FIC: nine-tenths of the law

(timestamp ficlet in the no pressure, no diamonds ‘verse)

By @karamelised
Shameless pwp because Louis posted that selfie. And yet I totally blame @intenselouis for this ficlet. <3

Pairing: harry/louis
Rating: explicit
Length: ~4k

Louis finally teaches Harry how to get out of the cuffs.

anonymous asked:

Is it possible the cluster is put in the earth's core like that not for just heat but for pressure, to compress all the gem shards? With that much pressure, time, and heat conductivity, is it possible they're trying to make a fake diamond?

okay you know what, this would tie into the theory of ‘rose quartz is a quartz who killed her diamond’ REALLY AWESOMELY. like ok you killed your diamond, have that planet you killed her for be the egg that hatches out the next pink diamond. maybe that’s what’s up with the timing of making steven— rose didn’t think she could defeat pink diamond a second time, or doesn’t want a second/third war to play out just like it had the last time/s, and she’s spent the last five thousand years trying to think of a way, without involving or risking the last few loyal remnants of her army, who’d die for her no matter how little she wants them to. and then along comes greg, who changes everything, and gives her the idea that a human gem, a fusion, a combination of her power and greg’s perspective, couldn’t just solve the conflict but actually flip the whole game board. 

in an interesting way, steven is just as much a conversation as garnet. but in his case, we’re still figuring out what rose’s part of the dialogue says