diamond nail polish

What the moon signs remind me of

Aries moon: heart sunglasses, poppies, staying out all night clubbing, cherries, freckles, helix piercings
Taurus moon: sweaters, my favorite perfume, nude lipsticks, watching a silly movie with your friends, cats purring
Gemini moon: jeans jackets, carefree dancing, flower dresses, honey, blonde hair, the sound of laughter
Cancer moon: stormy seas, diamonds, white nail polish, lilies, cuddling with your special other, nose kisses
Leo moon: sunshine, hoop earrings, brown eyes, amber stones, crooked smiles, gold jewelry
Virgo moon: white dresses, espadrilles, pearls, carrying all your books to school, hair ties, silver rings
Libra moon: lavender, sparkly bracelets, raspberries, having sleepovers with your friends, white sand, pink eyeshadow
Scorpio moon: red lipstick, hickeys, ripped skinny jeans, long hugs, eyebrow piercings, dark straight hair
Sagittarius moon: tattoos, red hair, the sound of raindrops, green eyes, singing in the car with your friends, crop tops
Capricorn moon: leather jackets, high heels, nose piercings, glasses, waking up at sunrise, long nails
Aquarius moon: ferris wheels, chokers, braided short hair, stargazing, birth marks, blue eyes, orchids
Pisces moon: crystals, the color pink, tongue piercings, short skirts, sleeping until noon, crying with joy