holy shet. so last night was ...

finally did something fun for once in my life. 
so last night was the kiwins diamond divisional banquet and yeah it was a dance as well. i dressed up all pretty and had never worn that much makeup in my life. the dance was chill but boring at times.. and went pretty hard… HAHAHAH with a guy i had met that night.. it was kind of forced but oh well. he was sweet. then after we chilled after and went to yamis at around 1130 to midnight and chilled outside yamis once they closed for like another hour. then after that,, we went to torrance high to walk around and chill and it was just me trisha maya anne suzy kyle christian nichohlai luigi moses jonathan brian and reino.. we like slid through the fence and had to be quiet.. by this time i was still in my heels bro tank shorts and my crazy makeup. we just walked around at night and everyone kept making scary jokes since it was ‘haunted’ haha we hung for about an hour and just talked and chilled and yah! then after maya took anne moses then brian then me to kia’s and kevin quan was already there and all of us just crashed at kia’s and kevin and maya left at 4 and we just chilled and knocked out and now i am at home tired af.