30 Days of Prince Harry Challenge 
  • Day 25: Favorite moment of The Jubilee Tour

Prince Harry’s showed off his dance moves during his stop in Jamaica on the Jubilee tour. Wearing a pair of blue suede shoes, he was pulled onto the dance floor at a youth center in Kingston, famously showing off his moves before adorable embarrassment had him laughing his way back to his seat.


8 memorable royal tour moments from Kate Middleton and Prince William’s first two tours: Number 4 - Tuvalu: Hula Dancing - September 18, 2012

“By the time they got to their last stop of Tuvalu there wasn’t much we hadn’t seen and heard on this tour, but the couple really had saved the best till last.

One of the then Press Secretaries said to me before they went to the islands: "Sometimes we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen when we arrive at a place and you play it by ear a bit.

"But in Tuvalu we actually have NO idea what is going to happen.”

But what happened was funnier than anything I’ve seen in ages - Kate and William hula dancing like they were at a teenage disco.

She was quite good but William looked like he was practicing his embarrassing dad dancing before George was even conceived. The grass skirt didn’t exactly go with his suit, but it was certainly memorable.“

–Victoria Murphy