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I drew these sweet boys (and rohan) for conbust but never got around to posting it! I still have some prints leftover, contact me here (or on twitter @ alveolates) if you’re interested in buying one! 

It always astonishes me how, for a “kid’s” show, Big Time Rush had no shame when it came to James’ half-naked body.






I mean, not that they should have any. It’s like the staff collectively agreed “This man is hot as holy fuck. More shirtless scenes. MOAR” 

Reason #122424 why I am still a Big Time Rush fan at age 20.

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would it be alright to request hcs of Josuke, Jotaro (part 3), and Okuyasu having their small s/o wear their jackets, or just their clothes in general??????



- It’s a cold autumn night, and Josuke and s/o are just headed back from hanging out at Okuyasu’s house. Because Josuke is a gentleman (and a generally courteous person), he’s offered to walk s/o home and keep them company. While on their merry way back, a chilly, light rain picks up… Once he notices s/o shiver even the slightest, Josuke hands s/o his heavy school jacket out of worry they might get cold, he sticks his jacket on them and holds his arm around their shoulders to keep them extra warm. The two are giggling like maniacs as they break into a light jog to try and avoid the drizzle of rain that was quickly getting harder.  Why did he wear a stupid tank top in the middle of freezing cold autumn oh God he was such an idiot. Not to mention this rain was totally going to ruin his hair, oh this was just GREAT- well, at least s/o is warm. He wasn’t gonna lie, their pink nose in the cold was pretty cute.

- Once they get back to s/o’s house, Josuke walks in and attempts to warm himself up before walking the rest of the way home. He pauses a moment and takes in the view of his small s/o in the large jacket. The sleeves were far too long and covered their hands, dwarfing them even more. The jacket, which usually hung down to his thighs, hung down to s/o’s knees. It was…incredibly adorable, he couldn’t resist blushing a little and breaking a smile. It never actually dawned on him how small his s/o actually was compared to him. “What are you smiling at?” He just shakes his head and plants a soft kiss on their forehead goodbye. He turns to open the door and…it’s pouring. Like, can barely see 2 feet in front of you pouring. He quickly shuts the door and whips around to face s/o. “So…uh…mind if I hang here for the night? Or at least until the rain stops!!”

- S/o really doesn’t want to give him his jacket back. Everything about it reminds them of Josuke, and it’s so WARM too! It’s nothing like getting a hug from the real Josuke, but it’s close. It even has a light scent of hairspray…speaking of hairspray, s/o heads up to their restroom, leaving Josuke in the living room huddled up in a bundle of blankets- nevermind what s/o was doing, he wanted them to get back down here so they could warm up- s/o comes tumbling down the stairs in his jacket and their hair jokingly styled in a terrible excuse for a hairstyle that wasn’t exactly a pompadour, but close. S/o had seen other kids around school opting for a style like this. “Josuke! Don’t I look great~?” “Hey! It looks cooler than your miserable excuse for a kewl hair style!” S/o quickly undoes their “miserable excuse for a kewl hair style” as the two start laughing at s/o’s antics as they plop down next to Josuke. Josuke snuggles up close to s/o in the blanket and the two fall asleep, s/o still wrapped up in the big fluffy jacket. Josuke can’t help but nuzzling his head into their hair, he probably wasn’t going to get his jacket back till early next morning…not that he really minds all that much.


- Egypt was hot as hell, that’s all Jotaro really thought as he walked into the hotel room, his small s/o following behind him diligently. He hadn’t asked them to follow him around wherever he went, maybe that was just a perk of having a significant other. He was still pretty new to this “dating thing” and wasn’t sure how to go about having this small, adorable ball of…something giving him kisses and hugs.

“How’s that thing stay on your head?”

That’s how the conversation starts, about how his hat seemingly phases right into his hair. Jotaro shrugs off the weird question and replies with a grunt. It’s just a hat, nothing too complicated. “I mean…it just…looks like it’s permanently molded into your hair. How’d you get it to DO that?” They ask out of curiosity. Jotaro sighs, and upon realizing s/o wouldn’t stop asking about it until they got an answer. He was trying not to snap at them to shut up, he quickly realized that he really shouldn’t snap at the person he was going out with. He flicked the cap off his head and held it in his hands. “See for yourself.” and plopped it down onto s/o’s head. He had intended to just stick it on their head and turn around, but something captivated his sight. The cap tilted slightly over their eyes, and they had to adjust it in order for it to sit on their head without falling, Surprisingly, it was pretty cute. Jotaro smiled for a second, before turning to look outside the heavy window. It suddenly clicks with s/o that they must be pretty special, he never lets anyone touch his hat.

- Even with the fan on, the sun was still burning and bright outside the window. It gets to a point where Jotaro shucks off his jacket, It lands with a heavy thud  right next to s/o.
“Can I put this thing on??” s/o asks, Jotaro turns back to them in confusion. First of all, it was blazing hot outside, at least 80 or 90 degrees, are they cold? Second of all, why? He really didn’t understand them at all. Giving off his signature Yare Yare, he waves his hand dismissively. “Fine, I’m not using it right now.” He closes his eyes and tries to get a moment of rest. They had arrived in the town not too long ago and would soon be heading off yet again, it was rare he got a moment to just sit back and relax.

He’s about to drift off when a sleeve paps his face. Jotaro furrows his brow and very annoyed, he opens his eyes to see s/o in the waaaay too large jacket for them. S/o apologized for the accidental sleeve in the face, they had been trying to roll them up to use their hands. They were practically swimming in the comically large black coat. It hadn’t occurred to him how…tiny they were compared to him. Sure, he was exceptionally tall himself, but the gigantic ebony jacket seemed to make them smaller and cuter than usual. there was something about their laughter as they tried to keep the chain attached to the collar out of their face really endearing. It made him feel incredibly relaxed to be around them and their goofiness.

- S/o sits down next to Jotaro and pokes his bare arm. “Check this out.” They pull out an unlit cigarette from the pocket of the jacket, and while still clad in the hat and coat, put on the most cartoonishly menacing glare they possibly can. “I’m Jotaro Kujo and everyone’s dumb except for me. Yare Yare Daze” Jotaro chuckles and asks if that was supposed to be him. If they were really trying they would have used a more vulgar word than “dumb” he pulls them into a tight hug and kisses their forehead.

“I love you, dummy.”

“I don’t understand you at all, you know? But I love you too.”


- Okuyasu and s/o are a lively couple, they’re both always in awe of things around them and never grow tired of each other’s company. They’re also constantly coming up with crazy and silly ideas to do with each other. For example, sledding down a hill in the middle of summer, trying to bake actual food in an easy bake oven, and other ideas that come purely out of curiosity. This, was one such idea. Surely, Okuyasu wouldn’t miss his school uniform for a couple hours would he? I mean, it’s a saturday and neither of them were in any extracurriculars. It’s not like he needed it, since it was just wadded up in the corner of his bedroom. Okuyasu is just chilling out during the weekend with them, when suddenly they goes missing. Okuyasu looks up from the couch and suddenly they’re just gone. Where did they even GO? He gets up and starts yelling for them. There’s a loud banging coming from the stairs and his room upstairs. Was it s/o? Or did that cat from his neighbors somehow get in again? Maybe it was his dad? He wasn’t sure, but he summons The Hand just to be sure and quietly walks up the stairs. Quietly…slowly…oh man, he was being super stealthy right now. S/o would be SO PROUD if they found out how careful he was being about this-!


Oku screams and falls backwards, almost tumbling down the stairs and just barely grabbing onto the handrail for support. S/o confusedly tries to help them up, and Okuyasu realizes he’s holding onto the sleeve of a uniform, his school uniform to be exact. S/o explains they thought it looked pretty comfy compared to their own, but his pants were still way too big. Why have 2 belts if they’re just going to sit awkwardly on your waist? He broke out into a huge grin and suddenly he was just fine. This was the cutest thing he’d seen all day. They’re just so…small! And Cute! And literally the most precious thing he had ever laid eyes on. Did he mention cute?

- “Oh!! Here, try on this!!” s/o suddenly tosses him their own school jacket, Didn’t most couples borrow each other’s shirts anyway? This was like that, except trading a small jacket for a large one. Okuyasu, unwadding the jacket, accepts the challenge. S/o has to help him get it on his arms and oh dear please help him his arms are stuck behind his back and he’s scared if he tries to move them he’s going to rip their jacket. The two are laughing at how silly they must look to anyone other than them, not that they really mind. S/o is fumbling with the too long sleeves and tripping over the large pants too much to try and help much, Okuyasu is on his own in this endeavor to remove the school jacket of pain. It takes 5 minutes to get unraveled from each other’s clothes as they collapse in a giggling heap.

- Okuyasu gives s/o a tight hug and asks them why they put on their clothes in the first place. Their response is a simple “It looked warm.”

“Well…I can’t argue with that.” It’s a few moments of a quiet hug before he pipes up-

“Babe…can I…uh… have my jacket back? Not to be rude but, like, I’m kinda cold-”

I Tried ;v;b aaa I hope these are okay!! It was a really cute idea, I hope they’re not too dialogue heavy or confusing lol ^^

- Mod Fish

So I heard it was Pillarweek?!! 

I didnt have time to do the other days unfortunately, but I thought it might be funny to do a Day 6 Crossover with our precious Duwang trio as our fav Pillar dudes. 

Ok but do u ever think about Okuyasu

Do you ever think about:

- how his mother died and his father became physically abusive and emotionally distant when he was only 4??

- how he had to see Keicho being beaten up to protect him??

- how he had to see his father being tortured by Dio’s implant and turn into an actual monster who couldn’t talk or even recognize his children?

- how he became so codependent on his brother that when Keicho found the Bow and Arrow and wanted to test its effects on Okuyasu he probably got himself shot willingly because he trusts that his brother will always want the best for him?

- or worse, if Keicho pinned him down and shot him without his consent, knowing full well the risk that Okuyasu could die

- how the Hand literally possesses the ability to void space and he probably could’ve used his Stand to mercy kill his father ever since it developed but neither Keicho nor he could bear to kill their father by their own hand??

- how he must’ve hated himself for his morality and weakness whenever he saw his father in tears and being abused by Keicho or even himself?

- how he and Keicho went from being bankrupt to riches and then back to having their house frozen as mortgage and having to live discreetly without even basic amenities like lights?

- how he had to see his brother die in front of him to save him?

- how he transferred to Josuke’s school immediately afterwards because Josuke was probably his first ever friend??

- how his violent and ‘dim witted’ nature is probably a result of severe childhood trauma from being physically abused and emotionally manipulated by his brother?

- how the first time Josuke invited him over to his house to play video games, he’d probably never had the chance to play them before and would be embarrassed by it, but then Josuke would shove the console into his hands and teach him as they play?

- how for all his MILF jokes about Tomoko, she was probably the first mother figure and even feminine presence in his life, even if it’s only because he visits Josuke so often??

- how he went from being alone except for his codependent relationship with his emotionally abusive brother to having Josuke, a best friend who hangs out with him anytime and everywhere, Koichi, an actual positive influence, and the rest of the DIU squad??

- how he didn’t die like almost every other major ally in jjba but got to live the rest of his life (relatively) normally with friends who actually care about him???