Through a posting on Facebook, I received the new Diamond - EP, Don’t Lose Your Cool, for free before it is actually released on Tuesday (29th). They asked that the people who receive it, simply complete a review. I liked it so much, I decided to write a more extended review than my tweet from the gym this morning.

First off, you need to know something, Diamond is made up of 4 guys from Down To Nothing and Trapped Under Ice. Now forget what you just read. You read that and you automatically go something like “Okay. Straight hardcore.” WRONG.

Diamond lends themselves more to Weezer or maybe Jimmy Eat World, and the guitar seems to border on a New Found Glory tone at times. It’s obviously a big departure from DTN or TUI, but they pull it off in a major way.

The thing that stands out to me the most is the sort of 50’s-60’s vibe that is evident on almost every track. Particularly so on tracks like “Fly Solo” and “Fix of Mine”.

The lyrical content isn’t exactly new, but it doesn’t bring the overall quality of the music down. While in some instances singing about relationships/lost loves/etc. can seem contrived, it seems anything but on this 6 and a half song EP. The phrasing of the lyrics over the music is at times quite clever and the singer’s voice is not something I expected from a member of a hardcore band.

Standout tracks: “Fix of Mine”, “Keep Dreamin’”, and “Sunburn”.

Rating- 9/10