diamond snapbacks


One of my favorite episodes is Hit The Diamond, for many reasons. But there’s been a question haunting me since the very first time it aired.

What happened last time?

(For the sake of saving space, I’ll refer to this unknown event, ‘what happened last time’, as WHLT.)

Aside from this one scene, we have no other clues to what WHLT could be. It’s not been mentioned outside of these few seconds during Hit The Diamond. So let’s dive in with what we know.

• Doc wants to double check that Jasper isn’t here with 100% certainty. This implies that WHLT occurred because they overlooked something, or that WHLT occurred because they failed a mission.

• The rubies all laugh in jest about WHLT. This strikes me that it must’ve not been anything too serious, BUT. A) It might’ve been long enough since it happened that the rubies can laugh about it now. Or B) The rubies underestimate how serious it actually was.

• All of the rubies seemingly recall WHLT with clarity. Leggy doesn’t seem to understand, but Leggy is usually confused. We can’t be sure if she was there or not. But she is looking toward Navy, perhaps for an explanation?

For now, there isn’t much we can make of this. We simply don’t have enough information. But here’s some speculation to branch out on.

#1. This isn’t the first time they’ve been sent to retrieve Jasper

Jasper never came back from her mission with Peridot. Would it really take Yellow Diamond all those months of Malachite being at the bottom of the ocean, and Jasper being split from Lapis and falling into the earth, for YD to finally say ‘Maybe we should send someone out to look for her.’?

The Ruby Squad may have already been to Earth. They may have even met Malachite and chaos ensued. Because of this, they wouldn’t recognize her as Jasper, so they concluded that the mission failed. This could be true, because Jasper hasn’t met them yet that we’ve seen, so we can’t verify that she hasn’t met the Ruby Squad before. And Lapis never said she had never seen them before either. She likely wouldn’t talk about something that happened while she was Malachite.

#2. They were sent on a rescue mission much earlier for a gem we haven’t met yet

Remember the crashed palanquin in Buddy’s Book? The gem(s) riding it must have been important, to have had a palanquin in the first place. Did the Ruby Squad come to earth so long ago to retrieve that gem(s)? We can assume that gem(s) was part of Blue Diamond’s court, which is why this is a little less plausible. The Ruby Squad is a part of Yellow Diamond’s court, and Homeworld is a very organized society. YD probably wouldn’t send her own gems on BD’s behalf.

#3. They’ve been lost in space already, before the events of Bubbled

It may not be YD’s fault that it took them so long to come rescue Jasper. The Ruby Squad is already synonymous with getting sidetracked and lost.

Upon landing on Earth, Doc’s first line is, “Now, where’s the gem the scanners’ locked onto?” We assume Peridot, because she was on the mission with Jasper, and the Roaming Eye locked onto her in particular. But she says ‘gem’, not ‘Peridot’, so we can’t be 100% sure that they’re talking about her.

Getting back on track, the Ruby Squad searched for Jasper on other planets. This means that other planets have signs of life. Other gems, or even other Peridots, that the scanners locked onto. This is confirmed to be true in theory #4.

The only thing working against the first two theories is that Navy pops out of their pod gasping and saying ‘What a lovely planet!’ implying that this is their first time on earth. Or perhaps, her first time.

There’s one other thing to speculate about. My final, favorite theory, that coincides with theory #2.

#4. The Ruby Squad were sent in Season 1, before Peridot or Jasper or anyone else … to retrieve another Ruby Squad

In ‘Laser Light Cannon’, the Red Eye was destroyed by the titular weapon. If it were an unmanned machine, it would be sending back reports every second, and would’ve told Homeworld that it found gems before it exploded.

Doesn’t the Red Eye seem awfully similar to another Homeworld ship?

Ian Jones-Quartey confirmed that the Red Eye wasn’t a gem, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t gems inside it. Gems that were unable to get to the controls and report the gems before they were shot down.

Was the Ruby Squad sent before to retrieve the rubies of the Red Eye or other gems that were inside of it when it was destroyed? Did they fail that mission, failing to find those gems?

Peridot also emphasizes that it didn’t report the presence of any gems on THIS planet. That means it’s found gems on other planets that the Ruby Squad also might’ve been sent to find.

I’m positive there’s a lot of holes in these theories, and there’s a lot I didn’t touch on. Let me know what you gems think!