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Ten of Diamonds Professional Success and Happiness Spell

Playing and tarot cards may be used to influence your future as well as foretell it. The key, in both cases, is to choose the right cards.

  1. Remove the ten of diamonds from a new deck of playing cards and lay it on a dish.
  2. Sprinkle it with Crown of Success Oil and Magnet Oil.
  3. Add a handful of coins and/or paper money and/ or spirit money.
  4. Carve a green candle with your identifying information.
  5. Dress the candle with Crown of Success Oil and Magnet Oil.
  6. Place the candle atop the card and burn.
  7. Once the candle has completely burned, gather up the ashes, coins, whatever is left of the playing card (it may or may not burn), and any fortuitous-looking wax remnants. Place them in a red mojo hand. Carry with you or keep it in a safe place.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)


1. NEVER wash your hair everyday. Go at least on day without washing your hair. It makes a HUGE difference. If you are someone who has to shower every day because you work out or other things, take your shower without wetting your hair and instead use DRY SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. WHY: the natural oils in your hair come from the scalp. With straight or wavy hair the oil can easily travel down the hair shaft with no problem. Curly hair however is full of kinks and twists that make it harder for the oils to reach the ends of your hair. Thats why curly hair does not get greasy as easily. MOISTURE HELPS AVOID FRIZZ!!!

2. DO NOT USE SHAMPOOS AND CONDITIONERS WITH ALCOHOL OR SULFATES!!!!!! This can go for everyone. They dry out your hair and can actually damage it. That Garnier Fructise that smells so good? Yeah, no. It sucks. Dont use it. AND NEVER EVER EVER USE PANTENE!!

3. IF YOU STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR USE HEAT PROTECTION SPRAY!!! Cannot stress that enough. Damaged hair cannot be saved and must be cut off. If you can avoid straightening then do it, wear natural hair 90% of the time. With these tips youll be able to!! IF YOU MUST STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR: wash it before you do because you’ll want to go 3-4 days before washing it again. This will allow your hair to heal and restore natural oils. The night before you wash it apply leave in conditoner or some moisturizing oil and sleep with it in. This will help heal the hair and keep it soft and smooth.

4. HAIRSTYLES: you can wear your hair down a lot. Curls wont always look good after sleeping on them so you may want to put it up on the days you dont wash it. I braid my hair a lot on days i dont wash it. I also use the half up hair style a lot. And since my curls arent too tight and kinky i can wear a ponytail. But for a longer looking pony tail i use a banana clip.

5. THERE ARE REALLY GOOD PRODUCTS OUT THERE FOR CURLY HAIR. The best are Redken, Deva Curl, and Pureology. Redken and Pureology are amazing too if your hair is color treated at all. Buy shampoos and conditioner for curly hair. Or one can be just moisturizing. I use pureology curl complete conditioner, A deva curl hair scrunch gel, and a pureology split end salve (a leave in conditioner) they work wonders. I also use redken Diamond Oil. This stuff is amazing but expensive. I get a good price because of my sister.
BUT. if you cant afford those there are cheaper options available at cvs or the grocery store. CHEAPER OPTIONS include Organics and Nexxus. These are more expensive than other options but they are much cheaper than salon quality products with similar effects. both these brands offer leave in conditioners and oils for your hair. I personally use Organics Coconut Milk shampoo because it is very moisturizing. Nexxus Ultimate Moisture conditioner is amazing as well.

6. DONT USE TOO MUCH CONDITIONER! if you have curly hair you do need a decent amount. However using too much can make even your hair look and feel greasy or crusty. Use just enough to get you by. Conditioner is your best friend. Dont abuse it.

7. Get regular hair cuts. At least every 3 months. You can just get a trim but getting rid of split ends can save you from potentially going bald!

8. Finally, LOVE YOUR HAIR!! its gorgeous! Take this advice from one curly girl and use it to work MIRACLES!


I’m Black like my momma
Cause the islands kicked off the slave trade

Black like my daddy
Cause the Dutch wanted some too

Black like the dirt under the nails of
A slave that made watermelons grown

Black like the woman who raised yo
Grandma and was treated like dirt

Black like the blood that’s pooled
On the inner city side walk too long and gets mistaken for dirt

Black like GOD gold, oil, diamonds
And all the things this country goes to war for

Black like the magic
I even exist at the moment

Black like the magic my people
Have made it through all those moments

Black like the magic used to sink
Ships of stolen black cargo

Black like we still can’t swim

Black like we still fighting for civil rights

Black like we using the same protest signs

Black like we still getting shot

Black like we still coming up missing

Black like Willie Lynch still workin

Black like my life matters
A little bit more because I’m not dark skin
But not as much because I’m not
Light skin

Black like the darkest person in the
World and the lightest person in the world are both black

Black like without it you wouldn’t have moon or star or all that shiny white

Black like without it the world would be colorless, and bland, and boring

Black like Kim K can get corn rows But Latoya on 6mi ghetto

Black like Zico can have black soul
But watch me get followed around Mr. Kwan’s beauty supply

Black like everybody wants to be a
Nigga but nobody wants to be a nigga

Black like I don’t know my culture

Black like I don’t know where I’m from

Black like I don’t want to be anything else,

Black like…


The Ruthess Billionaire’s Virgin: Or, Let’s Give the Heroine a Break

Recently there’s been a renaissance of the Ruthless Billionaire’s Virgin (RBV) trope, where an asshole older businessman seduces and is reformed by a virginal college-aged heroine in a subservient position (secretary, maid, IT, etc.). Examples include Twilight, 50 Shades, Iron Man, Olicity, and Rumbelle to varying degrees; every time the trope pops up it a) makes a lot of coin, and b) critics blow it the raspberry for having aggressive heroes and passive heroines. But the Ruthless Billionnaire’s Virgin trope is a fantasy of leisure: the passivity of the heroine is not a bug, it’s a feature. The RBV trope exists because it’s the logical conclusion of the question: “What if the heroine didn’t have to do all the work? What if the heroine didn’t have to do ANY work?”

This title encapsulates a lot of best-selling romance books/movies

Let’s break it down. What features would a romance have to have if the heroine had to do no work, physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual, or otherwise, in the story? And what if all those traits were boosted to 11 because it’s a fantasy?

[The first column is the requirement, the second is a logical outcome, and the third is exaggerated fantasy.]

No Physical Labor

Originally posted by legendsofcomics

  1. No cleaning, ever –> He’s rich- a millionaire; wait, markets can crash –> Billionaire
  2. Don’t have to continue in a dead-end job for $$ –> He pays off some of your student loans –> He pays off all your loans and gives you a diamond mine/oil well in your name
  3. Not responsible for looking after your family –> You have few relatives –> Orphan
  4. Not responsible for dealing with the in-laws –> He has few relatives –> He’s an orphan/ Disapproving Aunt Matilda comes around by the end and loves you like her own
  5. Don’t have to take care of his kids from previous relationship –> He doesn’t like kids/ They’re already grown –> He was waiting for you/banging you heals his psyche from tragic past and after an ‘oops’ baby he’s down to be the best parent ever

No Emotional Labor

Originally posted by trekkitkat

  1. Don’t have to listen to him whine about work because he hates his boss–> He is the boss –> He owns the company
  2. Don’t have to push him to finish school/find a job/have ambition –> He likes his career –> He’s ruthless and obsessed about his job
  3. Don’t have to pick out expensive, flattering, appropriate clothes and get them tailored during your lunch hour –> He has a dress in your size –> He has an entire couture closet tailored to you
  4. Don’t have to do all the research for dates –> He’s a regular at some good restaurants –> He meticulously plans all dates around what will bring you pleasure

No Intellectual Labor

Originally posted by rumplestiltskin

  1. Not responsible for matching his career credentials (PhD, owns business, Navy Seal, etc.) –> You’re younger than him –> You’re just out of college
  2. Not responsible for knowing as much as an older dude –> Similar background/accomplishments doesn’t mean compatibility –> His age-appropriate brilliant colleague Ex cheated on him; may actually be the devil
  3. Not responsible for helping his career forever –> You’re in a subservient role –> You quit your job when you become the mistress

No Sexual Labor

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  1. Not expected to know every sexual trick in the book –> You’re inexperienced –> Virgin
  2. Don’t have to do all the work in bed –> Hero does most of the work –> Hero does all the work; heroine literally lies back and takes it (bonus for passing out; double bonus if he lovingly wipes your hoo-ha afterwards)
  3. Why is the hero so good in bed? –> Was attentive lover to a few partners –> Banged everything in a skirt; can cause orgasms from across the room 
  4. Don’t have to worry about hero becoming bored with you sexually –> Hero’s lust is epic –> Hero can’t keep his hands off of you without a taser
  5. Don’t have to worry about him cheating even if he’s done that to others –> He’s turned over a new leaf –> You’re special, his One True Love, your love is so pure it can change him

Plausibility Check

Originally posted by dornan-sehun

  1. If he’s so great why’s he single? –> Bitter about love due to past –> Kind of an asshole to everyone
  2. Don’t have to worry that he’ll be an asshole to YOU –> You break up when he’s controlling –> He comes crawling back in tears how he can’t live without you and he was so, so wrong and he’ll never do it again
  3. Don’t have to worry he thinks you’re a gold-digger –> You reject his offer of money at some point –> Huge break-up where you throw hundred dollar bills at his face and yell: “I’M NOT FOR SALE, RUTHERFORD!”

So there you go. When you systematically remove any and all expectations of emotional, physical, intellectual, and sexual labor from the heroine and turn everything up to 11 you get a ruthless, asshole, controlling, lust-obsessed, bitter playboy billionaire who is transformed by his love for a college-aged virginal orphan. Please note that not all of the initial examples tick all these boxes: Olicity and Iron Man have intelligent, hardworking heroines who seem to fall into the “you can have a career OR your man: pick one” trap and Rumbelle isn’t exactly the poster child for martial happiness. But there are enough elements to have an emotional RBV through line that people can imagine a Happily Ever After if their shows weren’t milking drama for syndication.

The Ruthless Billionaire’s Virgin trope is all about giving the heroines a break– why don’t we extend the same courtesy to this trope?

Don't forget

That Europeans have and continue to mine and rape African countries of their natural resources (oil, minerals, diamonds and gold) and technologies (like math, medicine and technology) for centuries (if not millennia). THAT is colonialism. Without all that going on, African countries would have continued to thrive.