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Here it is!! My collaboration with LetThereBeDoodles! <3 This is something we have been working on for the last couple of weeks and it has been so much fun working together and I am so happy with what we created. We both hope that you enjoy these manips and the story that goes with them!(^-^)

We both wanted to do something new so we decided to create our own adaptation a la Disney! >:D We looked at several stories from around the world and got hooked by the story of Yuki-Onna, a mythical spirit from Japan. This is a character that has been re-imagend several times in film/TV before, so we had to take some artistic liberties in order for it to feel new and unique.

Even though this story is not historically accurate in the sense that it’s not based on real life events or people, we still did our absolute best to thoroughly research the era, culture and legends. But bare in mind that this adaptation was made by two non-Japanese creators, so errors in accuracy may be present. If this had been a real, original film project then we would naturally have hired film makers from a Japanese background to help us in it’s production. :3

DISCLAIMER: We do not own the movies which were used to created theses images. We only take credit for editing and the story.
Movies used: Brother Bear II, Fantasia 2000, Grave of the Fireflies, Lilo & Stitch, Millennium Actress, Mulan I-II, Peter Pan II, Pocahontas I-II, Princess Mononoke, Wolf Children

Story Summary:

WINTERTIDE: The tale of Yuki Onna

(developed by TheNamlessDoll and Lettherebedoodles, written by Lettherebedoodles.)

Every Winter when the snow starts to fall, the people of Japan huddle inside their homes with their families, away from the frigid white wasteland beyond the door.

Every Winter she watches them through the frosted glass, her pale skin barely distinguished from the snow around her, her eyes glinting from behind waves of long ebony hair. It is her job to see that the snow falls, that the winter comes and resets the world, preparing for the new beginning… However, human’s don’t seem to like the cold. They dread her return, and shun her when she arrives. They fear her… she is alone.

Yuki-Onna, the snow woman.

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For day six of @virgiltracyweek​, the second piece of fanfiction I’ve ever written (you get the first bit tomorrow!) A huge thank you to @supersaiyanbokuto​ for being so helpful and supportive. <3

Whump. Whump. Whump.

Virgil’s dark eyes moved in circles as they followed the lazy rotation of the ceiling fan positioned above him. Round and round the fan blades went. Round and around and around. For all the good that that did.

Whump. Whump. Whump.

He’d been at this now for ten minutes straight, ever since he had given up on even attempting to get back to sleep. It was simply too hot. The first few weeks in August were always warm on Tracy Island, but this year the temperatures had climbed to dizzying heights. Even Virgil, who was of the “anytime, anywhere” variety of sleepers, had been defeated by it.

Groaning, he rolled over onto his side, the springs in his mattress creaking as he did so. Flailing blindly with his left hand, he managed to scoop up the small alarm clock that sat next to his bed. Virgil scrunched his eyes up in an attempt to focus them before starring at the numbers on the digital display.

6:57 am.

Groaning again, but with a note of genuine anguish this time, Virgil rolled back the way he’d come, flinging the alarm clock across the room in disgust. 6:57 am and wide-awake. On a day off, no less. Of course, this predicament could have been avoided if his father had installed air conditioning when the villa was being built, but the elder Tracy’s environmental concerns had stopped that from happening. Now they were left to contend with the consequences. Namely, sweat, heat rashes, sweat, disturbed sleep, and yet more sweat.

Groaning for a third time, Virgil swung his legs over the side of his mattress. There was no use in crying over non-existent air con. He was awake now; he may as well get up. In one fluid motion - surprisingly graceful for a man of his size - he got out of bed, bringing the sheets that were stuck to his back with him. After languidly swatting the sheets away, he made his way to his bedroom door. Out on the landing, he paused for a moment to yawn and readjust his boxer shorts before striding purposefully down the stairs. There was only one place to go on Tracy Island when it was this hot. The pool.

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Chub mccree backs you against the wall, banging his fists on either side, those thick arms fencing you in with the rest of him jiggling

“Now where d'ya think yer goin partner?” The big cowboy sneers. One arm reaches down and he gives his huge belly a squeeze. His belt creaks and his button up shirt reveals stretching diamonds of adipose pillowing out between the buttons. With no effort he presses it against you, that bouncing belly rolling over your sides. “I simply gotta repay ya for such a big meal”

The big cowboy leans over his stomach and kisses you, his mouth tasting of cigars and the meal you just made him. Mccree practically growls, his hands quickly sliding down and stopping at the waist of your pants . You feel his fingers tuck around your waistband and pull

“It’s high noon sweetheart”

The Darkest Minds Readalong

Someone asked me a while back to post the original Readalong I did for TDM last year. I didn’t forget!  And now that you can get the ebook for 99 cents, well, the time is now. I think this Readalong is best enjoyed by people who have already read the book and are re-reading it. Just be warned there are some spoilers scattered throughout. 


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super fabulous ya lit meme (1/10)
ten series or books: the darkest minds

As my fingers tightened on the door handle, I felt his hand push through my unruly mass of dark hair and seize the back of my neck. The shock of his freezing hand on my flushed skin made me flinch, but it was the explosion of pain at the base of my skull that made me cry out.
He stared at me, unblinking, his eyes suddenly unfocused. But I was seeing everything—impossible things. Hands drumming on a car’s steering wheel, a woman in a black dress leaning forward to kiss me, a baseball flying toward my face out on a diamond, an endless stretch of green field, a hand running through a little girl’s hair… The images played out behind my closed eyes like an old home movie. The shapes of people and objects burned themselves into my retinas and stayed there, floating around behind my eyelids like hungry ghosts.
Not mine, my mind screamed. These don’t belong to me.
But how could they have been his? Each image—were they memories? Thoughts?
Then I saw more. A boy, the same scanner machine above him flickering and smoking. Yellow. I felt my lips form the words, as if I had been there to say them. I saw a small red-haired girl from across a room much like this one; saw her lift a finger, and the table and laptop in front of her rise several inches from the ground. Blue—again, the man’s voice in my head. A boy holding a pencil between his hands, studying it with a terrifying intensity—the pencil bursting into flames. Red. Cards with pictures and numbers on them held up in front of a child’s face. Green.

Things that I'm weak for:

- when people with amazing jaw lines do that clenchy thing oh my

- tall people

- goodness gracious them calves could cut diamonds

- when people stretch and their shirt raises up a teeny bit

- when people who normally wear their hair down put it up and vice versa

- a good laugh like you know the kinds that literally feel like sunshine

Guys I just read this:

“Diamonds are so strong, they can only be cut or polished by another diamond.“

If Rose has previously killed another diamond, it could only mean that she was Pink Diamond

If Steven wants to kill one of the Diamonds, he needs to be a Diamond himself

Oh gosh yes please let me be on to something here