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“I’m surprised that a human being is capable of understanding how I feel. It’s a shame. There’s a geoweapon incubating in your planet that will destroy everything shortly. But you don’t deserve that, do you?”

you fool! she’ll destroy any planets for fun! dont forget it!

Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 57: Teachings

Tokyo Senbatsu? Is that the one where they gather the representatives from all school in Tokyo to play against American representatives? (Daiya no Ace Chapter 417)  

Or is it something else? If it is the one mentioned in Act I, then… we’re gonna see Miyuki-Narumiya battery??!! Whoa, that sounds awesome! o_O 

Oops, shouldn’t get my hopes up now… Back to the inter-squad match, the first-years are showing off their offense.

Yay, another excellent base runner! Seidou will not lose their trigger/start of their offense after Kuramochi. I’m getting excited to see Kuramochi and Seto face off with their speed and agility, more so Kuramochi and Seto learning from each other. The latter seems pretty likely, because Kuramochi is the only one who doesn’t seem surprised, he even compliments Seto. He could be seeing or expecting that coming, or he could be confident in his abilities not to feel threatened by Seto. But then again, Kuramochi is one of the few players in the first-string that has the skill and experience to be certain of his place in the team (I might be biased though).

I am cracking out loud at the burn from Kuramochi to Eijun. Never one to pull his punches, aren’t you Mochi? Pointing out Eijun’s lackluster baseball knowledge without mercy.

Damn… That is a sound teaching and solid advice, no wonder the expression Okumura makes is so conflicted. He must have wanted so badly to cut off all ties with that shitty coach and discard everything he taught him, but he has been their coach for the most important years, teaching the basics and building his and Seto’s foundation, and his teachings did bring them victory (as seen in the previous flashback). In this game alone, they manage to get a run off the second-third years, which is quite a feat. 

This might become an issue later more in Okumura than in Seto as it seems Okumura can hold quite a grudge and it might hinder his development if he doesn’t come to terms with it. Especially this unique style of playing by players actively thinking and making decisions on their own set them apart from others. In the current team, there aren’t many players who are capable of that, they tend to wait for the coach’s instruction. Okumura’s style of thinking the pitches coming during his turn in batting reminds me of Miyuki (again) when he was sixth batter. He seems to think less (or shown thinking less?) since he becomes the fourth batter. Is it just me or is it really that difficult not to see Miyuki in Okumura? ^^;

These two definitely catches the coaches’ attention. Seto, welcome to the second string! Next, is it Kagami? It looks like he is up to bat.

As the old boys pointed out, the parallel is there. Terujima-sensei even intentionally made Haruichi show up and in the panel next to Eijun. Both Okumura and Seto work together the way Eijun and Haruichi did with one doing all the getting on base and base running and the other getting the other home, though what Okumura and Seto are more complicated with more thinking on their part. Still, considering Eijun and Haruichi barely knew each other back then, what they did was no less amazing (and complicated plays will get way over Eijun’s head, Haruichi did make the attempt, if we recall). I wonder whether the same thing happen between Miyuki and Kuramochi, and whether it is that play that gets them to second-string too. (I’m a sucker for kuramiyu, sue me)

Best expression in this chapter:

Kuramochi’s burn, Eijun’s cat’s eyes, and Okumura’s pout. They are all adorable.


“There’s a limit to how far you can get on emotions alone! Skills come first! If you have skills, you gain confidence and even control your emotions! Ideals and feelings are for the weak to justify their weakness!”

Happy Birthday to my princess, Narumiya Mei! (Jan 5th) °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °


Sawamura Eijun  Seidou’s Mood Maker

Mika's Potential Crazy Laugh
Mika's Potential Crazy Laugh

That moment when you realize Mikaela Hyakuya (Owari no Seraph) and Raichi Todoroki (Diamond no Ace) have the same voice actor…