booksandotherfunstuff  asked:

Could you link to your fleurmione fic recs and things? You're the one who has made me seen the light and start to ship them btw 😊

Sure! And yay! Always glad for more fleurmione shippers, and it makes me super happy that I made you ship them, :).

My Fluermione tag is right here, and my fic tag is there. Most of my recent fic is fleurmione, so it’s pretty easy to dive through and see fleurmione everywhere (I do write mostly short stuff, though).

Some folks made some nice masterlists of fics here, here, here, and here. I’m also reccing  Unexpected (Pt. 1) (veela culture), Souviendra-De-Nous  (Fleurmione Hunger Games AU), She’s a Diamond on a Landmine (heartbreaking), At First Glance (adorable GoF moment), Monster (sml, I’ve read it so many times, omg, badass!Hermione), and Love on the Back Nine (golf!au). This one, Forest, was written specifically for me, so yay!

Some of my favorite art and gif sets are: here, here, here (I can’t hear this song without thinking of them now), here, here, and here (the da link is good, and it’s actually my background rn).

Here’s a playlist devoted to them, and have a meme!