Fan Fiction Comment Challenge

I don’t know about you, but it’s always driven me crazy when I see a fic with a lot of likes and almost no comments. Comments mean the world to fic writers, whether it be just telling them what you liked about it or giving them constructive criticism. That’s why I want to issue a challenge.

The challenge is simple: comment on your top 10 fan fiction works. If you’ve already done this, comment on 10 other fics you liked or mentally consider “honorable mentions.” If you have questions for the writer, then ask them. They’ll be happy you’re communicating with them and showing interest in their work.

Writers like to know how their work is being received, and sometimes likes alone can leave them wondering what they did right.

Let’s all remember that Miyuki Kazuya

Originally posted by egooist

  • Is a genius catcher (known nationwide) that makes aggressive plays that shows great reliability on the field
  • started his catcher career in elementary and showed an amazing talent for it
  • often bullied during earlier years of baseball due to his frank personality, getting called names like psycho and weird
  • does not have a particular close relationship with his dad
  • his mom either passed away or left as shown in a photograph
  • looks up to Chris Yuu Takigawa after having a match with him during junior high and lose badly
  • recruited by Takashima Rei

Originally posted by tetsuyayuki-archive

  • has no particular preference on food but he is weak on sweets 
  • he is good at calculating in his head but has no particular strength at academics
  • blood type is B
  • birthday is November 17 
  • is 179 cm
  • is arrogant and overconfident of his skills
  • special skill is cooking (he will make a good wife) 
  • his family owns a factory named Miyuki Steel
  • his junior high team is named Edogawa Dragons
  • talks a lot when he is happy
  • doesn’t like chocolate cake
  • isn’t drawn without glasses 
  • sleeps with an eyemask
  • started baseball because some kids invited him
  • Miyuki means: honorable fortune
  • Kazuya means: To be the One/First
  • claims to love pitchers with good control since they are easy to predict
  • claims to be a “Edoko/Tokyoite”
  • Yuuki’s shogi playmate and Isashiki’s former feet massager (which is now Furuya lmao)
  • his dorm number is 203 and people makes his room as the first string hangout 

Originally posted by miyukeis

  • enjoys pissing people off on and off the field
  • very blunt and frank especially when pointing out mistakes or should have done by his teammates
  • recommended as captain my Yuuki Tetsuya
  • often callous and is not afraid of getting disliked
  • but his teammates still like him due to his reliability and cool head personality
  • does not open up to other people and doesn’t like talking about his past
  • worries about not being a good captain but he is slowly making good progress as time goes on
  • friends with Narumiya Mei since junior high. Calling each other in first name basis
  • invited by Narumiya Mei to form the ultimate team but has declined in hope to face them himself 
  • decided to make the team’s goal to take their coach to Koshien

Originally posted by tailoredshirt

  • is a clutch hitter
  • very observant of the overall field workout and has good control of the defense 
  • proficient at retiring base runners 
  • reliable when there are base runners in his team but with no runners he is often struck out
  • grew out of “no runners and gets struck out” throughout the season 
  • capable of hitting precise pitches and has an unstable batting technique
  • did a homerun even after getting injured and increasing his RBI
  • likes to do whatever it takes to make his pitchers shine

Originally posted by takazugi

  • Sawamura Eijun attempted to call him in these nicknames:
  • Miyu-Miyu
  • O-Sachi/Mr. Happy [Based off a variant reading of Miyuki]
  • Miyukki
  • Four-Eyes/Megane
  • Goggle-senpai
  • Mean Wife [Because a catcher is considered the baseball team or the pitcher’s wife]
  • Fox/Kitsune
  • Tanuki
  • Mikki
  • Kazu
  • called as Pretty Boy Catcher by Todoroki Raichi
  • called as Last Boss by Wakabashi Gou
  • called as Leader-in-training by Sawamura Eijun
  • describes himself as a loner in a spinoff called Daiya no B!
  • won first place in the popularity poll

Originally posted by miyukikazu

Please remember that Miyuki Kazuya is not just a pretty boy catcher, arrogant and nasty person. He is very reliable and does whatever it takes to do what’s best for his team and he has the strong determination to win than anyone else. He may be overconfident in his skills but he has proven himself to everyone that he has what it takes to back up his arrogance. He is a precious cinnamon (sinnamon) roll and must be supported!!! 

(A PSA by me~ Please add anything you guys want for our precious Seido genius catcher!)