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Time's person of the year is an acknowledgment that that person had an impact over the last year, for better or for worse.

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Rick Snyder was responsible for poisoning an entire US city. A feat no one, no terrorist organization has ever “accomplished” before. Poisoning Flint impacted tens of thousands of people’s lives for the worse, and will for generations to come. Should he have been Time’s “Person of the Year” for 2014?

No. Right now is not the time for calm rationalizations that excuse away the normalization of extremists who want to round up Muslims.

Hate crimes have sharply increased; racists have been emboldened; there’s a real life neo-Nazi on Trump’s cabinet; people are getting hurt for real, and they’re justifiably afraid. Making Trump “Person of the Year” is needlessly reckless, irresponsible and morally indefensible.

Person of the Year gets their face immortalized on the cover of an international publication, and as a result they are given even more international attention from even more international media outlets. At the end of the day, being Time’s Person of the Year is widely regarded as an honor. Especially by the recipients.

There were almost 7 billion people to pick from. 7 billion people.

Rewarding people - specifically people like Trump and Hitler - with their highest honor dangerously empowers and legitimizes them, and it isn’t “edgy” and we shouldn’t dismiss it as some trite controversy.    

If it’s upsetting to the people most vulnerable to suffering under Trump’s reign (like me), that’s okay. It’s a slap in the face. It’s added insult to injury. White people don’t get extra points for being zen about it.