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11.07-carat Fancy Dark Grey diamond ring

- Moussaieff is an exclusive high jewellery emporium run by Alisa Moussaieff, granddaughter of the founder
- Rare and unique Natural Fancy Dark Grey VVS1 diamond
- Emerald cut and weighing 11.07 carats
- Central stone flanked by two FVVS2 emerald-cut diamonds
- Set in platinum


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All Females, All Male Protagonists, All Male Rivals + Emerald

Scanned from the “Colorful Collection” artbook doujinshi that was sold at COLORS 2016 Event. Please credit/source to this page if posted elsewhere.

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I remember seeing people say Blue Diamond’s design is based off Hindu mythology which I thought was really cool until I thought about it. Because in this alternate earth Blue Diamond was there about 5K years ago where as if I remember correctly Hinduism began roughly 4K years ago. So did Blue Diamond inspire that culture? I wonder what other gems of history inspired the mythology and religions of the gem earth’s timeline.

- anonymous

spookyanchorlover  asked:

Hi! Could you tell us about or show us the oldest tiara still in use in the royal collections? Thank you.

Ok, I’m going to try my best to identify the oldest tiara still in use by each of the current European royal families but some of these are just my best guess because we don’t always know when a tiara was created.  Here we go…

Belgium - circa 1925 - Queen Elisabeth of Belgium’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara

Denmark - circa 1804 - Queen Désirée of Sweden’s Ruby Parure Tiara (though the original set of hair ornaments weren’t turned into a tiara until much later)

Liechtenstein - circa 1870 - Kinsky Honeysuckle Tiara

Luxembourg - early 1800s - Luxembourg Empire Tiara

Monaco - 1949 - Princess Charlotte’s Pearl Drop Tiara

Netherlands - 1881 - Queen Emma of the Netherlands’s Sapphire Parure Tiara

Norway - early 1800s - Duchess of Leuchtenberg’s Emerald Parure Tiara

Spain - 1867 - Infanta Isabella of Spain’s Shell Tiara

Sweden - circa 1806 - Duchess of Leuchtenberg’s Sapphire Parure Tiara

United Kingdom - 1820 - King George IV of the United Kingdom’s Diamond Diadem

The Signs and their Gemstones

ARIES - Diamond

These will enhance your ability to cut through clutter and see facts clearly. Diamonds also enhance luck in wealth for Aries personalities.

TAURUS - Emerald

Opens up creativity and a feeling of connection. Also a protective stone for Taureans, as well as boosts self-esteem. 

GEMINI - Pearl

Perfect to keep with you when you’re contemplating decisions as it helps strengthen inner wisdom.

CANCER - Moonstone

Soothes moodiness. Wear when you’re feeling out of sorts as it helps with clarity. Also great to wear while doing for intuitive work.

LEO - Ruby

Enhances the warmth and generosity inherent to your nature. Wear during social events when your intent is to experience harmonious communication.

VIRGO - Sapphire

Wear when you need to escape from the every day. This stone lifts moods, and enhances dreams for Virgos.

LIBRA - Opal

Sparks the fire within your creative self. Wear when you need inspiration.


Fabulous stone for getting in touch with your latent psychic abilities. Perfect for shadow work.


A great stone to help keep you mellow. Wear in the evenings during dinner parties for the perfect harmonic mood amongst guests.


Offers a light confidence and lifts some of the seriousness of your disposition. Also a great stone for attracting health and social warmth.

AQUARIUS - Amethyst

Enhances an amicable mood, and assists in communicating with love and clarity.

PISCES - Aquamarine 

Offers heightened awareness, and gives you spot-on clarity when worn with intent for psychic accuracy.

Kanto Dexholders to Sinnoh Dexholders

Scanned from the “Colorful Collection” artbook doujinshi that was sold at COLORS 2016 Event. Please credit/source to this page if posted elsewhere.

Contact me if you want a higher resolution~