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Let’s talk gems.

There are exactly 587 chapters out total in the Choices app. In each chapter, you can assume there are:

One 25 gem outfit choice and approximately two 20 gem narrative/other choices (romance scenes, outings with friends, decorations etc).

Based off this assumption, it would take approximately 65 gems to unlock each premium choice per chapter.

If we multiply 65 by 587, we get 38,155. That is approximately how many gems you would need to unlock every single premium option in choices.

Thirty eight THOUSAND one hundred fifty-five gems.

The purchase that gets you the most gems with each individual gem costing the least is $100 for 1,500 gems, valuing $0.06 a gem. In order to pay for the 38,155 gems, you would need to make this $100 purchase 25 times. That’s $2,500 just on gems. This isn’t even mentioning the additional cost of keys. However, I bet most of us can’t justify paying $100 at once, and are more likely to pay $20 or less at a time. So, if someone only purchased the $20 option for 250 gems, they would have to spend $3,000 for the 38,155 gems.

It would be between $2500 and $3000 total to pay for each premium choice in Choices

That’s double the amount of a regular sized iMac, more than double the amount of the phone you’re using to play the game. It’s 41 times more expensive than a $60 brand new PC or PlayStation game, and not to mention eight times more expensive than a platform console itself.

Listen PB. We know you need to make money but this is a robbery. Your gem choices are becoming more important to the quality of narration in the stories, you’re taking more time to set them up only for us to be forced to not be able to use them, and you are limiting the player experience by a paywall, more now than ever before. But please excuse us if we aren’t able to pay $2500 just to play your game!

You don’t have to get rid of options for us to pay. You don’t have to get rid of diamonds. Just make them affordable. Don’t make it so only Jeff Bezos’s kids can have an opportunity to play your app and actually enjoy it because only they’re crazy rich enough to be able to pay for the full experience


Just take a look at this and consider it. All I’m lobbying for is more fair and economic pricing to enjoy your stories.