jimin deserves everything good in the world. All he wants to do is pamper him with gifts, wine, and diamonds.

+ Even though they had been close friends for a while, Jimin always refused Jungkook’s generous offers and always paid for himself. He didn’t mooch off of him.

+ When Jimin and his boyfriend have a nasty break up, Jungkook is there to console him through it. Jimin crying into his shoulder’s at night, and Jungkook was always their to wipe his tears with an Armani handkerchief

+ Jimin had been kicked out of their shared house and Jungkook let him stay with him until he got back on his feet. “Jungkook, I promise it will just be until I can get back on my feet.” Jungkook caresses his cheek. “Hyung, you could stay here forever and I wouldn’t mind”

+ After a week of sadness, in a moment of anger towards Jimin’s ex, it slips out: “Hyung, let me be the one to take care of you.” Jimin stares at him in shock.

+ It starts as a casual thing, Jimin now lived with Jungkook. On the first day, Jungkook takes Jimin out to buy him an entire new wardrobe. Jimin nearly has a panic attack when he sees the receipt

+ Slowly, Jimin’s cheap quartz earrings were being replaced by fine diamonds without him realizing it. “J-Jungkook, did you swap out my earrings?!”  Jungkook smiles smugly, “Yes, they’re diamonds. Do you like it?” Jimin chokes on his spit. “Diamonds?”

+ Jungkook leaves kisses on Jimin’s cheeks and forehead now more than ever, leaving Jimin wondering if this was more than a friendship anymore.

+ They go out to fancy dinners at least twice a week even though Jimin insists that ramen will suffice

+ Jimin can’t sleep well in Jungkook’s house unless it’s in his arms

+ Jungkook always buys Jimin a new suit any time they go to fancy dinner parties. Jimin is astonished that Jungkook knows his suit size like the back of his hand now. He loves seeing Jimin come out of the bedroom clad in the threads that his money bought.

+ Jungkook’s favorite part of the dinner parties was to be able to wrap his arm around Jimin’s waist, marking what’s his—or what he wanted to be his. And when they are sitting down he always is quick to snatch Jimin’s soft hand into his own.

+ People often ask if Jimin is his fiancé. Smiling, he always looks over at Jimin—who’s animatedly discussing with other party guests—and responds with a simple: “Maybe one day.”

+ Jimin starts to get less and less confident, not believing that what they had was love. And he even confronts Jungkook about it one day.

+ “Jungkook—we aren’t even together, this isn’t right. Maybe it would be best if I just were to move out, and stop all this while we can. Find yourself a nice husband or wife—” 

+ Jungkook is quick to shut him up. “Don’t you dare say that Park Jimin. You’re crazy not to see that all these years, you’ve been the love of my life. And I guess this deal was some pathetic attempt to live out my fantasy…”

+ Jimin was in shock. But that didn’t stop him from pulling Jungkook down into a kiss that made the younger see stars. Finally

If Jimin thought he was pampered then, he had another thing coming. Now that they were officially together, Jungkook showers him with the best riches he could give him—his love

+ And they may or may not have made love surrounded by $100 bills on Jungkook’s king size bed

Choose - Weasley Twins Imagine


Hey can you please do one where Fred and George are leaving secret gifts and notes asking you to the Yule ball and they’re both trying to win you over? You can decide who she picks

•(Sorry but I’m a sucker for both of them!)

~(Y/n)’s POV~

Why?! Why did the two hottest boys in the entire school have to pick me?! I’m flattered and all but really there’s about more than a hundred girls in this school and they picked me! My whole world came crashing down once Dumbledore announced that an event called, The Yule Ball, will be held here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ever since that announcement, war has been declared by both of the infamous Weasley Twins, Fred and George. They were the schools pranksters, known for their mischief and handsomeness. Girls, would literally throw themselves at them to get attention or flirt obliviously. I became friends with the twins just last year when I just met Hermione, she was helping me on my potions essays in the library one day then, two gingers came into the library looking for something “Hermione! There you are! We’ve been looking for you, Ron and Harry need you!” One of them said quickly “oh no. (Y/n), I have to go I’m so sorry” she apologized “No worries Hermione. Thank you.” I assured her, She just nodded before standing and leaving me in the library with the two gingers. “I don’t think we’ve met before. My name is George Weasley” One said holding his hand out, a smirk playing on his lips. I grabbed his hand and shook it lightly “I’ve seen you around the school before I’m sure, I think we have transfiguration together, but my names (Y/n) (Y/l/n)” I said softly “We do? I’m surprised I don’t remember a beautiful face like yours” he smirked.

Heat rises in my cheeks “Oh don’t let him play with you, he’s a big flirt” the other one said, I laughed. “My names Fred” he declared shaking my hand “well, nice to meet you Fred” I said giving him a smile in which he returned. Since then we’ve been close friends, pulling pranks on filch, putting little bombs inside Professor Snape’s office, and hanging around the corridors after hours. It’s been all fun and games until now, I don’t know what to do. I like both of them I can’t choose just one of them. “Hey gorgeous” I heard a voice whisper as I felt an arm wrap firmly around my waist, I turned my head to see Fred smirking down at me. I was currently in the Gryffindor common room working on my transfiguration homework until this happened. “Oh hi Fred” I mumbled, I meant to be louder but with the twins around they make me feel all flustered and small. “So, do you have a date to the Yule Ball this Friday?” Fred asked casually but I can hear a hint of nervousness in his voice. “Um… No” I mumbled “Well maybe we can-” Fred started but was cut off when something leaped onto the couch and wrapped an arm tightly around my shoulders. “Hey guys! What are we talking about?” George said suspiciously giving a death glare to Fred. “I was just asking (Y/n) a question” Fred mumbled “Oh, that reminds me! (Y/n) would you like to go to-” George didn’t finish because Fred cut him off “George! I was gonna ask her first!” Fred yelled standing up, “well, you were taking forever so I thought I should!” George yelled also standing up from the couch.

‘This is ridiculous’ I thought. I stood up from the couch “Excuse me” I mumbled before running upstairs and slamming my door shut. “Boys!” I screamed before burying my head in a pillow. The next morning, I woke up a little positive hoping that the boys attitude would change after yesterday fight but of course I was Wrong! They were very touchy during breakfast in the Great Hall, it made me uncomfortable with both of them. I left quickly and came to my first period class, Transfiguration, I was looking through a few notes but stopped when a bright red rose caught my attention. Inside of the Rose were a pair of diamond earrings and a note, my eyes widened. Jesus these earrings look like they cost a freaking fortune. I slowly opened the note and read what it said
'Hey (Y/n)! Sorry about this morning, by the looks of your face you were uncomfortable. I’m really sorry! But I was just wondering if maybe you would like to go to the Yule Ball with me this Friday?’ ~ George Weasley
My eyes widened even more, I didn’t want to look up because I knew if I did George would be looking at me and that would mean I would have to give him an answer. So I just crumble the paper and put it in my pocket. Now, after Transfiguration I walk back to my room to grab my potions book because I accidentally left it on my bed this morning. Once I enter my room, I gasp loudly. My whole room is filled with glass vases full of flowers, Roses, Lilies, Daisies, and Orchids fill the enter room. I walk towards my bed and pull back the curtains but once I do that, a swarm of white butterflies fly off of my bed. Fluttering beautifully around the room, I turn back to my bed and see a note on my potions book.

I picked up the note and open it.
'I hope you liked my present but I did all this to show you how much I like you. But it would mean the whole world to me if you were my date to the Yule Ball so, will you go to the ball with me?’ ~ Fred Weasley
I felt dizzy now, oh how these boys drive me insane. I like both of them, it would hurt me to only choose one and to know that the other one is heart broken. I slowly grabbed my potions book and made my way to the Dungeons, just wishing with all my heart that I can have a sign as to which one to choose or I will truly be in deep trouble.

~A Few Days Later~

Tomorrow is the Yule Ball and I still haven’t chosen! It’s driving me crazy! I can’t choose one, the boys leaving me gifts and little notes everywhere are making it more difficult than it is. The flowers, the jewelry, and the little surprises are making me more drawn to them. I knew I had to choose today or its nothing but the boys thought I wasn’t choosing fast enough. So, they thought it would be a “good idea” if they grabbed me by the waist and the legs and hauled me into an empty classroom. I sometimes don’t understand what’s going on in there brains, but really! “Did you really have to do that?” I sighed crossing my arms. “Yes” they said at the same time, “You still haven’t chosen one of us” Fred exclaimed. At those words, I remember that I have to choose, make one happy and make one sad. I slowly put my hands in my lap and squeezed them tightly together. “Choose” George stated “What?” I asked being brought back from my thoughts “choose, me or him” Fred added. I shook my head rapidly, “I-I can’t choose” I stuttered out “it’s easy, just say my name” George smirked “shut up George! Let her choose.” Fred said angrily keeping his eyes on me “I….I” I said quietly “choose both of you” I mumbled “what?” They said together crushing down in front of me “I choose both of you” I said a little louder. I watched them as they looked at each other then looked back at me “Are you sure?” They both asked. I nodded my head, they both smiled widely at me and kissed me on the cheek. “It may be hard in the beginning,” Fred started “but we can work it out if we’re together” George finished. I slipped out of the chair and wrapped both of my arms around their necks softly. I kissed both of them on the lips softly then buried my head on top of their shoulders. “I love you guys, you know that right?” I smiled “Yeah, we know” George chuckled “I knew we were irresistible” Fred smirked.


A drabble: Draco Malfoy, Harry potter

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Draco malfoy draft 5

Sure! :)

#5 : “Quick! Pretend that we’re dating”

When my now to be ex left me for some other girl, I was devastated. I couldn’t understand why he did that, was I not good enough? I had all those thoughts going on my head, and I was so sad all the time. But as a Slytherin, I kept it all inside at least for the public. But when I was with my friends, Pansy, Draco and Blaise,  I could speak about it and they helped me. After a week, I started to get more angry than sad. Who the hell he think he is?

I thought about different kinds of revenges, but after awhile, I decided that I wouldn’t do anything, because he wasn’t worth it. But I did try to make some special effort on my appearance, to let him see what he gave up, and will never get again. It did still however hurt me to think about, but I started to feel better.

Well, until one of my friend decided to throw a party, and as she was friends with me and with my ex, she invited both of us. I didn’t want to go, but Pansy pleaded me to come with her, and I didn’t have a heart to not go, as she didn’t really have other girlfriends. Almost all the others in the Hogwarts hated my friends, but that is because they didn’t know the real them. And Draco was something more than a friend to me, but I thought that he wasn’t interested of me like that, so I never did a move on him, fearing that it may ruin our friendship. So I had decided to move on with my life and gotten together with my now-to-be ex. But that little crush still however still was there, on the background.

A few hours before the party, I started to get through my wardrobe, and after a while, I decided to wear my new dress. It was a black glitter dress, and cut quite simply. I put on also black high heels and big diamond earrings. I put my (Y/H/C) hair nicely, and did my make up. Then I went to look for Pansy. She was sitting in the Slytherin common room, and talking with Blaise and Draco. They all looked nice too. I saw that Draco looked at me a bit longer than usual, and when he saw that I looked at him, we both turned our heads, and blushed. Pansy and Blaise looked at each others knowingly. “Alright, let’s get going”, Pansy said happily, and grabbed my hand, and got me moving towards the door and the party.

After a while in the party, I got annoyed and tired of the loud noise, so I just went to sit on the one of the chairs next to a wall, until I saw that my ex arrived. And not alone. I don’t know what went in me, but I rose from my seat, and walked to Draco, who was just standing and looking bored. I grabbed his hand, and turned him to face me.  “Quick! Pretend that we’re dating”, I whispered to him. He looked at me weirdly, and I subtly nodded towards my ex, and he realised what was going on. “So you want to make him jealous?”, he asked me smirking. I nodded with mischievous smile. “Okay”, he said and stepped a bit closer. “Let’s just talk, and look like you don’t even know that he is in the same room, okay?”, he said smiling. I nodded and returned the smile.

He told me some terrible stories and jokes and I laughed to them, and it was not all just pretend. I really liked talking to him. He came closer all the time, and we talked more quietly, and he sometimes touched, my arm, or hair, and I felt like I would die because my heart beated so fast.

Then I looked subtly to where my ex was, and I saw that he looked at me angrily, then grabbed that other girl, and kissed him, right there and then, knowing that I would see it. I quickly looked away, and I knew that Draco had also seen it. He didn’t say anything for a while. “You still care about him?”, he asked quietly. “No, I don’t care about him. I just still don’t understand that why he did it to me. He treated me like I wasn’t good enough to him. I guess I wasn’t” , I laughed bitterly. “Hey listen to me, you are the most beautiful girl here is, and you are so smart, and funny. He couldn’t possibly have found better girl, because there isn’t!”, he said quickly and sternly. I looked at him with amazed eyes, and then he realised what he had just said. “You think so?”, I asked quietly, with a small smile. “Well,..yes”, he said embarrassed.

I couldn’t hold back anymore, and I just grabbed his face, and kissed him. He kissed me back almost immediately, and held my head with his hands. After a while, we broke, to breath, and he just looked me in the eyes. “God, I have wanted to do that so long”, I said laughing. “Yeah, me too”, he said smiling.  And I didn’t even bother to look at my ex anymore.