diamond joe biden

"[Drumpf]: I'd 'love' to fight Joe Biden"

Donnie, you know Diamond Joe’s got blade, right? Like, it’s not even a switchblade, man; just some sheet metal he ground an edge on and wrapped duct tape around, during shop. He calls it ‘Shirley.’

He likes to keep a roll of quarters in his back pocket; it’s why he was so happy to find that fifty cents, the other day.

He does that thing where he pulls his shirt over his head all at once, and slaps himself in the face and chest a bunch; and the whole time he’s going “WOOOO!” like Rick Flair.

He’ll come at you, Donnie. He’ll just come right AT you.

Let this one go.

Mr. Biden, however, represents an updated standard-bearer for the politics of joy, said Joel K. Goldstein, a law professor at Saint Louis University and an expert on the United States vice presidency. (Disclosure: I quote Mr. Goldstein whenever possible, just so I can type the words “expert on the United States vice presidency,” which never fails to amuse me.) While these are not exactly joyous times either — politicians are often reviled and voters are no picnic — Mr. Biden is the one major Washington figure who consistently evokes a sense of thrill in what he is doing.