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#day 28 - rain
for @mybabybo

pls give mans’ zelmerlow’s fire in the rain a listen bc it was a huge inspiration for this one~ 

They were standing side by side, shoulder by shoulder, clad in the same white and blue uniform under the open, dark sky of the night. The lights of the reflectors illuminated the field, the mound, the bleachers and the gallery. And yet all the warmth Kazuya could feel from the body next to his, all the light he could see around the stadium – it all paled in comparison to the bright, heated gaze of golden eyes.

“Let’s go,” Sawamura breathed, nervous but excited, forever a contradiction. “Let’s show them what we’re made of.”

“And what’s that?” Kazuya couldn’t help but tease, even though his own chest was a little tight with anxiety.

The huge screen that faced the gallery was showing the starting line-ups and from the corner of his eye Kazuya saw his own face appear up there with “2. Kazuya Miyuki” in bold yellow letters flashing below. His breath grew shorter.

“Wasn’t this our dream?” Sawamura asked instead. “I mean, it used to be mine only, but somewhere along the way we started to share it, didn’t we?” He smiled and Kazuya felt it ease some of his stress. “And now we’re here. Finally, we’re here.”

He pointed his hand at the light-bathed field of the greenest grass Kazuya had ever seen; at the thousands of spectators in the stands; at their teammates who spoke in a language it took the two of them months to be fluent in. The road they had travelled to be in this exact spot was long and harsh, but they never stopped, never gave up. And now they were at the pinnacle, ready to grab at the goal they’ve been chasing for years.

If it weren’t for Sawamura, Kazuya would never have made it this far.

“It’s because of you that I’m here,” he said quietly, not entirely sure if it was the right time to bring it up, but his emotions were already messed up and adrenaline made him do stupid things. “It’s because I fell in love with you that I was able to try my hardest, to get this far.”

The grin on Sawamura’s face widened, a dimple in his cheek showing and his eyes closed as if he wanted to say “Me too.” Instead, he bumped into Kazuya hard, throwing his arm around his shoulders and squeezing him tight. The cameras were watching the bench like hawks and Kazuya knew they couldn’t kiss, it wasn’t professional, but he guessed this was Sawamura’s way of telling him I love you without words.

Kazuya grinned, his heart thrumming no longer with nervous expectation, but pure exhilaration that always came in pair with Sawamura taking the mound. He lifted his mitt to tap it against Sawamura’s chest in the gesture they both knew. It was old, achingly familiar and warm, and when he opened his mouth, Kazuya found his voice a little stuck.

“Let’s go, partner,” Kazuya said just as the MC announced Sawamura as the starting pitcher for his Major League debut. “Let’s show them what our battery is capable of.”

Sawamura’s grin was as bright and as stunning as the reflector lights they had ran under to take their places on the field: 18.44 meters apart, but connected in mind, heart and soul. Like fire in the rain.

Let’s not forget that Eijun Sawamura

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  • was captain and ace of his middle school team, and is known as a big brother figure among his friends.

  • is an only child. 
  • is pretty much Kuramochi’s gofer and favorite punching bag. 

  • has a pretty hot childhood friend, who secretly has a crush on him. 
  • prefers any kind of food but natto. 

  • loves and enjoys reading Shoujo Manga. 

  • ranks 3rd as the most friendly and most sociable in the Seido Baseball Club Secret Rankings by the managers. (Toujou is first) 

  • greatly values teamwork and camaraderie. 
  • started playing baseball because of Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū series

  • was recruited by Rei Takashima. 

  • chose Seido after his meeting with Miyuki. 

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  • is better than Miyuki in Shogi.

  • is very blunt with Miyuki and usually treats him as someone of his own age. He also has a habit of calling him by his full name. 

  • looks up to Shunpei Sanada as the kind of pitcher he wants to be.

  • read books like the Book of Five Rings, which led him to call his superiors old Japanese military ranks and switching his speech pattern to flowery language from time to time.

  • is fond of giving nicknames to his teammates. (ex. Cheetah-sama, Metabolic-senpai, Beard-senpai, Wolf Brat…LOL XD) 

  • bears a surname that shares the same Kanji character  村 (Mura)  with Okumura Koushuu ( 奥村 光舟) . (Sawamura Eijun>>  沢 栄純)  

  • is based on Eiji Sawamura, a pro baseball player who played for the Yomiuri Giants

  • wears his school uniform neatly and properly. 

  • gets cat-eyed when flustered. 

  • is very emotional and cries easily. 

  • has suffered from YIPS, a career-ending disease, and overcame it. 

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  • is a southpaw pitcher with unique timing. 

  • has a naturally flexible body with supple joints, allowing him to immediately change the pitch’s direction. (Also the reason why Kuramochi likes to practice his wrestling moves on him.) 

  • has pitched for 2 full games.

  • is quite competent with infield defense and pick-offs.

  • specializes in throwing idiosyncratic pitches.   

  • has an arsenal of pitches that includes a 4-Seam Fastball, 2-Seam Fastball, Cutter, Changeup, and Splitter.

  • unknowingly threw a Cutter to strike out Sensen’s Ace, Maki.  Now  the Cutter has become one of the key pitches within his repertoire.
  • learned the Changeup overnight. 

  • managed to piss off Mei Narumiya when he first pitched the Circle Changeup in an official game. 

  • developed the ‘Numbers’ system with Miyuki for his pitching repertoire.

  • used to struggle with control, but he has improved considerably and is able to locate pitches consistently.
  • has an unorthodox pitching form that doesn’t allow the batter to see the release point of the pitch, which consequently messes up the batter’s timing. 

  • is also surprisingly level-headed in critical situations.  He is always able to pull off amazing pitches in a pinch, which never fails to amaze Miyuki.

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  • is the best “bunter” in the series, which earned him the title of “Bunt Master” or “Bunt Meijin”. He is also referred to as the “Kawai of Seidou”. This nickname is a reference to Masahiro Kawai, a former player for the Yomiuri Giants who was known for his defense and bunting skills.

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  • hero-worships and deeply respects Chris.  

  • considers Chris as his valuable mentor and sometimes calls him ‘Master’. 

  • brought back the light into Chris’s eyes and motivated him to play with the team. 

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  • has the funniest and silliest expressions. 

  • is the team’s mood-maker. 

  • is praised by Coach Ugai for his motivational skills. ( “ The spice called motivation gives birth to good synergy. With such a kid on the team, the team is bound to get stronger.”

  • has a PRAISE KINK. 

  • usually offers bunting advice to his teammates. 

  • is very loud and rambunctious (and it’s up to Kuramochi to keep him in line). 

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  • is just one of the cutest ever. 
  • is a total dork. 

  • acts like an adorable dog at times. 

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  • is very beautiful.  (Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too PURE FOR THIS WORLD  (●´艸`)ヾ )

  • has a bright and charming smile that can rival the sun. 

  • has an amazing pair of eyes. 

  • is strong-willed, competitive, outspoken, and courageous

  • is tough on himself and evaluates himself relentlessly. 

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Don’t forget that Eijun is more than just this silly, noisy and obnoxious guy. He is very cute and precious, and a very hard-working person. He has come a long way since he began his high school career in Seido. He’s undeniably one of the key players of the team and has improved tremendously. ヾ(:3ノシヾ)

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This is a PSA brought to you in part by yours truly.
Okay, bye! I’m dead.    _(┐「ε:)_

Feel free to add anything else about our favorite Sunshine Child!!!  


Where’s my megane??

- Just thought this would be funny to point out. I’m still gonna love the shit out of the show is course! 😁

Update! A lot of comments told me that in the manga Kimishita wears glasses so thanks for that lol, but now we get to see animated megane Kimishita! So here’s the Days megane lmao

Kimishita is even sexier now lololol


Finally I watched one of my “must watch list” DVD from Daiya. “Five Field Forever”. The DVD came together with Daiya SS DVD vol 5~7. God damn pony canyon, I hate you for all this special bundling event.

This literary just OxT Special OST Daiya concert together with Osaka & Asanuma-san. What make me want to really watch it because Asanuma-san singing “Go My Way” live! solo! hahaha So amazingly awkward to watch. Singing “5 soul mate” without Hatano was disaster since Asanuma should sing Hatano part and fail.
Osaka singing “GROW STRONGER” was really beatiful~ All the way Oishi-san voices was amazing!

Love it~! It amazing concert, with all the songs, OP and ED. In the end of credit when I read special thanks to ; “Everyone who love Daiya no A.” almost make me cry. I miss them, daiya anime family— I really hope we can meet again :’)



Sorry the end card isn’t finished… but I’m tired, I lack time, and I’ll replace that with a finished version… Eventually. OTL I still hate my new job, and I never have much time to draw. Like. At all. And that makes me more than just sad.

I wrote this last year. Scrapped it. Re-wrote it. And I’M STILL LATE.

Anyway, SO! Happy Mother’s day! Whether it’s for your mom, or grandmom, or if you have two mom’s, or your mom is a dad, or so forth!♥

More from this AU

Let’s all remember that Miyuki Kazuya

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  • Is a genius catcher (known nationwide) that makes aggressive plays that shows great reliability on the field
  • started his catcher career in elementary and showed an amazing talent for it
  • often bullied during earlier years of baseball due to his frank personality, getting called names like psycho and weird
  • does not have a particular close relationship with his dad
  • his mom either passed away or left as shown in a photograph
  • looks up to Chris Yuu Takigawa after having a match with him during junior high and lose badly
  • recruited by Takashima Rei

Originally posted by tetsuyayuki-archive

  • has no particular preference on food but he is weak on sweets 
  • he is good at calculating in his head but has no particular strength at academics
  • blood type is B
  • birthday is November 17 
  • is 179 cm
  • is arrogant and overconfident of his skills
  • special skill is cooking (he will make a good wife) 
  • his family owns a factory named Miyuki Steel
  • his junior high team is named Edogawa Dragons
  • talks a lot when he is happy
  • doesn’t like chocolate cake
  • isn’t drawn without glasses 
  • sleeps with an eyemask
  • started baseball because some kids invited him
  • Miyuki means: honorable fortune
  • Kazuya means: To be the One/First
  • claims to love pitchers with good control since they are easy to predict
  • claims to be a “Edoko/Tokyoite”
  • Yuuki’s shogi playmate and Isashiki’s former feet massager (which is now Furuya lmao)
  • his dorm number is 203 and people makes his room as the first string hangout 

Originally posted by miyukeis

  • enjoys pissing people off on and off the field
  • very blunt and frank especially when pointing out mistakes or should have done by his teammates
  • recommended as captain my Yuuki Tetsuya
  • often callous and is not afraid of getting disliked
  • but his teammates still like him due to his reliability and cool head personality
  • does not open up to other people and doesn’t like talking about his past
  • worries about not being a good captain but he is slowly making good progress as time goes on
  • friends with Narumiya Mei since junior high. Calling each other in first name basis
  • invited by Narumiya Mei to form the ultimate team but has declined in hope to face them himself 
  • decided to make the team’s goal to take their coach to Koshien

Originally posted by tailoredshirt

  • is a clutch hitter
  • very observant of the overall field workout and has good control of the defense 
  • proficient at retiring base runners 
  • reliable when there are base runners in his team but with no runners he is often struck out
  • grew out of “no runners and gets struck out” throughout the season 
  • capable of hitting precise pitches and has an unstable batting technique
  • did a homerun even after getting injured and increasing his RBI
  • likes to do whatever it takes to make his pitchers shine

Originally posted by takazugi

  • Sawamura Eijun attempted to call him in these nicknames:
  • Miyu-Miyu
  • O-Sachi/Mr. Happy [Based off a variant reading of Miyuki]
  • Miyukki
  • Four-Eyes/Megane
  • Goggle-senpai
  • Mean Wife [Because a catcher is considered the baseball team or the pitcher’s wife]
  • Fox/Kitsune
  • Tanuki
  • Mikki
  • Kazu
  • called as Pretty Boy Catcher by Todoroki Raichi
  • called as Last Boss by Wakabashi Gou
  • called as Leader-in-training by Sawamura Eijun
  • describes himself as a loner in a spinoff called Daiya no B!
  • won first place in the popularity poll

Originally posted by miyukikazu

Please remember that Miyuki Kazuya is not just a pretty boy catcher, arrogant and nasty person. He is very reliable and does whatever it takes to do what’s best for his team and he has the strong determination to win than anyone else. He may be overconfident in his skills but he has proven himself to everyone that he has what it takes to back up his arrogance. He is a precious cinnamon (sinnamon) roll and must be supported!!! 

(A PSA by me~ Please add anything you guys want for our precious Seido genius catcher!)