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One Piece 30 Day Challenge (finally)

Day 23: favourite non-Straw Hat Pirate crew

Whitebeard Pirates (I know I’m missing some and it’s not in order, I just couldn’t find good manga caps or yeah i have no excuse for the order)

Fanmix for the strongest crew - [ link ]

[ 1. Centuries - Fall Out Boy | 2. Warriors - Imagine Dragons | 3. Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin | 4. Who We Are - Imagine Dragons | 5. Ready, Aim, Fire - Imagine Dragons | 6. I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin | 7. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Lorde | 8. Not Alone - Red ]


One Piece x Cardigans

Edition: Whitebeard pirates (excluding half commanders sad face) & Edition: Requests by livestream 

∑(;°Д°)  GUYS


Flowers and Diamonds

Their little bouts never fails to entertain Pops.♪

I have to thank Pirate Warriors 3 for the strangest random events that gives me ideas.xD I just had to use it!♥

For Whitebeard Crew Week, Day 2 - Rivals (???)

Fuchsia Sails

Notes: Request from m-lim10.  Luffy, Ace, and Sabo raise hell when they finally meet.  (Alt. title: Where the Hell Are the Straightjackets?)

Ace groaned as his Den Den Mushi rang for the fifth time that minute.  The repeated badabadabadabada had long since passed the point of being a minor nuisance and Ace was considering throwing the thing into the back of Striker.

But he couldn’t do that, because then Marco would lecture him, and Ace hated it when Marco did that.  The older man got all overprotective, and obnoxious, and caring, and stupid—

Ace pinched the bridge of his nose.  Make up your damn mind, you idiot.

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