diamond village


Playing around with GifCam and decided to make this so you guys can sorta see my process. I use the vector layer for my inking and it speeds up my speedy line art style with the tools they provide.

These are as real time as I could get it, probably hovering around 10 - 15 frames a second.

Sorry for the sloppyness, kinda hard to draw under the pressure of recording xD.

“Shiny” performed by Guy Diamond from Dreamworks Trolls

*background- It’s a typical day in Troll village before the attack of Chef and Poppy’s great quest to the Bergen village. Guy Diamond has challenged Princess Poppy to a song battle, the one savage event the Trolls participate in. Branch attends these only because the Trolls are allowed to have some sarcasm and savagery in their song, but Branch forfeits every challenge he receives.* 

Guy Diamond approaches the stage. “You ready to lose, Poppy?” He grinned, his body shinning from the flower’s glow.

“Do your worst, Diamond.” Poppy responded, her pink eyes ablaze. Branch, who stood by her side, rolled his eyes.

GD stepped into the spotlight sending the entire village into a shining paradise. “My song will be “Shiny”, written for me!” The music starts.

He immediately begins to dance. 

He sings:

“Well, Mista’ Diamond hasn’t always been this razzle 

I was a whoa-little troll once

Now I know I can be happy as I dazzle

‘Cuz I’m beautiful, baby!”

*He jumps off the stage and approaches Branch with the next few lines of song*

“Did your granny say listen to your heart?

Be who you are on the inside?

I need three words to tear your argument apart-

YOUR GRANNY LIED.” *Branch glares, hurt*

*GD jumps back into the spotlight*

“I’d rather be shiny!

Like the flowers as they glitter through the night,

give ‘em light and make it look shiny!

I will sparkle like a firework so bright-

just ignite!

Don’t you know- trolls are fun, fun, fun

We chase anything that glitters (go figure)

Oh, and here they come, come, come to the brightest thing that glitters

Ooo, they’re winners!

I just love a good time,”” *and to Branch* and you look like faded slime…

Poppy has had enough. “Hey Diamond! I thought this challenge was for me, not Branch!” She approaches the stage, but trips on her own dress.

GD looks over at the pink princess and grins. He uses his hair to slide off the stage smoothly. He lands next to Poppy and helps her to her feet but continues singing.

“Well, well, well..little Poppy’s having trouble with her gown,

you little pink-pretty-princess!” *He twirls her into Branch’s unsuspecting arms and her flower crown falls off*

“Whoa! What a “colorful* performance- grab your crown (get it?) 

You don’t wear it like you used to, babe.” *GD winks at her as he hands her crown back. Poppy snatches it*

“Yet I have to give you credit for my start

and your scrapbooks on the outside

For just like them I make myself a work of art

I’ll never hide, I can’t! I’m too shiny!

Watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough

Strut my stuff, my stuff is too shiny!

Hit the bass drop but it’ll never be enough

my soul’s too tough!

Poppy, girl, they can choose, choose, choose

But you can’t expect the queen-to-be

to beat a troll-like-me!

You will lose, lose, lose

Now it’s time I break apart your beaten heart.” *Poppy is truly feeling defeated.”

“Far from the home that abandoned us 

chasing the fear from those Bergens

who wanted us eaten

You tried to be tough, but your “positive”’s not strong enough!

Poppy! Now it’s time to kick your hiney!! 

Ever seen someone so shiny? 

Soak it in because defeat is all you’ll see

C’est la vie mon ami - Shiny!!!

Now I’ll beat you, so prepare your final plea…. just for me!

You’ll never be quite as shiny….

You wish you were nice and SHINY!” 

GD slides onto his knees for the final note and the Trolls roar into applause. Poppy, with a heavy heart, applauds as well. Branch claps once, but is still glaring at GD.

GD struts over to Poppy, his glittering chest high. “Have fun beating that Princess!” He laughed, patting her on the shoulder. He winked, and Poppy knew it was all fun in games. She approached the stage and positioned her crown on her head, her eyes even more ablaze than before.

“My song will be…..”










Minecraft in 6 seconds

The fact Pink Diamond looks like Lion makes me believe she created him even more. XD

I know, right…. Why won’t I just say that Lion is Pink Diamond?! Because that’s too easy and you guys didn’t see Bismuth’s storyline coming, so why do you think Lady Sucrose is going to do that with Lion? ;)

Lion is to Pink Diamond as the Watermelon Villagers are to Steven: a plant reanimated into a mammal-like creature with Gem-like powers.

You may think that Lion is a corrupted Gem, but look at him! He’s gorgeous! He’s got an obvious a cherry blossom motif.  

That’s not corruption. That is Gem life melded into an organic body. It’s beautiful. And it’s what Pink Diamond was fighting for.

Corruption is a weaponized version of Pink Diamond’s research. What Pink Diamond did to bring Gems closer to understand nature, Yellow Diamond did to turn Gems into beasts.

Yellow Diamond considered it blasphemy and attacked Pink Diamond for it.