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do you ever like a song so much that just listening to it doesn’t feel like enough?? like you feel like you actually want to inhale it?? idk is this weird i don’t really know how else to describe it


I have not made a list of movies I’ve seen/enjoyed in a while, so here are some good bloody films you animals (like you @havanapitbull). I’ve been on a J-Horror kick:


A cast of terrible people meet on the border of hell itself and talk about how their horrible lives are all related in horrible ways. The psychedelic cinematography, goofy gore and actual lake of blood make this worth seeing.


A Japanese soldier tries to survive the war at the cost of his own humanity. Fun!


First of a trilogy of Young Yakuza films by Takashi Miike, you have the extreme gore and weird sex hangups in his later films but this one was filmed in the 90′s, so nostalgia I guess. There’s a tattoo made of human blood on our main character and also a vaginal blow-dart! Miike!


Unlike the previous few Guinea Pig movies that are just hyper-realistic gore effects for an hour, you instead have a weird pseudo-romance directed and written by horror mangaka Hideshi Hino. And it shows! You have a pervert artist falling in love with a mermaid he finds exploring the sewer. As she slowly rots to death outside of her native habitat of filth, he paints her portrait using her rotting body as paint.


A torrid love affair ends in a murder and a dead husband thrown down a well. The rest of the movie has the wife and her lover enjoying their new life of passion and slowly worrying more and more about neighborhood gossip and a ghost showing up. This one is a slow burn, probably one of the best movies I’ve seen all month.


People losing control of their bodies in a fetishistic cyberpunk hell. Thats really it mostly, lots of pretty pictures of flesh.


Shin’ya Tsukamoto is easily one of the five best directors in the world in my book, and Gemini is one of the reasons why. You have the standard tale of twin brothers torn apart at birth and one coming home for revenge against the other, but Tsukamoto delivers such a raw alien sensuality to every scene that makes you feel like a creepy voyeur into these wounded and insane lives. Its damn great.


A girl wakes up in a hospital that probably isn’t a hospital. I’m not saying anymore beyond this point, its better to go in as blind as possible here. The true epitome of the inherent creepiness of VHS-quality video.


Masaaki Nakayama is one of the best horror mangakas who has ever lived, his work is always revolving around the subject of how horror is best shown when its barely shown at all; Little glimpses of something behind you, a monster in a story you barely remember, that guy on the road acting odd, its all here and it will make you feel uncomfortable. How can you capture such subtle horror? They come damn close in the adaptation of his short stories here. The special effects range from incredibly real to awful, all done on purpose to unnerve in a way I havent been unnerved in a long time.


my friend @tiramisaru went to J-World and they had a Diamond is Unbreakable event on. When she showed me this folded up pamphlet in her luggage I almost cried tears of joy

I uploaded this just in case anyone feels the same way about a flan for furyo and hateful sandwiches

I’m bored, play with me

Pairing: Joker x reader

One-shot; Smut 

Mistah J is busy handling business as usual, but Y/N wants to play

You had been skipping around mistah j’s mansion for 30 minutes now, bored out of your mind. He hadn’t taken you out on a heist for weeks or stolen any jewelry for you. Lately it’s been all business, no play. He never let you into his office when he was having his meetings. Apparently he didn’t want other men gawking at you. It was starting to get late so you had changed into your green night-dress. You loved it, and you knew your puddin loved it on you. It reached down to about your mid-thigh and you decided to put on the green diamond ring mister j stole for you a couple of months ago. You kept skipping up and down the stairs in your bear feet, your long hair bouncing up and down. ‘’PUDDIN!’’ you screamed through the hall. 

You could hear him slam his fist on his desk and expected him to burst out the door in a raging fit. But he didn’t. You stood there, pouting and stomping your feet. Fine then. You walked into his office. He was alone now, sitting with a large bunch of papers, writing with a glass of grape soda on his desk. ‘’Whatcha doin mister j?’’ you asked in a sing-song voice. He only growled back at you. ‘’Come on puddin, talk to me, I’m bored.’’ You said a little louder. He looked up but didn’t turn around to look at you. ‘’I’m busy pumpkin.’’ He said plainly and looked down again. You weren’t one to beg for his attention so you refused to plead him to look at you. You were simply going to have to find another way to get his attention. This could be fun. 

You ran into the kitchen giggling, grabbed a spatula and some chocolate goodies. You melted the chocolate in a pan and started baking dark chocolate cookies. They were his favorite. For a bitter man, he had a real sweet tooth.  You were sitting with your legs crossed on the kitchen counter, whistling and singing. A goon walked passed the kitchen as he blankly stared at this little girl mixing cookie-batter and humming. You shaped the batter into little circles; put them on a tray and into the oven. 

Now all you had to do was wait. Hmmm, you thought to yourself as you walked into you and your puddin’s master bedroom, opening his closet and grabbing his revolver. You smiled to yourself and walked out on your terrace. Outside you could see some of mister j’s goons walking around, talking, and looking boring.

 You smirked to yourself as you raised the gun and aimed it at them. Of course, you had nothing on your puddin but you were still a hell of a shot. If you actually did shoot em’ mister j would get mad at you so you settled with scaring the living shit out of them instead. You aimed at the bush, inches away from where a goon stood smoking and telling a joke. ‘’HEADS UP’’ you screamed as you pulled the trigger. The goons both jumped into the closest bush, covering their heads with their hands. You started laughing frantically. ‘’Bad joke, baaad joke, bad bad bad joke’’ you mumbled to yourself as you tiptoed back inside.

 You ran downstairs and got the cookies out of the oven. Puddin liked when they were warm and gooey on the inside. You put them on a plate and started walking to his office. You were the only one allowed to just walk inside without knocking. ‘’Puuuuddin’’ you said as you walked towards him. ‘’What.’’ He said harshly. ‘’I got you something real special.’’ You hummed and put the plate of cookies on top of his papers, right under his nose. You hated his business. It took too much time away from you and you never got to be there during his business meetings anyways.

 Mister j sniffed two times before raising his head. ‘’You did this for me, toots?’’ he asked, not as harshly anymore. ‘’Of course’’ I giggled and put my arms around his torso and my leaned my head in the crook of his neck. ‘’Listen cupcake. Daddy’s got a lot of work to do, and you’re not helping.’’ He said as he pushed the plate to the side. You pouted and walked around his chair, hopping onto to his desk and crawling to the middle of it. He was about to yell and kick you out, until he saw what you were wearing. It turned him on seeing his girl wearing his color. Especially when he’s the one that got it for her.

 Mister j leaned back in his chair and sighed, looking at you. ‘’Come on, I’m bored, play with me’’ you whined as you started to crawl towards him and straddled his lap. You put your hands on his shoulders and looked at him as if you were innocence itself. ‘’You know, I really ought to lock that door in the future, baby’’ he said as he slid his hands down your back. ‘’Too many distractions seems to be getting in.’’ he grinned and kissed you.

 You wrapped your arms around his neck and played with his hair. Mister j’s pants tightened and you got up and slowly unzipped his pants. Pulling them down while keeping eye contact with the joker. ‘’Get up’’ he said, and you did as you were told. ‘’Why don’t you be a good little girl and ride your daddy?’’ he grabbed your ass and pulled you on top of him. Pulling your panties aside and positioning himself at your entrance. You sat down, feeling his length fill you up as you let your head fall back in pleasure. Mister J sighed as he leaned forward and buried his face in your chest as you rode him.

 You were both panting as you kept going faster. He pulled down one of your straps and attacked your nipple with his teeth, grazing it between his silver grills. He sucked on it and moved his hand to pinch and play with the other. You started moaning and supported your hands on his shoulders. ‘’You like that?’’ he growled. ‘’Y-yes mistah  j’’ you whimpered. He slapped your ass and guided your body onto his aching crotch. The slap would probably leave a bruise.

 Eventually, you felt his cock twitch inside of you, which made your pussy tighten around him causing you both to moan into your heated kiss. Then you rode out your orgasm together, gripping and biting each other. After your breathing became steady, you wrapped your hands around his neck and rested your head on his chest. He grabbed your waist and lifted you bridal style out of his office. ‘’Let’s go to bed’’ his hoarse voice purred in your ear. You smiled and kissed his chest. ‘’Mmmm, we can have cookies for breakfast.’’


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He just got outpowered by the pitch. Is Kazuya hurt or something right now?