diamonds and emeralds

Hey guys! So I made this based on actual birthstones! I left April and May blank because White Diamond and Emerald have not made their appearances on the show yet. I’ll update it as soon as they do!

Edit: Thank you all for informing me Jasper is missing from March, Sardonyx from August, Rose Quartz from January, and Lapis Lazuli from December. I’ll fix that eventually!


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- All Pokemon Gym Leaders


All Females, All Male Protagonists, All Male Rivals + Emerald

Scanned from the “Colorful Collection” artbook doujinshi that was sold at COLORS 2016 Event. Please credit/source to this page if posted elsewhere.

Contact me if you want a higher resolution.

  • game freak: pokémon are intelligent, loving creatures that have fun battling one another
  • game freak: (also they eat each other)
  • players: what was that last part?
  • silver/gold/crystal:
  • ruby/sapphire/emerald:
  • diamond/pearl/platinum:
  • black/white/bw2:
  • x/y:
  • sun/moon: oh sorry, didn't hear you, THEY EAT EACH OTHER LOL