About me: she/her - vegetarian - 18 - coping w/ generalized depression and panic disorder - really into gastropods at the moment - serial tea drinker - recently converted christian -

Cool stuff I’m doing: summer research at Chinocteague Bay Field Station on Diamondback terrapins -  member of my university’s Presidential Ambassadors - Lambda Delta Xi Diaternity member -

Fall 2017 Courses: Organic Chem I - Botany - LGBTQ Studies - GE Oral Communication - Applied Environmental Microbiology -

Favorite studyblrs/inspirations: @lychiestudies@studyplants@z-oologystudy@alexistudying@hunny-studies@astudyindetermination@hufflepuffwannabe@stvdybuddies@bookmrk @the-girlygeek

Blastoise variants! This time I did body variants (top row) and some color/subspecies variants (bottom row) 

Things can cross around too, like a Red-eared Slider subspecies in the Battle body variant or an Aquatic Diamondback Terrapin. Would be fun getting to draw some of those too…

(oh yeah I wanted to do a Matamata subspecies but forgot to draw it fff had the refs open and everything but it got lost in all the other tags…maybe I’ll add it later)