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Marina and the diamond fans (diamonds) everyone who reblogs this will receive a url (your ask box needs to be open) and someone will get given your url for secret santa!Likes don’t count.

Being someones secret santa means that when you get given that persons url you can send them sweet little messages everyday/often up until Christmas anonymously then on Christmas day you can send them a happy Christmas message and reveal yourself to them and BAM hopefully you will have a new diamond friend from the fandom.

Please only reblog once and you must reblog this by November 22nd, any reblogs after that wont be counted! Last but not least please have fun and be Kind. Happy Christmas!!!!!

On the Diamond Mountain, Chapter 1
A JeanMarco AU about witches and witch hunters.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Hello everyone! Happy Christmas! I took part in this year’s JM Secret Santa Challenge, and have wrote this for my dear friend @irisnairel

She requested a story about Jean, a witch hunter, who has not yet caught any witches, and gets slack from his colleagues about it; and Marco, who is a witch. She asked that they meet over Marco healing a deer, and then gave me free reign after that.

So, free reign I took.

This is just chapter one of what will be a multipart fic - and it deals with political discourse and magical realism and speculation of British politics, all whilst focussing on a story about Jean the witch hunter failing to realise that the guy he’s falling in love with is a witch. Other characters are either witches or witch hunters too, but I’ll leave that to you to figure out!

All I can say is that this idea really ran away with me, and it’s absolutely a gem to write. 

Chapter 2 is already mostly done, so expect it soon. (Of course, I will also be working on the next Droplets chapter as well, so fear not.) In the mean time, please read and tell me what you think, and have a happy rest of the holidays!


EDIT: didn’t realize they had a tumblr so I’ll link that too, character belong to zhampy

I was invited to a secret santa on deviantart with a bunch of other extremely talented mlp artists and the character I got, in the middle named Racing Diamond, was a GORGEOUS OC. I had a blast working on this even though I got sick by the end, but i’m glad it’s finished. I wish I could of had it done on Christmas but it was not to be. :( Also those BG ponies are just extras, not any particular character. Racing Diamond belongs to Zhampy on DA.

Merry day after Christmas. lol

Diamond no Ace Secret Santa

Hello! Inspired by hqsecretsanta, we decided to make a Secret Santa for the Diamond no Ace fandom! Here we go.


  • All submissions must go to daiyasecretsanta.
  • Make sure you will be abe to finish your gift before the deadline. If, for whatever reason, you find that you can’t, please let us know!
  • No telling the person you got. The secret is what makes it fun!
  • Please respect the preferences of the person you got. If they say they are not okay with something, respect that. Also have in mind that the assignments are random, so you might get someone who doesn’t share the same ships/favorite characters as you.

You can gift:

  • Fic (1k word minimum)
  • Art (drawings, photosets, gifs, etc)
  • Mixes


  • Applications are open until October 30.
  • You will know the person you’re giving a present to between October 31 and November 1 (we will message you the person’s preferences, so remember to keep your submissions open!)
  • Gifts must be submitted to daiyasecretsanta by December 21.
  • Secret santas will be revealed and gifts posted on December 25.

Apply here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!