I swear to god if I get one more reblog on that post with comments that are all “blah blah rare blah blah durable blah blah twee symbolismI am going to scream.

  1. Diamonds aren’t actually all that rare, they’re just subject to some seriously fucked up manipulation of the market.
  2. If you’re working under conditions where you are seriously worried about a gem getting damaged take off the god damn ring before you lose a finger.
  3. Most of the symbolism you’re quoting is intentionally played up by the diamond industry to get you to buy diamonds by appealing to your willingness to commodify love and female sexuality.

Thank you.

Let's toss the engagement ring

There is another major problem with the ring. It turns young women — otherwise independent, successful strivers — into passive recipients, waiting for their prince to rescue them from their single state. In what other aspect of their lives do young women so totally turn over their future to the decisions of others? I get letters from women who regularly scour their beloved’s sock drawer, hoping to see a ring box, evidence that marriage is in their future. The ritual of the engagement ring means he decides, he buys, he proposes. Throwing the ring out of the equation encourages the progression toward marriage to be more of a continuing discussion, a joint decision.

This article was waiting in my inbox this morning from one of my best friends. She really knows me too well.

a normal girl?

i’m not really sure what inspired this post. maybe it was all the jabber about the money spent on the royal wedding, or logging onto facebook & daily seeing a different acquaintance posting a picture of their engagement ring or maybe its because I just moved in with Morrison-in-mono & people incessantly ask us when we are getting married. anyway…

in general i find weddings/marriage to be indulgent, pretentious, archaic, and just a little ridiculous. but, one of my biggest issues with marriage is the ring.

the diamond industry really really disgusts me. so, if i were ever to get married or even just purchase a very nice piece of jewelry for myself it wouldn’t be a new piece. 1) thousands of people die each year in diamond mines & i don’t want blood on my hands 2) the amount of non-recyclable waste created during the making of a single ring is sickening. making a single gold band (no stones) produces 20 tons - yes tons - of waste 3) there is no art involved in jewelry making anymore. rings all look the same. its just this petty war over who has the biggest diamond. gross 

do a quick google search of antique/vintage rings. the intricate designs, beautiful stones & creativity/artistic ability that went into making these pieces mesmerizes me. these rings already exist so why not “recycle?” instead of buying a new ring & wasting another life, & creating 20 tons more waste why not buy a piece of art that already is here? 

so, i may not be a girl dreaming of my wedding day but damn do i love vintage rings.