Day (658) 026B - Mega Diancie | メガディアンシー

Diancie is the princess of the Diamond Ore Country. It is an ancient Pokémon that is the result of a genetic mutation in a Melacie. Its pink diamonds are a precious commodity that fashionistas wear. Diancie travels to other places of the world and gives a sparkling pink diamond to whomever it plays with.

Mega Diancie is the refined form of Diancie. All the impurities are stripped away and its pure diamond sparkles like the sundial of Anistar City at sundown. It exhibits millions of shades of pink and red all at once, warming the heart of all beholders.

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Chapter 02

Chapter 02 At the End of Winter

Chapter 01 is HERE.

It’s been almost one month since I posted the first chapter here. It is really really enjoyable to draw shota!Miyuki… _(:qゝ∠)_ (I’m a hentai I knowX’D

The next chapter will probably take longer than this because I need to finish another short manga for a chinese anthology by end Feb, and apparently the next chapter will be a very long oneX’D I’ve been looking forward to drawing Miyuki gets bullied by senpais for a long long long time ๑乛◡乛 ๑

Translation thanks @incoherenttruth , despite being so busy recently she still helped me translate everything into English THANK YOU PERPS TT3TT

A big THANK YOU to everyone who like/reblog my posts and those who have sent me encouragement messages I really really appreciate it thank youuuu O3O


marina and the diamonds valentines|| part 2