diamonds & pearls era


57th Annual Academy Awards, 1985

Platinum and gold ornate Edwardian necklace, filled with old mine cut diamonds, with four pearls, two are teardrop shaped. The design is swirls and flowers,very typical of the period. One interesting aspect from that time was the fact that it breaks down into a pin and also can be worn as a pendant. So you really get three pieces for the price of one!

Portrait of a Lady
ca.1595 - 1605
English School

Portrait of a Lady, traditionally identified as Catherine, countess of Nottingham, but more probably one of the countess of Nottingham’s daughters.

Full length portrait shows a lady clad in black silk velvet dress embroidered with silver thread, with a pearl and diamond necklace, a ten pointed star diamond brooch and arcades of pearls in her hair, holding a fan in right hand and with roses in her left.

Christie’s, 2011

Prince watching himself perform on the Act II Tour, 1993